View Full Version : Cubevalue function referring cubemember cells and plain memeber name in a cell

2019-08-08, 03:06 PM

I'am using cubevalue function by slicing data cells which is utilized by writing cubemember function and this will works as should. I can also slicing data without using cubemember in the attributes what I'am slicing. I have noticed that previous scenarios some attributes doesn't bring the data by using cubevalue function and some will. I'am using these slicers in finance cube and against our organization dimension. Our organization dimension might have same levels name. So can I typing members name without using cubemember function when names are unique in the dimension?

Hope this explanation is a clear.

Bob Phillips
2019-08-08, 07:48 PM
Not really.

Could you post an example workbook and some cube functions to clarify your meaning. I appreciate you might not be able to post your finance cube, but maybe you could mock-up an Excel table and load that into PowerPivot, maybe we can work from that.

2019-08-08, 08:24 PM
Will this help?