View Full Version : Trouble with Content Controllers

2020-03-04, 03:13 PM
Hello Guru's,

thought I would start here. I am unable to find anything out there that explains if you can have multiple content controllers throughout multiple pages in a docx? I have been able to setup one throughout the document that even works in the Footer. I need to setup another one and tried to copy the one that is actually working and it duplicated the data entered. Can it be done?

2020-03-05, 12:39 AM
You can have as many
content controls (not controllers) as you like throughout a document. Fairly obviously, though, if you fill them in then try to replicate them via copy/paste, the pasted copy will likewise show what has already been filled in. That is an entirely separate issue from how footers are treated. If you put a content control in a footer, it will appear on all pages of the document that share that footer. If you want to have different footers, you need to:
• modify the document's page setup to incorporate the 'different first page' and/or 'different odd and even' page settings; and/or
• use Section breaks with the footer in the new Section's 'same as previous' property deactivated.