View Full Version : excel 2007 - excel 2019 (office 365) runtime error 52 - bad filename or number - help

2019-06-15, 02:12 AM
I have an excel 2007 spreadsheet with a few macros and VBA formulas incorporated in it.

Recently, I upgraded my laptop, and at the same time bought Microsoft office 365 (which included Excel 2019).
When I now attempt to run any macros or VBA code in my original 2007 spreadsheet, using the Excel 2019 component of the office Suite,
I get the following error message:

Run-time error 52
Bad file name or number.

This has effectively rendered my 2007 spreadsheet "dead in the water", as I rely heavily on the macros and VBA code within this spreadsheet
to complete my tasks.

Any thoughts and assistance with this problem would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards.