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  1. Error inputting formula using macro
  2. Issue on exporting the values to notepad
  3. How to loop based on value given in 2 cells on different sheet
  4. Import files and copy into one sheet
  5. Copy count from one sheet to other
  6. How to delete each empty row in a spreadsheet
  7. Copy Tables to various tabs and Export to Powerpoint
  8. Automatically pull data?
  9. Unable to capture all the rows
  10. VBA coding for excel
  11. VBA for Excel Conditional Format Font Color Entire Row Based on Value in Two Columns
  12. If Statements in VBA
  13. Print Multiple Worksheets to Multiple PDF Files
  14. Automatic emailing
  15. Create 1 text from multiple textbox/checkbox in userform?
  16. how to list missing all date by blank row between change value cells?
  17. Sort Data in two columns to rows
  18. Help with VBA
  19. txtBox with Hyperlink
  20. Moving data from column B:B into new columns?
  21. need vba code to group set of data by column A:A and sum and average of lenght of col
  22. add feature in code
  23. VBA to refresh Pivot Table data range and data
  24. VBA saving row data as xml file to directory specified in row cell
  25. How to convert a numeric value into English words in Excel 2013
  26. Calendar control and links to records in sheet.
  27. How to create macro of fill in cells with Active Sheet Name
  28. error retrieving data with hidden range names "_xlfn..." (FormulaLocal)
  29. Allow editing but no deletion of formula in column
  30. Pulling live streaming data from google, yahoo, marketwatch etc.
  31. finding variations in the data base
  32. Need VBA to refer to a value in a cell
  33. How to Use same VB code in specific sheet instead of Thisworkbook
  34. Split to files then to Outlook Macro
  35. Need a code for copying information
  36. VBA Issue help required please
  37. Copy Cell Color to Another Cell & Changing Graph Color to Match Cell Color
  38. Time Calculation through VBA
  39. Quantity to add up
  40. merging multiple PDF files into a single PDF file via VBA macro
  41. Specify conditions in one sheet to fill another sheet
  42. Automatically process form and update master workbook using vba
  43. View Code Option is Disabled while using MultiPage Control in Excel Sheet
  44. Call Macro loop
  45. Macro for copying data from one workbook to another under certain conditions, button
  46. Disclosure of the figures that are inside a formula
  47. Outlook mail function, protected mode, and opening pdf attachment issues
  48. search folder & subfolder for criteria
  49. vba macro code to print entries from a data validation list from a desired choice ex.
  50. Macro to count to last row
  51. How to come up with the formula for this scenario?
  52. Macro to move data from one sheet to multiple sheet
  53. Inserting a sheet from one workbook to another
  54. Extract data by skipping same number of column.
  55. Quick way to find multiple values between very long columns
  56. Excel - Simulate a Ribbon Button wth a VBA Button
  57. inserting ranges of data to a worksheet from an array
  58. Error 800a9cf1
  59. Pull real-time data off the internet using macro
  60. Sort help
  61. Macro Loop Assistance
  62. SpinButton detection
  63. Hyperlink.Address Property Max 254 characters?
  64. Dropdown menu linked to hidden sheets
  65. Merge contents of rows if meets criteria
  66. Question Regarding Duplicate Removal
  67. Deduping Values in Large Dataset - 7K rows X 30 columns
  68. Macro for Digital Signature
  69. How to use VBA environ username
  70. Need Macro to insert rows and formulas into multiple pages of workbook template
  71. Automation Error... maybe cause by Textbox in Userform
  72. Macro not working after updating Excel
  73. Copy paste rows based on criteria 3 times into a separate worksheet
  74. Seeking coaching help
  75. Printing
  76. Copy and Paste from Other XL file only Particular row items.
  77. Running bat and renaming folder with cell value
  78. Macro - To copy/append sheets to new workbook
  79. Macro or Formula to create list for imported spreadsheet data
  80. stacked chart vba, variable number of row
  81. Parsing excel and sending emails macro
  82. SOS Programming SOLVER VBA
  83. Searching for and deleting xlCellTypeBlanks
  84. Move 3 Columns using ActiveX Scroll Bar Function
  85. Load/Delivery Forecast Model
  86. VBA Clean/Trim deleting trailing 0's fix
  87. Need help in excel solver VB
  88. search column for deviation
  89. VBA macro to winzip files located in a folder to different folder & repeat thru list
  90. Repeating block of kod
  91. How do I export an Excel worksheet to Word with some specific formatting?
  92. Macro that finds (scrapes) some values from a CSV or PDF and inputs them in a report
  93. Macro needed to copy rows from spreadsheet to email as image (not as attachment)
  94. Help needed to automatically attach a desktop saved file to Outlook email
  95. Copy Values from Multiple Columns to 2 Columns
  96. VBA code 3 way lookup replace the old value by new value from masterdata
  97. Displaying the value/data that was filtered
  98. VBA code in userform in excel and accessl
  99. Transfer data from one sheet to another sheet based on criteria
  100. Comparing one fixed size array to one dynamic array
  101. need help programming a macro template
  102. Macro to copy Specific Cells from one Sheet to specific cells in another sheet
  103. Protect cells but still allow hide / unhide grouped columns?
  104. Macro to convert data
  105. Downloading odds from the internet using VBA
  106. Command Buttons in a custom Menu
  107. Time and date to string
  108. Select Case Loop across 4 conditional values
  109. Help with ComboBox in UserForm
  110. Autofill Form fields from external spreadsheet - Help please!
  111. Updating Command Text Query from Excel using VBA.
  112. [VBA] Problem with EOF instruction that exits before the end of the file
  113. VBA Search Subfolder for known folder
  114. VBA Programming help for New UserA
  115. Lock the given range only and unlock rest of all
  116. Macro filtering and copying data
  117. Insert a new row based on a specific column value
  118. Rearrange Data from Sheetl to Sheet2
  119. Explanation requested on macros recorder and the way to make it working
  120. macro help needed
  121. Save Workbook and copy data
  122. IF Statement VBA Help Please
  123. help creating a macro
  124. Extract Multiple Shared Calendars to Excel
  125. Countif Macro
  126. HELP with VBA codes for someone new to VBA coding
  127. Creating new files and folders
  128. adding bold to only the changed cell values
  129. Assist me with this Automation by creating a macro
  130. vba to replace old value by target value search almost key words matching
  131. Pull the data from different closed workbooks paste into master vba
  132. need help with macro building
  133. VBA - Data extraction, Files creation and Saving
  134. Add data/value on the last row
  135. Button to generate new sheets based on templates
  136. Modify/Delete Data Row
  137. Remove Duplicate Rows and Concatenate Unique Cell
  138. Excel Vba copy same date to list of entries
  139. VB Button - Formula to copy data from one sheet to others
  140. Code to find value based on dropdown selection
  141. Copying data from multiple worksheets into new worksheet
  142. Loop Through Rows in VBA to import into SQL
  143. Excel Vba copy list of entries
  144. Calculating the Work Done Cut Fill Area of Canal Cross Section
  145. Inserting Specific set of data from Text file to Excel
  146. Conditional Macros
  147. Filter unique and copy range macro
  148. Save excel worksheet to pdf and use more then one cells name
  149. VBA code for matching two excel files and multiple sheets
  150. If statment loop
  151. New number after every print
  152. Filter and Search Button
  153. Complex (well for me anyway) Macro creation
  154. Print user defined date data
  155. Blank cells need to fill automatic by the previous cell
  156. Macro for Pivot table
  157. Macro to paste or move cells diagonally.
  158. Hyperlink Macro Issue
  159. Remove Name From Drop Down After Its's Selected, Office 2013
  160. Hyperlink to workbook will not open when run as part of macro
  161. Cross Section Area offsets and elevations
  162. how to protect my vba codes
  163. Must fill in a cell if previous cell = a certain value
  164. Need Help with script
  165. Follow Hyperlink Macro only works in Pause/Break Mode
  166. Variable Rows Column sort A-Z (or Z-A) from .vba file not working
  167. Need help in "AutoFit multiple Columns" and "Restricting VBA coding within workbook"
  168. vba recherche et imprimer etat
  169. need help writing a macro to edit existing data from userform
  170. Help/Suggestion with userform
  171. Running Timer For Data Entry
  172. Listbox - Delay form userform update until calcuations are completed
  173. VBA - Getting application error code 1004 when trying to fetch defects from QC 10
  174. Create Multiple Excel Files from One file
  175. Problem with periods in VBA
  176. Copy filter data in another worksheet in form of PT
  177. VBA Macro to copy values from 2 sheets and combine the data in another sheet
  178. VBA Procedure causing problems in Excel 2013. Older Excel versions work fine!
  179. vba to extract file names from other files in a folder
  180. Conditional macro in Excel based on two or more conditions please help
  181. Sorting string macro
  182. Export Specific Text from multiple mails to excel Sheet
  183. Auto update spread sheet - student attendance
  184. Macro formula to Copy cell results and PasteSpecial without pasting formula into cell
  185. Need help with code to hide rows based on cell inputs
  186. Copy Data from 1 sheet to 2nd sheet
  187. Using Len and Concatenate as Macro
  188. Pull records from different sheets
  189. VLookup with a Loop
  190. 4 dimensional array help
  191. Excel vba old value to new value form
  192. Lock Cell after vlookup
  193. Appending values in a drop-down list with each new unique selection within same cell
  194. Macro on second tab to be have the same way as the one on the fifth tab
  195. Excel Report Making
  196. Formating date delimiters in real time
  197. Excel variable data connections
  198. Merge muliple sheets into one without duplicates
  199. count values in unique locations
  200. VBA Code needed to Edit data of a chart on ppt
  201. Err.Number = 1004 on a VLookup works first Error but not the second Error
  202. vba help for database in two workbooks
  203. VBA to run an FTP(ECG) batch file
  204. Format pivot table without referencing pivot table name
  205. Range Lookup with a variable
  206. Need advice on transferring Excel data per VB to an Outlook email (html)
  207. automatic email filter
  208. Excel to Excel Connection
  209. The parameter is incorrect - doc.Save sFile
  210. Save edit a row and save add a new row - Excel VBA
  211. data manipulation
  212. Excel 2010: Adding rows based on value from other cell
  213. Userform calls other userform, then populate worksheet
  214. Finding unique values in list
  215. Count the number of times a cell has been up-dated
  216. which one might work best: if/with/do until loop/for next loops?
  217. if else if and option button selection problem
  218. Updating spreadsheet from a UserForm
  219. Auto Send Email on Cell reaching condition
  220. Multi-Select List Box Issue
  221. Copy data within dates
  222. Automatically send email based on cell content
  223. Moving and inserting new values using a macro
  224. Sending Payslips to respective emails
  225. import txt or csv delimited parts into different excel sheets
  226. Moving rows from multiple sheets on to another set of sheets
  227. Log ANY changes to worksheet via VBA
  228. Update VBA code - remove blank rows in newly created sheets
  229. Data validation with autofilter button
  230. Text box "whited out" based on value of a cell
  231. Projects calendar by priorities
  232. Excel VBA and Graphs
  233. Excel: Copy cells within dates
  234. OO Collections
  235. Subtitle to text
  236. Reorganizing Imported List
  237. Sending an email via VBA
  238. match on last 4 characters of cell value to data on another sheet and do something
  239. Delete Blank Rows and Columns
  240. Excel cells changing values
  241. Merging Worksheets in single Workbook with different headers.
  242. extract specific pivot table data to a new sheet
  243. Copy Filtered Data to new excel file
  244. Using VBA to input CSV data into excel based on date
  245. VBA Macro to format the data in the excel
  246. Update a formula of an exsisting column when the lookup value has changed??
  247. Help on vba code to open msg box(check box) from another combo box
  248. Printing PDF from Exel 2000 with Ken Puls code
  249. if statement formula in VBA
  250. Retrieved web site text is truncated at 10071 characters