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  1. AVERAGEIFS Function Excluding Zero Values
  2. Amount needed to meet target
  3. Headaches from multiple sheets
  4. Date format
  5. Search & Match 2 text values to a table
  6. sum of specific cells
  7. Percentage for Discount
  8. Finding nth unique text value in a list
  9. Formula for one cell to monitor multiple cells
  10. Possible to Freeze a Sheet within Excel?
  11. Finding out totals from a series of Data entries
  12. XL Colums Map from Doc 1 to Doc 2
  13. Complex numbers problems, please help!
  14. Help in creating a tool
  15. Data from another worksheet
  16. Probability of reaching a dollar amount in s month
  17. Data from multiple worksheets
  18. Need to get filtered table data based on particular column's filter values
  19. Is Cell 'On-Click' events possible in excel?
  20. Excel Analytics : Replace values in the 2nd column
  21. Save data with each Date specified
  22. Sum a Column without adding the value from hidden rows
  23. Populating column in another sheet only if text is matching
  24. How to covert Cr amount as Negative while data exported from Tally Software
  25. Display highest value related to a cell from a different sheet
  26. Save data with each Date specified for daily work-log
  27. Find text in column and count
  28. Comparing 2 Spreadsheets help!
  29. Scenario analysis through combinations/permutation
  30. Multiple INDEXes + IF function + acumulation
  31. progress sheet help
  32. Newbie needs help - some cells read-only: why?
  33. Newbie needs debugging advice
  34. Newbie wants to do complex lookup
  35. Multiple averages, fixed rows, variable columns
  36. Random numbers with probability
  37. VLOOKUP Help
  38. Vlookup with an if statement
  39. Complex Transpose Help
  40. Lookup fumctions ? how to sovle this issue ??? help me please
  41. missing linest output excel 2010
  42. Vlookup, If, Or and And Formula help.
  43. Need a formula...
  44. Help! Creating a spreadsheet for products whos prices vary depending on quantity...
  45. Summarizing Data
  46. need vba code for making 3 month intervals (quarters) using date
  47. SUMIFS with OR condition
  48. How to solve " The macro may not be available in this workbook ...." Help
  49. help with counting a date
  50. Formula Help! adding IF functions to a SUM
  51. Check for value in a table, and return corresponding value depending on which row
  52. Add workdays to start date, inluding saturdays and holidays
  53. Copying selected imported data into a new format
  54. Vlookup Partial Text - Transactions from Bank Statement
  55. retrieve column headers when a row contains the same value in multple columns
  56. Auto-insert rows when hyperlinking from separate workbook?
  57. Absolute/Relative Workbook hyperlinks?
  58. rows to columns
  59. Matrix formule in een zoekfunctie
  60. Help updating a formula
  61. Need help with if statement!
  62. Need a couple of formulas for adding
  63. Conditional Formatting (max & min value highlight in color)
  64. syntax error in vba help me
  65. Median Regression Analysis
  66. IF and COUNT formula
  67. If(AND(ISNA(MATCH formula
  68. Conditional formatting/highlighting query
  69. Auto-filling chart information
  70. Formulas not working with changes
  71. Obtain a sentence using a word from sentence
  72. GETPIVOTDATA function with multiple look ups?
  73. Referencing cells
  74. Space between two texts
  75. Find a number within a range and return contents of a different cell
  76. Adding a days holiday entitlement once anniversary date is reached
  77. Forumla for highlighting a cell
  78. Date subtraction for minutes
  79. MAX value with constrains
  80. Count between date value
  81. VLOOKUP With If Statement
  82. Find Alpha Numeric SKU and transfer to cells
  83. How to get details or break up of the balances of customers. Sample file attached.
  84. 2 if statement
  85. IF Function
  87. Show list based on cell value
  88. If Functions
  89. Matching a Group of numbers
  90. Fill row if data has duplicate on another sheet
  91. Does can someone explain the actual function of the Ctrl + Shift + Enter method?
  92. Attempting to create an equation to pull a number from a Matrix based on TWO Variable
  93. Excel formula for bifurcating Time for calculating charges
  94. Excel formula requested for Open interest movers
  95. Help with Inventory Sheet
  96. Countifs with 2 criteria & unique values
  97. excel formula for getting underlying price of a stock
  98. Copy formula without drag drop
  99. Autocomplete with conditions! Please give me an advice.
  100. If statement to merge 3 columns
  101. Using multiple conditions and maybe an IF Statement to return a Yes/No value
  102. Data adjustment via a matrix
  103. To calculate the difference using dates-Excel 2013
  104. finding the count cells
  105. Conditional formate forumlae
  106. Lookup and compare sku's formula to update quantity for inventory
  107. Copy values if a match against a range of value is found
  108. Index Match - result from Another worksheet
  109. Rounding up time and money
  110. Simple excel formula to copy current row and insert it one two or three times below
  111. Conditional Format issue
  112. Help IF/AND/OR + Conditionnal Formatting
  113. California Overtime Formula Help!!!
  114. Countifs in 2 Cells based on last 2 entries of data?
  115. Summming information in adjacent cells with only one identifier
  116. Moving values in columns with formula
  117. Score sheet help
  118. On Site late and early times with midnight crossover
  119. Identify Missing Entries
  120. Complex calander formula
  121. Countifs calendar date due or overdue
  122. countif funtction after filtering
  123. Find value based on another value several rows/columns away
  124. Need SKU to represent a $$ Amount
  125. Array Lookup Help
  126. Help! Using the If formula for dates and $$
  127. Target Issue - Not sure if weighted target is needed
  128. Create a 2D data table with dynamic column input cell & Conditional formatting help
  129. stock sheet - update two sheets from one entry
  130. Complex formula to return result - thats over my head
  131. Isblank Limit Issue
  132. Averaging letter grades over multiple sheets
  133. Summarizing Data Across Multiple Sheets Depending on the Name Selected in Drop Down
  134. Already over my head with formula and need help
  135. Is This HLookup Formula?
  136. Convert a date like this to MM/DD/YYYY Sep 7 2015 8:23PM
  137. Countif excluding blank cells
  138. Reference data changing while filtering data
  139. IF formula with logical statement
  140. Autocomplete with divisor!
  141. Compound Numbers
  142. If statment
  143. Color Mapping from Sheet to Sheet
  144. Inputting a Word when two Items are Identified
  145. paste link from word does not work!
  146. Can I use a formula for this ...
  147. Formula Assistance
  148. Formulas don't add correctly
  149. Average after filtering for a specific year
  150. Formula help - Formula with diffent criterias - Maby SUM
  151. help with formula
  152. Breaking ranked ties
  153. How can I get Solver results without using solver?
  154. Time sheet
  155. Formula for sorting several sets of data
  156. Formula Modification
  157. New to Formulas
  158. Fill handle creates strange data
  159. Automatically continue formulas and formatting to new columns at XFD
  160. Time Formula
  161. Averages and Trends
  162. SumProduct - Can't copy formula down ?
  163. Formula for pulling every 5th cell in a row
  164. SUMPRODUCT with Criterias formula ?
  165. Amount of "business hours" between two dates
  166. Missing Money! Help!
  167. Date Formts
  168. change name order to Last, First, Middle
  169. Collecting repeating data from different sheets.
  170. Project Worksheet Problem
  171. Repeating part of text after specified interval
  172. Calculating an average for specific time intervals
  173. using a user form to delete a row
  174. Index Match to return non zero values from row and additional data from above in colu
  175. Help - Counting Blank Cells up to a Specified Number to Return a Date from a row
  176. index match problem
  177. Vlook up
  178. Conditional formate forumlae
  179. Data Entry Link between two worksheets in same workbook
  180. Need help on this!
  181. stuck on away scores
  182. Date validation between two dates for pre or post cut off
  183. Filling Blank Cells using a nested IF and VLOOKUP Function
  184. Looking to hire an excel freelancer
  185. Compare MONTH/YEAR of 2 lists
  186. Continuous Formula
  187. Summing Durations Between 2 Areas?
  188. Modification to Loan Amortization with Extra Payments Workbook
  189. Rounddown problem
  190. Non Working Day
  191. Summing Text in a Column
  192. Help in Creating Formula for Multiple IF's
  193. separate text that includes numbers in spearate columns
  194. Need help displaying blank cell when IF statement is false
  195. Time forumulae
  196. Dependent drop downs 2 conditions
  197. If Error Statement
  198. subtracts days from an end date but makes sure to skip holiday/ weekends to calculate
  199. Excel
  200. Automatically search, copy into new sheet
  201. Pivot Tables
  202. Conditional Formate help
  203. Forumula needed
  204. Index? Match? Iferror???
  205. Array If Statement Between 2 Dates
  206. Using MAX MIN with ISODD & ISEVEN-MAX works fine but MIN returns 0
  207. Formula >=90 days from today based on 2 other coniditions in a separate column
  208. Conditional format cells in a column based on a formula and 2 criteria
  209. Budget Template
  210. Index - across many worksheets
  211. Conditional Formatting for dates
  212. # disrupts formula
  213. Forumale 1
  214. Reporting Cell based on number from another cell
  215. Excel Spreadsheet Matter
  216. Trying to find the last non-empty cell in a specific row/range over multiple sheets
  217. IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH for multiple conditions is not returning all true_values
  218. Automation
  219. String/Cell comparison and printing the reference values .
  220. If / CountIF Functions
  221. Match cells and return third value
  222. Nested IF based on two cells which contain yes, no or blank
  223. Finding the worst case scenario in a range
  224. IF Function Help
  225. How to fill dd in cell beside dddd within day/week/month tables for the entire year?
  226. use find and if formula together
  227. Concatenate multiple cells based on separate identical cells
  228. How to use relative cell reference in a template
  229. Display a value once in a range with multiple occurrences of the value
  230. How to create looping list of data in Excel
  231. IF else and Lookup
  232. Find and Replace "NJ" with "NJ"
  233. Calculating Differece Between Dates
  234. Calculate data in excel
  235. Pulling certain data from a cell brought in by Power Query
  236. VLookup
  237. formula for subtraction the values in descending order
  238. Line Break
  239. Can excel show me All Scenarios?
  240. Help needed with the SUM formula on hours please!
  241. Need help with formula(s) that will calculate the numbers and tolerances.
  242. group a number of rows back based on value and sum
  243. Help with SUM formula on hours please!
  244. Random numbers
  245. Sum Product and Sliding Calendar formula help
  246. Large from columns into rows
  247. Adjust values below with specific value
  248. multiple if statements
  249. Referencing another workbook using a file path in another cell
  250. Populating ranking depending upon ranges of previous cell's data