View Full Version : Dynamic / Multiple Slicer Selections

2020-10-16, 07:25 AM
Hi all, it has been some time since I have posted here but I am stuck.

In this case I am using CPG data and need help comparing a companies sales data to their competition. In the sample data you will see 4 unique entries for "Company", Acme, Acme Competition, Smart Div and Smart Div Competition. In this example I want to compare the sales for Acme against the sales for Acme Competition. Ideally I would have my user select a slicer for Acme (not Acme Competition) and display both the data for Acme & Acme Competition. Note that there will never be a comparison for Acme Div and Smart Div.

I am trying to stay away from hard coding companies, such as a measure like, Acme Competition Sales:= CALCULATE( [Sales] , data[Company] = "Acme Competition" ). I am also trying to stay away from cubes.

Hope this was *somewhat* clear.