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  1. Sequential Number Formula
  2. GoogleDocs Spreadsheet Explosion
  3. Hyperlinked Table of Contents using only formulas
  4. Cell and Column Referencing
  5. Vlookup help
  6. copying specific text from one cell and pasting in the next column, same row
  7. Conditional formatting for 2011 forecast
  8. IF Formulas
  9. question about linking formulas/info from one page to another
  10. Trim, Lfft, Right...Is there a combination of these functions that will remove a word
  11. Vlookup error #Name?
  12. SumA22
  13. FORMAT vs TEXT
  14. Displaying Unique values from a list
  16. INTERSECT in Excel
  17. Programing problem
  18. Excel Summing or counting
  19. Look up formula or help
  20. puting an apostrophe before a number
  21. Conditional Formatting
  22. Help with Tournament Excels
  23. Multiple sheets
  24. Reading Values from another sheet
  25. This is for the gurus
  26. Data Validation & Messages
  27. Formula Help for Counting with conditions
  28. Drop-down list in Excel Workbook
  29. Noobie seeking basic help with conditional formatting formula
  30. Selction based on drop down
  31. Multiple search functions in one formula...
  32. Print to PDF-PDFCreator to Adobe PDF
  33. Must be a more efficient way....
  34. need a macro
  35. Cell Referencing Issue
  36. Linking Cells
  37. Match and Column Data
  38. Need Formula
  39. display Monday week num in a cell - Help
  40. To copy a cell & paste it onto a column based on the name
  41. help me in writing a formula
  42. “DO Until” and “Do Unless”
  43. Sorting data by two different criteria
  44. Help with getting an answer on finding the count of range.
  45. Multiple If True Values - IF Function Excel
  46. Using a Vlookup to populate a help cell
  47. Formula
  48. Lookup a unique, conditional value between two sheets
  49. Formula: Tidy up Vlookup results
  50. Ratios
  51. error message in Data/Sort?
  52. Excel Formula help
  53. Formula for moving data between spreadsheets
  54. Help with complex formula
  55. Minimum and Maximum value in a quarter based on a date
  56. help with calculate duration & round to nearest 1/4 hour
  57. Linking 2000+ cells to another spreadsheet
  58. Identification Formula in Excel
  59. vLookup with wildcards (equivalent of "contains") - best solution?
  60. Using the IF function to do calculations based on the choices in drop down box
  61. Excel formula help please?
  62. Adding numbers together when text in same cell
  63. Linking between 2 sheets using "Primary Key"
  64. Advanced Filter to New Spreadsheet
  65. Formula Help
  66. Need formula Help...........go figure....LOL
  67. Conditional Formating Help
  68. help with impossible formula
  69. Which formula to use for this...
  70. Need Help on Data Slicing
  71. help with a complicated VLOOKUP
  72. Help needed for "find"
  73. Help need for extracting the Date field
  74. Formula needed to identify unique string then capture the entire row it appears in
  75. Help please! Trying to fix my budget!
  76. counting dynamic end of multiple arrays
  77. Multiple MUltiplication String
  78. CONCATENATE usage
  79. Help on SUMIF calculation
  80. Calculating days Network days and federal holidays
  81. Help: COUNTIF on multiple conditions
  82. Help: Change background if cell meets criteria
  83. Embedded IF AND OR Formula
  84. count weeks since last wash
  85. can a forumla return the name of a table
  86. If two geographical data match in two sheets, copy unique id/code found in one sheet
  87. Siimple, Standard Amortization, but can only go to 24 payments.
  88. Calculating Formula's
  89. Ms excel 2007, conditional formatting, worksheet communication problems....
  90. Formula help
  91. Repeating group of specific group of numbers
  92. Is it possible? Using formula result within the same formula....
  93. Need urgent help with conditional formatting
  94. Keep cell references in formulas from changing
  95. Using the Text function with German and English regional settings
  96. AVERAGE Across Multiple Worksheets
  97. Comparing Sheet 1 & 2 Help
  98. Get highest values
  99. Compounding - must be an easier way
  100. Basic if question
  101. Automating an Equation
  102. Conditional Formatting Formulas in Other Boxes
  103. How to store the result of a formula in new cell
  104. Please HELP me with this...
  105. Moving values between sheets by using number commands
  106. Adding cells in column
  107. How to create a Dynamic list on a separate Worksheet
  108. Formula For all possible product combinations
  109. How do I have a date change only on Tuesday and Friday?
  110. How would I write this formula?
  111. Find and copy number to new cell
  112. Highlight Cell macro with multiple conditions from another cell
  113. SUMPRODUCT issues
  114. Help with Sum formula
  115. Whether cells contains specific text or not?
  116. two number combos in excel
  117. vertical linking of cells
  118. Dynamic file/tab reference in formula?
  119. Pulling corresponding cell contents from single column data export.
  120. IF FUNCTION WITH DATA VALIDATION (ie, if C3 has data, F3 must be completed)
  121. Exclude blank cells in weekday average formula
  122. Need a formula to find 2 matching values and return the header column in the Table.
  123. Highlight cells of a training schedule if training start/end dates filled
  124. please help me to find the right data from match row and column
  125. Cell update from a Link that needs to be ENTERED
  126. Hello! Calculating Effective Rent using Excel
  127. Roundup
  128. IF Function: To update Status on Project Completion dates
  129. Remove blank from drop down list
  130. Left justifying data scattered across rows
  131. Generating stock price change (daily and weekly)
  132. Comparing Numbers + closest match
  133. find max and min value for past 30 days, by changing date
  134. Cell Updates Based on List Options
  135. Conditional formatting for dates
  136. Condiitional Formula Help needed
  137. COUNTIF, May be?
  138. Hi, newbie here I need help with macro formula willing to pay small amount
  139. Vlookup + match help
  140. Interest Calculator with a twist
  141. Rounding the sum of numbers
  142. Advanced If Code
  143. Help in order to Automate a planning system.
  144. Vlookup
  145. Vlookup within a Vlookup or something else?
  146. Interpolating between two graphs
  147. Nomograph
  148. help merging to tables into one
  149. Easy fix.. hopefully. Duty planner
  150. Formula for a Rent Roll worksheet
  151. A Certain Sum Thing
  152. how do i Reference tables in one work sheet to another?
  153. help needed with formula
  154. Allow only Copy cells and no other command.
  155. vertical lookup for multiple values in one cell AND return multiple results.
  156. Formula for reducing by a specific amount
  157. Need help in calculating the sum of times in different columns
  158. If Formula combined with max and min problem .
  159. average function
  160. Left Vlookup
  161. Identifying matching Dates with multiple date ranges
  162. how to Compare Real ticking time with time in excel sheet
  163. Conditional formatting
  164. Message Box
  165. How to delete change keywords separated by comma into a cell?
  166. Need to send mail to filtered people
  167. Named Range Gets Lost
  168. Vlookup or match?
  169. Please help me out in creating simple but tricky macro.
  170. Forumla for reoccurance / countif
  171. Help to Order by colum
  172. Linking cells and fetching them to another worksheet
  173. IFERROR - copy part of a row when critera is met
  174. What formula do I use, or is this even possible
  175. searching for very tedious macro
  176. Right Function
  177. Excel 2007, a formula to check multiple rows for a given customer name
  178. Formula to update a cell from the information on a different worksheet.
  179. One step, many sum functions
  180. Locking a certain number of Cells in an Excel Sheet
  181. Help with SumProduct
  182. Search a specific row on a 2nd tab?
  183. referring to a worksheet name in a formula.
  184. count formula with condition
  185. Complicated search and return command
  186. Quick question: Conditional counting and then some...
  187. Calculating in the backround
  188. Lookup help
  189. Combining 2 or more IF(AND statements in to one IF(AND(OR statement
  190. need formula for getting multiple search values
  191. Isnumber and vlookup
  192. macro to delete first 5 rows then after every 25
  193. Looking for a formula to help group/count complicated data
  194. Generating a kits contents with a formula
  195. Mulitple Tabs/Fomulas Help
  196. INDEX, MATCH, VLOOKUP to Exclude
  197. Working Hours
  198. Long nested IF statement
  199. If function Problem
  200. #Ref error does not gets fixed even after fixing
  201. Calculate Slope and average via VBA in Excel
  202. Print pages on sheet with values only
  203. Problem with a Formula
  204. understanding code
  205. Avg, Median, Max, and Min with Range
  206. Need a help for a formula
  207. Help with repeatative steps
  208. Help Formula to replace pivot
  209. Calculatiing Formula
  210. Excel 2007 - IF function or LOOKUP function
  211. Determining textual differences between cells
  212. Offset & Match Formula + Sum Formula
  213. Excel Data population from one sheet two another
  214. Excel Commitment Help
  215. Different Functions in One Cell Cancel Each Other Out - How can I fix this?
  216. Excel 2007 converting values to non-related text
  217. Excel Table with IF & Vlookup function Formula Config
  218. Interpolate X
  219. continous calculation for unlimited number of times
  220. Excel Evaluate formula error
  221. Extracting word for number of specific lenth to other cell
  222. Comparing values between cells
  223. Date Stamping particular cells in spreadsheet
  224. 1 FILTERING help PLSsss
  225. copy Past with matching ceriteria in other sheet
  226. Formula help - Time Management
  227. Removing Currency Sign in the Equation
  228. IF Function Formula
  229. Auction Totals for each bidder.
  230. Formual for Sum
  231. Formula Help
  232. Repeat data string after changing year
  233. Formula tweek index match formula needs to also be a sumif
  234. vlookup seems a bit weak
  235. Offset/Match Formula + HYPERLINK
  236. If function formula - excel '07
  237. Excel file checker
  238. Dynamic Filename/Spreadsheet Reference within a formula
  239. VLOOKUP Problem
  240. Hex to Binary using a divide and conquer approach for the first and second digit
  241. DCS Alarm Sorting List
  242. Help with Distribution Formula
  243. Multiple Conditional (SUMIF) Formula
  244. Help with setting rules with checkboxes...
  245. How to use a time frame within a sumproduct formula
  246. Lookup based on list selection in cell
  247. Sumifs / left formulation
  248. Creating formula based on if data is correct in cell
  249. Copying Excel Database with Links to CD
  250. Conditional Formatting for certain cells in columns