View Full Version : Problem With Using Countx in DAX

2020-11-06, 04:41 PM
Hello friends,

I have created a data model in excel and trying to calculate the distinct count of customers in my model.
What I want is not just a simple distinct count. I want to count the customers with the positive sales Qty.

I have found a way to create a measure which works fine in calculating the desired answer. But I want to have another measure to calculate the "number of active customers in Category" in case that I have the products in my pivot table.

I will attach my data model for you in case you need to check my model.

I used this formula to calculate the Active customers with positive sales qty: "COUNTX(FILTER(ALLSELECTED(Table1[Customer Id]),Table1[Sum of Qty]>0),[Sum of Qty])"

I will be so thankful if you guys could help me in using dax "All" or whatever needed function in my measure to solve my problem