View Full Version : PowerPivot drill down capabilities

2019-05-26, 08:24 PM
Hello, if I understand this correctly, Power Pivot is only good if one works with large data.
So, I cannot bring data into excel (after I do connection) other than using Power Pivot?
If I drill down, will it only bring 1000 lines?

If that is the case, what's PowerPivot is good for? Doing just Pivot tables for large data?

2019-05-27, 11:52 AM

Power Pivot is not only good for analyzing large dataset, its DAX language is very powerful for making complex analysis easy within a pivot table.

You can also use DAX as a query language, and querying your entire data model as a table in a worksheet, and you will get the entire result of your query without the limit of 1000 rows

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