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2013-02-03, 08:35 AM
dear members,
i want to know if there's any formula that can be used to solve the following:

I have data from cell A to cell I either "Y" or "N", and I want a result in cell J, using the data of that row.
now the conditions are:
if none of the cells have "Y" then cell J will show "ALS"
if only one of the cell from A to I has "Y" then cell J will show "MONO"
if more than one cell has "Y" the cell J will show "POLY"

now the trick starts from here......
if more than 1 cell is "Y" and both the Cell A and B have "Y" then cell J will show "MDR", else "POLY"
if cell A, B, F and any one or more than one cell from G to I have "Y" then it will show "XDR" else "POLY".

thanks for any help in this. i am attaching a file. i hope it will better explain the problem. 1116

Bob Phillips
2013-02-04, 12:28 AM
Keep it simple