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  1. Waterfall PivotChart?
  2. Dashboarding Resources
  3. Automatic, multiple charts using first column as X-axis
  4. Legend help
  5. Dynamic Error Bars
  6. Better way to link/embed Excel charts into PPT - so end user can edit in PPT
  7. Chart Assistance required please
  8. Series Values Using Range Names are Resetting to [0]! When File is Closed
  9. Lock everything but slicer buttons
  10. Defaul Chart Settings
  11. Am I missing something?
  12. Need help: Display comments in charts | Draw a vertical line chart
  13. need help creating a stock chart (example attached)
  14. Dates in Multiple Series
  15. Interpolating between two graphs
  16. Complicated Chart
  17. How do ignore cells in chart, or select only specific cells for chart?
  18. How can I update the charts' soure data programmatically?
  19. Crazy line chart (2)! PLEASE HELP ME!
  20. Automatic Multiple Chart Creating
  21. Chart values to row
  22. How to use camera for dashboarding
  23. Chart macro broken in 2007
  24. How to prepare a particular kind of bar chart?
  25. Chart Label Positioning
  26. Data plotted on XY scatter graph based on selection from dropdown list
  27. Class Automated Scheduler
  28. Plotting data on XY scatter graph
  29. Slimming Chart Query
  30. Floating Column Chart Using Dates
  31. how to change the Y-axis unit to bottle
  32. How to ignore 0 value figure in line chart?
  33. column chart question
  34. Scatter Plot Woes
  35. Switching between graphs automatically
  36. Gantt chart not displaying properly
  37. Need to make a Chart
  38. Question about data ranges
  39. bar charts with two axes
  40. Help with charting. How to use only last 15 rows after updating.
  41. Moving average yearly, 6 month, 3 month, 1 monthand gives comparison using line graph
  42. Charting file system usage
  43. Impossible SandChart Problem
  44. Display selected cells depends on user input
  45. Pivot Tables that updates mutliple pie charts at once
  46. Bars expanding beyond plot area when printing
  47. help on loan amortization
  48. Making multiple graphs from one table
  49. freezing panes
  50. MouseOver/MouseHover Event On Autoshapes
  51. seperating charts
  52. Multiple axis labels in the wrong place
  53. Horizontal boxplots with negative values
  54. dashboard...
  55. Converting a whole chart from Megawatts to Gigawatts
  56. Combing Scatter graph with bar graph
  57. Can I do selection of cells depending on another cell?
  58. Graph dates and notes to a timeline
  59. Displaying data: distance from a point
  60. How to consolidate rows of data based on a single column?
  61. repeat formula from diferent SHEET's
  62. Interpolation of Curve
  63. Split Curves
  64. Additional Functionalities
  65. Chart Templates Stop Retrieving Data
  66. Use List data to generate new list
  67. Calculation of time for several incidents.
  68. Percentage variance graphs
  69. Validation for data mismatch
  70. Two different summary tables based on the same data sheet
  71. Sperical Excel graph
  72. Graph from one cell which changes
  73. Help needed with scatter plot groups
  74. Charts and functions excel 2010
  75. How to graph a series of scores/values and specify the values on the x & Y axes?
  76. Need a Report Calculating Across Multiple Columns from Different Worksheets
  77. My questions about custom sort window
  78. Create Column Chart in Excel 2003
  79. Comparing the Same Month Sales between Two Different Years.
  80. How to display zero values in Group option in excel 2013
  81. Small charts for dashboard
  82. How to updated pivot tables on different tabs from user form parameters?
  83. Traffic lights - Increasing/Decreasing Trends
  84. Chart alignment issue
  85. Genrate SWF genrated dashboard.
  86. One of two series in a line chart is in reverse order and doesn't match axis
  87. Line Chart Help
  88. Please Assist with Bubble chart
  89. Excel 2013 learning gap frustration
  90. how to set up source data for a comparison chart
  91. Help creating multiple concurrent process chart please
  92. Line chart that displays a moving block of data
  93. Column values not matching with Y Axis lines
  94. Chart Horizontal Access Issue
  95. Help With Graphs
  96. Add an unrelated label to a chart with a stacked bar and scatter plot graph
  97. Should be a simple graph, but I'm an Excel newb
  98. Create calendar with running monthly/weekly totals and averages
  99. Excel Dashboard design under the hood
  100. finding polynomial from interpolating between 2 other polynomial
  101. What is best for looking at patterns
  102. Make chart doesn't always work in Excel97
  103. How to add charts in seperate sheet ?
  104. Add chart using formula
  105. Plotting chart with multiple columns
  106. Timeline help
  107. Adding new data series for line graph while grouping worksheets
  108. Dashboard source data - does it have to be in same file?
  109. Fever Chart
  110. Removing 0 values from data and legend
  111. Conditional Formatting trending with Icon Set
  112. Creating gantt chart from excel- doesnt give me all the vertical axis lables
  113. Change x- and y-values in an excel dot chart
  114. Pie-charts based on results of conditional formatting rules
  115. Left Align Labels
  116. How do I make an Excel area chart display dates on the x-axis?
  117. Circular Graphing & Trend Extraction
  118. number of diagrams in one place
  119. Excel 2010 graph
  120. Working hours in a graph
  121. Chart problem with Excel 97
  122. Dynaically change scale on Y axis for chart
  123. How to create lists automatically from topic column topics on a chart???
  124. Serious Financial Model
  125. Chart will not accept correct new data entry
  126. New Chart Data Runs off the Chart
  127. Automated Result processing sheet for secondary school
  128. Charts show wrong result when second workbook is opened
  129. Master Percentage
  130. Dynamic Chart Creation with Named Ranges, If/Then Statements, and Data Validation
  131. Clustered Column Bar Graph - Change Groups/Pairs
  132. Help with graphs
  133. Merging cells with text
  134. Dashboard Tutorial
  135. Create boxplot, boxplot showing side by side data
  136. Paste value between hidden cells
  137. DAX to group <5% as other
  138. Excel Line Graphs
  139. Combine two types of pivot charts into one
  140. Data Validation list for Dashboards
  141. How to define standard error for individual bars in excel, when the bars are already
  142. how to put slab ranges in scatter chart on x axis ie (1-9, 10-19...)
  143. How remove line dropoff in chart?
  144. missing drop down list data
  145. Datas with dates and events and conditions, how to convert these in charts?
  146. Chart y axis to show intervals of number of months/years
  147. Determine values on both y and x values base on highest point on a scatter graph
  148. Excel 2013 plotting time on x-axis
  149. List, instead of a dropdown
  150. Conditional Charting
  151. Help making a graph
  152. Can I copy a page including a line chart to another sheet
  153. Secondary axis on chart
  154. Matching the Salesperson to the region, creating conditional charting.
  155. Nurse Scheduling Help
  156. Need to have a formula to calculate the result based upon 2 different cell/condition
  157. How do I get the secondary Y axis to show on the left?
  158. Drawing graph where some values are zero.
  159. Designing dashboards (donut pie charts)
  160. Chart that consider multiple data - Salary Reviews
  161. Calculate Max Value from Polynomial Chart
  162. Line chart problem
  163. simple graph
  164. Pie chart from custom ranges
  165. Anyone know how to do a dynamic chart using the offset function?
  166. Bar Graph Help
  167. Request help for template issue
  168. Issues with copying a chart
  169. Need help with drop down on one page that updates a pivot table on another
  170. Need help with Dynamic dashboard
  171. Fill in an XY-coordinate chart
  172. PlusX Excel Add-In 1.1
  173. Dynamic Charts
  174. How to set a target line for each week
  175. Issues with chart walls
  176. Getting a drop down list to reference a various data ranges
  177. Getting zero values on y-axis when plotting Bubble or Scatter Plots
  178. Creating secondary y-axis on bar chart
  179. Pivot Charts and Slicers
  180. Excel Input Signals
  181. Excel Input Signal
  182. How to make a progressive chart, linked to fixed columns with weekly changin values
  183. how to create Chart with Multiple Dates of same task
  184. Change headings of x-Axis
  185. Bar Chart
  186. Data
  187. Creating a list out of dates/times table
  188. how to create drill down dashboard in excel
  189. Statistical chart
  190. Chart Primary Y axis scale variation correction by macro for better readbility
  191. Time Series Charts
  192. Dashboard Ideas
  193. Chart max lines
  194. Creating a Multi-Color Pointer for Charts
  195. Create a scatter plot with various series automatically
  196. Gnatt Chart
  197. 3d exploded Pie Chart
  198. customised dashbord
  199. Employee Post Schedule
  200. Don't know what to title this chart
  201. Creating a Stacked Clustered col. chart
  202. PDF (probability density function) from column of data
  203. Special chart
  204. Slicer "All"/Unfiltered Item
  205. Stacked Bar chart date issue
  206. Help on automating the Colored Bars
  207. How to control the number of markers in a chart?
  208. Pivot Chart % Difference
  209. Adding Data Ranges to Gantt Project Plan?
  210. Graph title is blocked
  211. 2nd axis issue
  212. 3 variable chart
  213. Adding a total to a Pivot Chart
  214. Kind off traffic light
  215. Dates from a specified group
  216. Clustered Column Graph with overlap
  217. Dynamic Chart with Drop Down Menu
  218. Dynamic Dashboard Formula Assistance
  219. Customizing Labels on a 4 Dimensional Bubble Chart
  220. Sparklines
  221. Table to record data in new column each time workbook is refreshed.
  222. How to write Multiple conditions in a dashboard
  223. Equal size cells in doughnut chart
  224. Dashboard hlp
  225. Cluster-Stack-Bar-Chart for multiple measures and years (more than 2 axis)
  226. Need help with Scatter chart
  227. XY Scatter plot with multiple series issues / easier way to set it up?
  228. Working out a percentage of complete checks and representing it in a graph
  229. Slicer
  230. chart time vs risk
  231. Help with Plotting Information on Chart
  232. Chart Analysis Suggestion
  233. Pie chart precentage
  234. Is it possible??
  235. Dynamic Chart
  236. Help with plotting new chart after every data refresh
  237. Best chart required for the data
  238. Graph for a cross section
  239. Need help with positive and negative data
  240. Gantt Chat Axis formating to mm/dd required
  241. Gantt Chat Axis formating to mm/dd required
  242. a chart with showing degree
  243. need help to create a chart :-(
  244. Please show me a sample at least I didnt get it what to do!
  245. Need chart to represent raw material seasons in month wise
  246. Pie Chart Before and after overlay
  247. creating a chart for tracking history prices
  248. Speedometer chart with positive and negative variance %'s
  249. Plotting a multi-line chart with occurances of events
  250. Plotting vertical bars with values within or outside of designated ref. range