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2019-07-17, 08:51 PM
Good morning,
I am trying to figure out how many points of distribution (distinct count of customers) I have for a given product within the most recent 90 days.
I have three lookup tables:

sku_data – unique values for all of my products (how I link my product ID)
customer_table – unique values for all of my customers (how I link my customer ID)
calendar_data – my date table

My fact (data) table is ‘sales_data’ and it is at the invoice level. That means that a customer can have a row for each product they bought within a day and a column for how many cases were deliverd and how much they were charged.

Here is my formula.

POD Delv Cases 2019:=CALCULATE(
, FILTER( customer_table , [Delivered Cases] >= 1 )
, FILTER( ALL( calendar_data[Date] ) , calendar_data[Date] > TODAY() – 90 )

Where – [Delivered Cases] = SUM( sales_data[delv_cases])

Can anyone help me understand why a product that has no delivered cases in the last 90 days would show anything other than 0?

Thank you

Bob Phillips
2019-07-21, 02:55 PM
Can you post some sample data?