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  1. Get data comparing Row Header and Column Header in a new sheet
  2. Rounding Dates to Next Quarterly Period
  3. Formulating labor cost information
  4. how can clear Value Error in paryroll.
  5. Add data from preceding cell in addition to available formula
  6. Help needed: cell should switch to Y or N, but formula doesn't work
  7. Copy of rows from one sheet to another sheets based on certain criteria
  8. Using IF Function
  9. Dynamic Drop down working from dynamic source list
  10. Formula Troubles
  11. Help with If/Then Statement - If Column B = "X" Then enter "Y" in Col C
  12. Rounding Date Up to Nearest Date in List (without array...?)
  13. Excel to Outlook Macro - Email Body
  14. Help with a simple formula
  15. SUMPRODUCT + VLOOKUP not working
  16. Formula to select first 3 runners and first in each category
  17. Help Setting VBA Memory Variables...
  18. Organize item sales by date and other variables based on cell content
  19. Modification in Excel Automation
  20. Formula Help
  21. Help on Lookup Formula
  22. Data Migration from One Sheet to Multiple Sheets
  23. Finding it hard to put into words what I'm searching for
  24. Excel VBA to copy and paste data on different worksheet
  25. Finding text within a pivot table to add to getpivot formula
  26. Displaying total # of names between dates into a different column based on a month/yr
  27. need help with a complicate "if" formula
  28. Excell Forms
  29. Activx and or Form Control
  30. How to add total of Hours and Minutes
  31. Hours worked/payroll formula help
  32. V Look Up Formula Not Working
  33. Help with extracting multiple rows from 5 sheets into one sheet based on criteria
  34. Using "IF" statement to count number of highlighted or colored font cells
  35. How to Calculate a Date if less then current date
  36. How to avoid #N/A in Index/Match
  37. How to trace the last non-zero value line in a report
  38. Help needed - Auto updating test schedule
  39. Using And, if, or, ISNA statements
  40. Sum values in one column based on unique, filtered values in another
  41. Price percentage formula
  42. problem with numeric format when downloading from external source
  43. splitting string and copy to other cells
  44. Linking Cell to Another Workbook and Using when Closed
  45. Using MATCH with IF AND <,>=
  46. Advanced filtering problem
  47. Formula that changes what cells it pulls from based on where active cell is
  48. Issue with a list of data
  49. Issue with lots of Data
  50. Reversing the result of a formula
  51. Need help with a complex formula
  52. Sum how many times a combination is made
  53. Conditional Formatting
  54. Comparison of values to find "efficient" calculations
  55. Calculating 3 and 5 decimal points in cells
  56. Match Cell Substrings to Column and Return Adjacent Cell
  57. TAT Tracker Help
  58. Creating a Scheduling System in Excel for improving functionality and performance
  59. Help with some logic..?
  60. Splitting name with various combinations using excel formulas
  61. Huge Permutation Problem
  62. Excel Parsing using POI problem
  63. Use group/ungroup with a locked workbook
  64. DAX SUM function per group
  65. SUMIF? Need to extract and sum data from pivot to another sheet.
  66. Formula for max consecutive wins and loses
  67. Formula help-- countif, if
  68. Subtracting time
  69. Am not comfortable with Pivot table. Would like to use a formula
  70. If text function when correct showing a corresponding value
  71. "Right" & "Left" If statment
  72. Possible formula or macro for Creating Drop down/Running tally counts
  73. Auto-Update to add row formula help
  74. Multiple IF and VLOOKUP
  75. Counting the number of Events that occur in a specific month in a range of days.
  76. Assistance with an IF, OR, VLookup formula
  77. data not passing from vba to cell consistently
  78. Splitting International Dialing codes into country and area code.
  79. How to get a parallelperiod to date with a partial date segment
  80. "if" this text found, keep this row and the next -- delete others. how to do this?
  81. Help with populating a cell depending on several criteria
  82. Copying formulas with complicated pattern
  83. Please chcek the formula - night shift tracker
  84. Comparing data in rows in multiple columns?
  85. How to Better the below formula without much Manual intervention?
  86. Usage Calculation
  87. Subtracting Time as per sample
  88. Excel spreadsheet gets error "Excel cannot open the file .xlsx.." How can I "uncorrup
  89. linked sheets losing Vlookup when filtering
  90. Sort birthday list from ID number
  91. Multiple IF and or VLOOKUP
  92. Vlookup
  93. Urgent Average Issue
  94. Different calculation on each worksheets
  95. Count based on today day condition
  96. VBA- Trying to combine; For each cell in range and Else
  97. Hi Guys, I am new here I have a problem with if than
  98. Fund Flow Statement Excel Template
  99. Admissions Spreadsheet: Simple method to populate data?
  100. Need help on Excel Test
  101. Matching data in columns and extracting information
  102. Worksheet, Warehouse work attendance with barcode scanning
  103. Excel spreadsheet, formula be for counting families on a sheet of individuals?
  104. How do I add the ROUND function to an existing formula?
  105. Excel Scroll Bar Problem
  106. If function help
  107. date range
  108. Two "IF" functions in the one formula?
  109. How to create detail invoice from data rows
  110. Formulas which help with sequential data
  111. Calculating Labor Hours by employee
  112. Finding the max value I can add to numbers in a list
  113. Data Validation
  114. Dependent Drop Down Lists
  115. Solver, goal seek or more simple formula
  116. Input - output by row
  117. Help COUNTIFS From Spreadsheet That Will Be Filtered
  118. Not to Include Data that Moved to a New Spreadsheet
  119. If this and this then this or if this and this then this - Need Help
  120. How do you replace Vlookup #NA errors with zero or blank cell
  121. Stumped on multiple formulas in one cell
  122. Help with Formulas
  123. Filtering Large Amounts of Records by Color
  124. Score handling in one column
  125. Extracting information
  126. Looking for a more efficient formula...
  127. Populate Report Automatically
  128. if statment
  129. Time calcultion formula
  130. Multiple criteria lookup
  131. How to make value 0 if formula reslut is a negative number
  132. Cant get my head around an INDEX/MATCH/LOOKUP Formula!
  133. Need help getting numbers in cell to match with numbers in another cell
  134. Best formula to generate HTML URL link code in excel
  135. Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range - Excel booking form with email macro
  136. Reconcile of Data-Formula Help Required
  137. In DATABASE criteria "Blank Cell" AND ="" are NOT the same things??
  138. Identifying/Indexing by partial text string
  139. help with excluding weekends in time sheet
  140. Drop down selection and populating data
  141. Using IF Statements as identifiers in an INDEX function
  142. Trouble with using MATCH INDEX to link cells from other sheets
  143. Need to look up table using multiple criteria
  144. Formula help
  145. Formula help please!!
  146. I need formula
  147. Complex problem. Is this possible?
  148. I need if Formula help please
  149. Excel Hack coming out of New Zealand
  150. Solver doesn't find maxium revenue
  151. Request help with Conditional IF
  152. Variable Start Period for Real Estate_Need help
  153. Help with Count and Rank
  154. Formula/Macro Help
  155. Index & Match - Sort Dilemma
  156. Highlighting dates
  157. Returning the value of a cell in a different workbook - name of book in cell
  158. Sum of unique values in a column based on values in another column
  159. Create formula that automates a regression equation with multiple varying criteria?
  160. Display a value if the date value falls within a month
  161. Take Percentile if between certain date range
  162. RoundDown Formula
  163. Automatic invoice generation
  164. Convert days into years, months and days in Excel
  165. Only show best selling product DAX
  166. INDEX MATCH Search across workbook
  167. Index Match HELP Please
  168. Data removal and copy it to new location
  169. Nested IF with VLOOKUP - best solution?
  170. formula help
  171. SLA Calculations
  172. Need automatic serial no in different pages
  173. how to convert string into readable format for =DATEVALUE?
  174. extract specific word or words from a text in Excel
  175. Help with Looking up transactions from within a date range, please.
  176. Remove file paths
  177. Divide X into Y whole numbers that total X
  178. What formula to use
  179. Transposing formula
  180. I need Formula help please
  181. Need help pulling values from column - hlookup?
  182. Help with SUMIFS
  183. Formula for Daily Average when the Columns are Monthly Totals
  184. Vlookup 2 different criteria
  185. Max, If & And
  186. Need help to add an Either/Or Statement to a working formula, please.
  187. DATE - Contract values for 2015
  188. How to find the average sales of each person in raw data.
  189. Need help writing a Formula
  190. vlookup-transfer-data-another-sheet-data-emp.
  191. Conditional formatting based on (x,y) data values
  192. Please read before opening new topic!!!
  193. Conditional Formatting w/ 3 Range Conditions
  194. IRR Formula Q?
  195. A referenced cell inside an IRR formula.
  196. Correct use of COUNTIFS and COUNTIF
  197. IF and SUM
  198. How convert the cell data to its formatting style?
  199. IF a value is true in a number of cells
  200. Step by Step
  201. Priority
  202. Conditional Formatting
  203. Assigning categories
  204. Auto populate data from one sheet to another with drop down
  205. New member here - have a question about developing a formula
  206. I need assistance urgently.. Please
  207. Help With AVERAGIF
  208. Pushing data to an empty cell.
  209. Is there an easier way of writing this formula?
  210. REF! error when referencing another worksheet
  211. VBA Loop
  212. LOOKUP function and date
  213. Conditional Formating
  214. Restrict cell entry of B1 as per the value in A1
  215. Forecast and offset
  216. Using Name Manager with table
  217. Match two columns from two different sheets and display Yes or No
  218. Moving Data from one tab to another
  219. Conditional Formatting a Row
  220. Please help need a solution for best combination for set of numbers
  221. Need help from a smarter person please :)
  222. multiple functions
  223. sumifs multiplie criteria
  224. Need a Formula to Auto populate dates
  226. Need a formula in the column “to be filled” in column “C”.
  227. Counting unique values in a column with a month condition
  228. Formula to provide RAG status
  229. =IF formula help
  230. Help me to solve this Excel File
  231. show string of rows
  232. 2 Week Rolling Average
  233. MATCH & INDEX (what am I missing)
  234. MAX IF statement help
  235. Index match function?
  236. Insert space in column randomly
  237. Choosing multiplying a number selected from a table
  238. Need formula for this
  239. Formula/Calculations Assistances
  240. To scan badge ID's to inventory list
  241. Return a list of values for a meal planning spreadsheet
  242. Excel - Lookup value in column and return values from the same row.
  243. stacked bar
  244. Highlight duplicates data form sheet to another sheet
  245. decompose data
  246. Formula For Matching Multiple Criteria
  247. Randomly generate list of numbers and text strings
  248. Excel Formula, Payment calculation
  249. Conditional formatting with wildcard match
  250. Sum of a number of columns dependant on value in another column