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  1. Return Column Number of Last Instance of a Numeric Value Found in Table
  2. Having a conditional formatting migraine. Please Help!
  3. Return the last values above / before a Specific Value
  4. VLOOKUP Challenge
  5. Trying to change numeric value and cell green from red or red to green
  6. Need a Formula to avoid circular references
  7. If-then analysis formula help...
  8. Return the last values below / after a Specific Value
  9. Relative cells and formatting keeps changing
  10. Trying to create a reverse HLOOKUP scenario
  11. Losing leading zeros in concatenate formula
  12. Complex nesting IF statement? <newbie here>
  13. Return the penultimate (second to last) non-blank value in column
  14. How to calculate months & days between two dates??
  15. Excel Function Removing Even Duplicates
  16. How to use multiple if conditions in one cell and set priorities to them
  17. Help with a macros to use in Excel 2010 workbook
  18. Creating an auto-generated sequential number
  19. Quagmire of Formulas (can't use macros or programming)
  20. Macro and/or Conditonal formatting off
  21. Linking in multiple spreadsheets into one
  22. Cell entry that returns the word ERROR
  23. Looking for a way of using a text cell value in a link formula linkiing multiple file
  24. How do I return a red cell if N or S is entered?
  25. Formula Request: Search Between Columns
  26. How do you create a cell to display own day, month and year?
  27. Is it possible to display just point 6 in a cell?
  28. Find multiple instances of a numeric value and Return row number where value is found
  29. click and send to multiple emails
  30. VlookUp or Match
  31. Cell Locking
  32. Formula Required
  33. How can I activate this formula?
  34. Logarithm of the Haversine
  35. Tying data between multiple cells together
  36. Find multiple instances of a numeric value and Return table row number & column label
  37. Trying to extend a SUMPRODUCT Formula
  38. Help with a spread sheet
  39. Calculating percentage spread over time
  40. "ZZ" and ^0
  41. dynamic filename in a vlookup? Help!
  42. Replacing multiple words in excel document
  43. Obtain last inmediatly value with certains conditions on changing column In XL07
  44. Help with VLOOKUP
  45. Find Formula
  46. carry values of various sheets ​​to another sheet
  47. Formula required
  48. Need help with input and data validation formulas
  49. Similar texts with minor differences - How to get just ONE (a standard one)
  50. Turning durations in hh:mm:ss into costs
  51. Pivot tables with hh:mm:ss
  52. Help Writing a formula
  53. Find MAX in range excluding some intermittent cells
  54. Referencing multiple values to determine an equation
  55. colour code one cell by entering data into another cell
  56. How to create a conditional statement with multiple values in excel
  57. Formula required (if possible)
  58. Column change where pull values from acording to the current month
  59. Locking cells together
  60. Correlation of customer registrations plotted against TV advertising spots
  61. Vllokup Break down
  62. conditional formatting
  63. copying cells down the page
  64. Find a specific criterion and Return the next non-blank value after each criterion
  65. is it possible and if it is how :S
  66. checking certain cells and returning answer +
  67. Error marker re appears after sort
  68. Changing cells in a formula
  69. Counting Sandwich Orders!
  70. lottery 60/6
  71. dropdown lists in excel
  72. Change cell background color based on another cells background color
  73. Validation List
  74. Multiple criterias checking... is it possible using if(countifs())?
  75. How to use one column to guide another
  76. Database Query
  77. Units per minute?
  78. I know theres simple fix for this
  79. Rounding help
  80. Retrieve characters after nth occurence of a string
  81. how to include more formulas in Data validation
  82. Formula to find the highest number in a row.
  83. Need formula to Get the count of closed In closed DBD through orderno of Dispatchsht
  84. Sumifs with a moving date range
  85. Vlookup giving wrong data please help
  86. Multiple VLOOKUP?
  87. formula to run macro
  88. Convert HH:MM to Seconds Using Excel 2000
  89. How to copy data from one sheet to another
  90. Hardcore programs only - numnerical sorting algorithm
  91. Search for text within cell, then return contents of that cell
  92. Count the max frequency of a number
  93. Merge rows without loosing content of certain columns
  94. Excel Forumla - Description Help
  95. adding and sorting tables
  96. Probability and distribution Problem?
  97. How to extract 7 alphanumeric character from Text
  98. Run random draw of specific number from list, sum one variable, and average another??
  99. Need a very simple profit / loss spread sheet to keep track of antiques
  100. Pulling 2 digits before a decimal point from adjoining cell then zeros after decimal
  101. Need HELP with my INDEX formula
  102. Prices of fruit via types (i.e. apple/orange) and dates (i.e. year/quarter)
  103. Indexing using 3 qualifiers
  104. creating SUM only for cells that contain "X"
  105. Hiding #value
  106. Check if a name is present in several columns
  107. Need help with a countif or Sum formula
  108. index match match
  109. Arranging row of data in 3X3 or 2X2
  110. numbering subtotals in one column and detailing numbering of subtotals
  111. Need help with Time value manipulation
  112. Conditional formating based on numbers and texts
  113. Timesheet Formula Identifying Text as Numeric Value
  114. Need formula in Calculating SLA
  115. Need formula for calculating SLA
  116. referring to a cell in a formula
  117. Too Many Arguments in Formula
  118. Advanced Filter
  119. Conditional formatting that ignores other rules
  120. Referring to the row where a running sum exceeds a threshold
  121. "Value" error in "Average Function"
  122. Automatic Formula
  123. If Formula - Multiple Quite Complex
  124. have to find largest of all values and display the corresponding item
  125. Greetings and some help needed (part I)
  126. Formula to recognize digits inside a series of numbers within the cell?
  127. Looking up data on the internet
  128. CUBESET Formula that uses topcount and a slicer
  129. Convert timeclock to number value.
  130. Extract account numbers from a string of alphanumeric text
  131. Add to vlookup
  132. Increment if two cells match
  133. Index Match Problem
  134. Auto Copy From New Worksheet to Exisiting Workbook
  135. Conditional Formatting, colour entire row based upon one cell - Help please
  136. What is the right IF function to use to sum the last above cell has value & ignore 0
  137. Pull top 3 values and Row Headings
  138. VLOOKUP With Lookups that Don't Match
  139. Nested formulas (Sumif & vlookup)
  140. Excel adding Text before and after multiple strings within the same cell
  141. how to total multiple rows & columns if criteria in certain column is met
  142. MS Excel
  143. Pop up automation
  144. how to autofill data
  145. Archive
  146. Collate most common text values from multiple worksheets + more
  147. Headache with a Sports Betting formula
  148. If with three possible outcomes
  149. moving the selection to the cell below using formula
  150. Multiple IF formula (please help!)
  151. Excel Payroll Formulas - help!?
  152. Need help with a formula to calculcate a count with various variables
  153. SUMIF function depend on the cell value
  154. vlookup help
  155. date help please
  156. Formula for Duplicate prevention
  157. concatenate function
  158. need help with logical formulas
  159. Time Intervals, Ranges, IF function, Lookup Function
  160. Min and Max formula's
  161. Lookup, If, or Other Function?
  162. Sorting help
  163. MOD and Conditional Formatting
  164. Macro for time sheet
  165. Excel Formula for Conditional Format
  166. Help with what formula to use
  167. Display correct wage based upon pay grade selection in dropdown list
  168. Name Listing if date is expired and if visible (Filtered) - Tricky Formula
  169. help to select the desired list
  170. Time sheets
  171. Change last characters in multiple words in a cell
  172. Need help modifying complex row lookup formula
  173. Concatenate Help
  174. Identify Start and Stop Positions
  175. Know Nothing
  176. First and Last Sales with Exapmle
  177. account how many cells between same category values in the column of values.
  178. Formulas, working out multiple figure
  179. Help with lookup values and tables.
  180. Multiple Criteria Met on Worksheet "A" Pulls Info from Hidden Worksheet "B" Cell
  181. Finding last entry of data based on inquiry number and quotation number
  182. How to calculate the average time?
  183. Formulaes
  184. Vba Code to Change Case
  185. Item order within its area
  186. Lookup function to return second last value
  187. Conditional Formating with ActiveX Controls
  188. Unclear of how to enter formula
  189. Sumarize Column Itens to Row itens, to ease any PivotTable operation
  190. Data Entry/Excel Confusion Question
  191. Formulas disappear/Change when parameter changes
  192. Nested IF, AND, OR and NOT
  193. Assign automatic sequential control # dependent on another field
  194. Compositing a Cell Reference from Another Cell
  195. need help with my formula
  196. Soccer League problems
  197. Sum if, countifs and count if issues
  198. Need to fill in cells that look up content by coluimn and row
  199. Highlight row based on next date in table
  200. Can child cells in spreadsheet use a master formula in a parent cell at the top?
  201. need to see where data is
  202. Do I use a COUNTIF or a IFERROR(INDEX(MATCH formula??
  203. Mixing two databases - Would you be so kind to help me out ?
  204. Finding the sum of multiple corresponding values in multiple sheets
  205. I have a list of address data - all in one column. How to separate?
  206. Variable Cell Range
  207. Timesheet number of hours
  208. have formula need explanation
  209. SUMPRODUCT help
  210. :confused: In Picking "specific data" and put it in "specific cells" with date
  211. Data Sort Issue
  212. Issue with multiple criteria for a specific range consisting of 3 columns, Excel 2007
  213. Teired rates
  214. analyzing ticket purchaser correlations
  215. formula to copy every 7th row into new data set
  216. Casting checkbox values into another spreadsheet
  217. SUMIFS for a certain number of matches in a column
  218. difference between max and min values IF...
  219. Formula to not calculate a status referenced with N
  220. copy formula horizontally
  221. Need help in concatenating text to a different workbook
  222. IF(test, vlookup, vlookup) HELP
  223. Long IF Function help
  224. How Can I Use a Wild Card in a VLOOKUP Table Array?
  225. Help-returning a text value to a corresponding cell
  226. Trying to create filtered results in the second file or workbook
  227. How can I use VLOOKUP to find multiple instances of the variable?
  228. Need to find the closest greater number in a list filtered by a numeric value in anot
  229. Date condition to be met before running a macro
  230. Concatenate multiple results into single cells based on criteria check
  231. Stumped on Boolean construct
  232. How to convert minutes into sec
  233. Vlookup using TIMEVALUE
  234. Formula for weekly rotation of lineup schedule
  235. Selecting values from different rows in a table and merge them in order in one row
  236. Unable to put Countif for date and multiple fields
  237. Index Match look up Range
  238. Formula to make row populate with listbox selection
  239. How to identify pairings and repeats in population data
  240. create a Web query Parameter
  241. Auto numbering the matched items in excel
  242. matching multiple criteria and output result to worksheet
  243. IF function using multible numbers
  244. sum and sumif formulas in a workbook
  245. SUMIFS with multiple criteria
  246. join two table
  247. List values based on adjacent reference
  248. Average number of a specific number in group
  249. Please HELP with IF(AND function!!!
  250. Complicated Matching criteria, with autonumbering the match