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  1. undersize assessment
  2. Formula For Member's Renewal Date Based on 6, 7, 12 & 13 Months?
  3. Help needed with automatically substituting texts
  4. IF function array syntax help
  5. Need help on if function.
  6. Matching number with a given particular text
  7. needing help with a formula change
  8. Auto Change Date When Printing
  9. VBA & Excel Stuff
  10. Excel Newb - A few pointers to get started (filtering by date)
  11. simple SUMIF function not working?
  12. IF function with conditional formatting
  13. Urgent HELP needed in a formula !!
  14. Macro to do Permutations by a number
  15. Remove the middle initial and period
  16. index formula problem excel 2007
  17. Formula for grading
  18. Cell reference not working
  19. Conditional Linking Between a Series of Work Sheets
  20. CF in a cell with 6 conditions
  21. Lookup a value in a range & find the cell in another range for further usage
  22. struggling with indirect()
  23. Monte Carlo Simulation Help
  24. Incrementing Label Numbers
  25. Count of specific text
  26. Formula to insert result based on search of data in multiple columns
  27. Count of specific text
  28. SUMIF where conditions vary depending on text string
  29. Creating nested IF(AND) statement to produce correct data
  30. Help with a formula
  31. Help me with this one please!!
  32. How to remove an empty return from a topcount cubevalue formula
  33. Match function not functioning
  34. Match function not functioning
  35. Macro to collate data of different sheet under one sheet
  36. Find a worksheet throu a key word
  37. RAG Status - how to calculate
  38. Help with PMT formula
  39. Removing special characters from time format
  40. Can Excel do this?!
  41. the difference between 2 times
  42. Spread a yearly total evenly across chosen months using whole numbers only
  43. Cell formula to change text based on date
  44. Complicated Lookup with conditions in the lookup range cells
  45. help making calculation with IF
  46. Advanced Logic Problem
  47. Match and Copy Data between to worksheets
  48. Newbie Question. Can I do this???
  49. Merging Spreadsheets
  50. Any way to reference "Range Names" in a formula listed in a column or row
  51. Counting the number of permutations using excel
  52. Help. Drop Down Menu to return table of data
  53. Excel Cumulative Problem
  54. Table calc with a slicer
  55. Merging/copying different column info in several rows to ONE row
  56. Need help: cell should switch to "Y" when A1 matches with column K, to "N" when not
  57. My busines workbook
  58. Separate data
  59. Help with dynamic dates
  60. Formula to find similar values and report difference in years
  61. How to create business invoice thr vba codes
  62. If column B has XX how many times does ZZ appear for Nov?
  63. Problem with date calculation after sorting
  64. Problem with date calculation after sorting
  65. Calculation using table and two variable
  66. Multiple Workbook Vlookup
  67. My invoice line totals are out because of lack of cell rounding....help!
  68. Excel 2003 Look-up Formula Problem
  69. moving rows between sheets
  70. Advanced Filter and sum
  71. Excel Match and Sum Problem
  72. Count money on tax percentage
  73. sum a column but return a minuimum answer
  74. If cell A1 = then make cell a2 =100 etc
  75. Calculating z-score/confidence interval with benford's law
  76. HowTo use a Vlookup function in Excel! :)
  77. creating a report country wise
  78. Creating a report country wise
  79. SUM formula on Dynamic columns
  80. Pulling apart lengthy text data to segregate into smaller sets
  81. How to find the location of the table array in a v-lookup formula
  82. sheet 1 column b contains text - replicate that text in column B sheet 2 ?
  83. Can the contents of a cell on sheet 1 be carried to sheet 2. An "insert" not text.
  84. Help to understand formula..
  85. Count Unique Dates in Date Range which also meet another criteria
  86. SUM formula for Dynamic Column ending.
  87. Date and time
  88. Bottom 5 look for next lowest value
  89. Teacher's marksheet
  90. Mutual Fund SIP Return calculation
  91. Lookup across multiple sheets/tabs in external workbook
  92. Paypal Merchant Fees
  93. Missing dates
  94. If? And? Or? Or something else?
  95. Formula Help
  96. IF Formulas...?
  97. need most recent date with duplicate values
  98. Trying to understand this If formula..
  99. How to copy data from non-depending part of excel table to refreshed monthly table...
  100. colour highlight with conditional formating for partial dates?
  101. Multiple criteria & hlookup formula help
  102. Color of cell based on % achieved
  103. Data in each alternative cell
  104. IF and AND?
  105. Day based Loan Amortization Schedule
  106. Auto populate new column with month numbers from dates given in a cell?
  107. Changing Date difference into Age
  108. Someone help me find the right formula
  109. Help with vlookup and making the column index fill in a "series"
  110. Nested Vlookup Help
  111. Pivot Table Help
  112. Deleting rows with date ranges between a set of duplicate name rows with dates higher
  113. Named ranges
  114. HELP: Return a value with a date that falls between two other dates - INDEX - MATCH
  115. Data sorting
  116. Leading characters - Negative number and comma problem
  117. Clean up complex IF statement
  118. Not sure "if"!
  119. Converting a number into time
  120. Min, Max, Median & Average cells based on other cell's criteria
  121. Index Match keeps returning #REF!
  122. Is there a way to find all constants in a column and replace alwith a formula?
  123. Sequence Counter
  124. Please Help! Excel is beating me up BADLY!
  125. Copying data based on selected text
  126. Excel Loop Formula
  127. VLOOKUP Formula Help
  128. Help with multiple IF statements combined with maybe VLOOKUP???? PLEASE !!!!
  129. Help With Index/Match Formula!!
  130. lookup a single value and return related texts in multiple columns horizontally
  131. Identify Matching names
  132. Change search range due to first result
  133. Linking formulas to 2 documents
  134. Update NETWORKDAYS Formula to ignore negative numbers???
  135. I need help ASAP
  136. How to Mach the two sheet with common column?
  137. help with custom formula
  138. Auto sum Rounding problem
  139. Holiday Duty Formula
  140. HELP-my students want to learn the course from which they will take their termwork
  141. Help with creating a unique lookup
  142. Help with formulas with multiple conditions
  143. Cell value isnt what it is seen in the value
  144. Maximize R squared using solver DOCUMENT ATTACHED (may be difficult)
  145. Trend Formula
  146. Two Column Dates to arrange in a single column
  147. Daily Loan Tracking schedule
  148. Using IF statement for Letter Sequences
  149. Fixed Annual/Semi-Annual Bills
  150. Percentages on total with tax addition and discount deduction
  151. Formula not returning correct values
  152. Vlookup and sum two colums
  153. Worksheet for multiplication and drop down
  154. vlookup doesn't seem to apply to what I need ...
  155. Using a formula to convert a letter to a shape?
  156. Formula Not Working - Finding a Date that Falls within a Date Range
  157. Lookup/Match Array Formula over multiple sheets
  158. Line of Credit Schedule
  159. Count.ifs with a lot of conditions
  160. generating all possible combinations
  161. Flight Time Extraction for 24 hrs, Weekday, and Month blocks
  162. using Sumif and left with tables
  163. get average of column based on conditions
  164. Auto adjusting charts based on cells with formulas qwestion.
  165. "Unnesting" a formula
  166. Date and Resource conflict resolution formula
  167. .show userform from selection in a data validation list
  168. Labouchere sheet
  169. Conditional formatting
  170. NEED : Multiple conditions, drop down and return a numeric value - HELP!
  171. Spreadsheet Formula Needed
  172. Inventory
  173. Need Help with Average Percentages Based on Criteria
  174. count ifs with date and time | commulative
  175. lookup help
  176. Help re: Formulas Contained in Column(s) N and O
  177. IF formula with OR
  178. Need help with excel formulas newbie
  179. Alternative to standart countifs function needed
  180. Conditional Formatting
  181. Need help with a lookup of multiple criteria
  182. Need Help urgently to link used hours of each user on repective name
  183. Need help in look up / V look up
  184. Using Match/Index to bring multiple values
  185. How to make the count if a dynamic variable
  186. calculate automatically
  187. Correlating two cell values
  188. Match entries with table names
  189. Help Streamlining my Spreadsheet
  190. Monthly Reporting Balance
  191. Creating a Lookup or Match Formula that uses Multiple Criteria
  192. Urgent help please excel formatting
  193. Autofill
  194. Calculation of IRR and CoC
  195. Macro to trigger emails based on dates
  196. Searching list of tables to return count
  197. Multiple Contains formula to show text
  198. Data validation - using Two word w/ dependent.
  199. Percentage Difference and Decreasing Percentage
  200. Clone/Link cells and automatically prioritize/rank in different worksheet
  201. filling in rows to a specified Nth
  202. use cell value in a formula
  203. Creating a code from combining numbers from several cells
  204. Subtract if formula
  205. protecting data validation??
  206. How to show unique values of Column B from Multiple sheets using a function
  207. How I need to get the FAIL COUNT Based on two Columns in all the sheets
  208. Lookup Tables
  209. Data Processing Question
  210. Calculate holidays hours
  211. how to compare 2 sheets and mark the duplicate values?
  212. Conditional Charting
  213. Need help with my stock reports
  214. changing alternatives in different sets
  215. changing alternatives in different sets
  216. How to blank "blank cell"?
  217. if true, all are true
  218. Schedule Making Formula's
  219. Index/match issue
  220. My subtotal and sum
  221. How can I forecast
  222. Formula Referencing Like Items in Multiple Rows
  223. Multiple Entries to find text within cell and return value from another table!
  224. Countif formula for emp scheduling worksheet
  225. Fuzzy Logic
  226. Creating a unique lookup(2)
  227. 3D referencing of a range over multiple tabs
  228. Request for Help with Function.
  229. Problem with calculation in a time duration formula
  230. Using Drop Down Menu to present Selected data
  231. Multiple Lookup excel query
  232. Index Match with IFs?? + options for next in list
  233. Need help with what should be an easy formula!!
  234. To Create a Sheet for Data Entry
  235. Vlookup & count
  236. How to maxif and minif with a criteria falling in a certain time of the day.
  237. Power Query: ORing two different criteria on same table
  238. Need 1 excel formula that encompasses GIR, Up/Downs, and GIR Putts for golf stats
  239. Need help with what if analysis
  240. Countif Formula
  241. Power Query, un pivot linked data
  242. Need help with creating a dependant drop down menu that performs calculations
  243. Need your help guys! Lookup type formula needed.
  244. Formula to insert images
  245. selecting data under certain condition (if statements)
  246. adjusting dynamic range formula
  247. creating a summary sheet that pulls data from multiple sheets???
  248. urn data - trouble with Lookup function
  249. Assistance needed to loop code when pulling info from a web page and pasting to excel
  250. Formula not picking up multiple dates