View Full Version : Calculate running total v/s number of days since launch for separate items?

2020-05-03, 03:42 PM
Hello community,

I have two tables that are connected through product ID. Table 1 consists of product details including date of product launch. Table 2 consists of sale details including date of sale and number of sales on each date.

Table 2 is continuously updated on a daily basis while Table 1 is maintained manually with ad-hoc updations.

The result I would like to prepare is a graph which has the number of days since launch on the x-axis and the running total of sales on the Y axis. reference image below:


Joining the tables and getting the running total was something i was able to perform. however, how do i create a separate field for # of days since launch? as a calculated measure it is not possible to have it on the x-axis. Even in the pivot table, I cannot drag it as a category field. So how does one solve for this?


2020-05-04, 09:12 PM
have cross-posted this at the powerbi community forum soliciting solutions since i didn't receive any response as yet