View Full Version : MTD not Calculating as Expected

2020-03-24, 12:01 AM
I'm attempting to report a MTD value (BTZ Feed Ozs MTD). The daily value (BTZ Feed Ozs) is calculated by multiplying a row value (BTZ Tons) by a measure (BTZ 30day avg).

The result I'm looking for is the additive value of each day's calculated value, so for example on 3/2 the individual values for 3/1 and 3/2 are 312 & 271 which would be 583 (312+271).

The MTD value (BTZ Feed Ozs MTD) that is returned on 3/2 is 591 which is the sum of the daily values (BTZ Feed Ozs 692+587=1297) multiplied by the 3/2 value of the BTZ 30day avg measure (0.46), (692+587)*(0.46208)=591.

I've tried different approaches, but can't seem to get the result I require. The grand total below is for illustrative purposes only, I don't need that value as I'm graphing the MTD values throughout the month.