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2012-08-25, 05:49 AM

I need to transfer the data from Excel like Employee Number to the employee no field in an IBM application.

How do i access the IBM application & the position of the employee field in the IBM application where the employee no has to be pasted through VBA.

I have not written the code ,hope you could give me an idea.

Thanking you in advance.


Ken Puls
2012-08-25, 05:56 PM
Well, that depends on a few things:

Which application it is
Does it support reading and writing to the database vs ADO or ODBC?
Does your machine have the driver to do this?
What the table names and fields names are in the database?

Let's start with what application it is, as this may help determine the rest.

2012-08-25, 07:43 PM
Hi Ken

Thanks for your reply.

Its a mainframe application called I90 from which we can access data pertaining to employees.

We need to just input the employee number on the I90 screen against the employee number & then press the enter key to retrieve data pertaining to that employee.



Ken Puls
2012-08-27, 04:36 PM
The question is if I90 supports ODBC connections. I can't find anything about this software on the internet, so you may want to ask your product vendor/IT department if there is an ODBC driver for it. If there isn't... I'm not going to say it couldn't be done, but it could be very very hard to do.

2012-08-30, 08:33 PM
Thanks Ken