View Full Version : Filtering Rows headed by dates for specific periods

2013-03-10, 06:03 PM
How can I use a pivot table or advanced filter or micros to view rows by
1. Only today’s date (1 row) ?
2. Only this week ?
3. Only last week ?
4. Only last month ?
5. Only last months ?
6. All dates ?

Context: I have 20 trucks and I am recording maintenance status on each. The individual truck records for a given date will be collected in composite pivot tables that lists all 20 trucks and status and other useful information such as mechanics performance and truck utilization.

The problem is that the source data will be from individual trucks running daily. Each truck will be assigned a tab (spreadsheet). Trucks that are in service will be automatically updated if nothing is entered. If a truck is in for maintenance, I must be able to find the current status (today) and recent history. Each year I add 365 records. The best solution would be to have a macro button for each time period view or a drop down box having the choices indicated above.

Bob Phillips
2013-03-11, 10:02 AM
It would be useful to see an example workbook.