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  1. Data and If statements, need some advice!
  2. Week by week report
  3. Help on SUMIFS Function
  4. Problem with Look Up Array Formula
  5. high and low
  6. Multiple Sheet Consolidation - Help
  7. Excel 2007 - Count unique formula
  8. Calculating Vacation Time at Beginning of Year
  9. interpolating y value on a scatter graph
  10. If value is met hide/reveal named range
  11. Need a formula to return text instead of a number
  12. How to pull entire row data from 1 sheet to another ONLY if cell in row is this week
  13. Days Off
  14. automatically transferring data to another worksheet
  15. Need to add cells depending on other cell.
  16. Data validation with different formulas
  17. Conver values into text
  18. Formula Help? Date Range help...
  19. Vlookup partial matching for cell content (text)
  20. Blood sugar results
  21. Search for date and then apply mutliple search criteria in huge dataset
  22. Formula Help. Sum of Cells if Certain Criteria is Met
  23. Trying to setup a sheet to give a running balance
  24. Excel 2007 - Sum of value found in Column BT if value in Column D equal the criteria
  25. Need help! "Data-validation-Like' formula??
  26. Need Help!Extracting data
  27. If text value = Like "**" then insert a given value in Row
  28. Building up 16 teams (2 persons per team) 12 times differently using excel
  29. Create Formula For Rooming List
  30. Excel 2010 IF nested date formula Help needed please
  31. Excel 2010 - Sharing one common Defined data name range by multiple sheets
  32. Excel 2010 - Vlookup question
  33. Count days between two dates function
  34. Index match formula [Solved]
  35. Help with VLookup
  36. Color match formula
  37. Struggling with an IF Function
  38. Sum number of calls within a specific time frame
  39. Excel function for highest number for every 10 numbers?
  40. Copy and Paste Macro Problem
  41. incrementing in cell
  42. Need to match 2 criteria with 2 criteria to pick up a value
  43. if statment
  44. Excel vba format issue when trying to insert variable
  45. This should be simple for someone with a little more than no experience in Excel
  46. Need help with team lists
  47. Need help in formula
  48. help with vlookup formula!
  49. Need help with excel formula!
  50. Need to Have Form Control Scroll Bar, scroll left to right
  51. Font size formula
  52. Formula help with drawing random cards
  53. Clockcard 2 ins/outs p/day. Max o/time rate @1.5 rate = 6hrs, Bal o/time hours is @ 2
  54. Adding cells together where one is a date
  55. Need Help for Hiding column & Row through Short cut
  56. Help with writing a code
  57. display cell information
  58. formula involve with if and #n/a
  59. How to separte the letters in an excel sheet by using formula
  60. Referencing File Path - Dynamic Cell Input for Worksheet
  61. Need Cell Values instead of Cell Address
  62. Need help w/VLookup formula
  63. Or formula help please
  64. Do not want "False" to display with this formula - ideas?
  65. Deduping records without loosing right data
  66. need help with keeping a result from reverting back to zero
  67. creating variable results for a single cell
  68. Would like to have an "or" in an if, then statement
  69. is there such a formula?
  70. Search using formula and get multiple results in rows
  71. Formula for Creating code from data in cells
  72. Need help with updating sheets from another sheet
  73. Fetch data from 1 table and post in another table in same excel sheet after pivoting
  74. Multiply number based on alpha character at the end
  75. Keyword extraction formula
  76. Conditional Formatting on Today.
  77. ISBLANK and Nested IF
  78. How to replicate data values for a time series?
  79. Need to transform name and address from vertical rows to columns accross
  80. Copying the Data in reverse by using Formula/Paste Special
  81. Calculating frequencies from worksheet to worksheet.
  82. average of single cell per line?
  83. Want formula to return average days between two dates in a given month
  84. How to create lists from intersecting column and row headers?
  85. StdDev and Var in different data sets
  86. Week End date on Every Saturday
  87. Search all cells in a column for text and if found provide the cell reference
  88. Help me!!! Listbox select
  89. Help with formula for curve
  90. Help with Multiple Data Validation Inputs and If Statements
  91. How can I combine a series of dates? VLOOKUP can only work with one unique identity.
  92. Separate string into separate cells
  93. VLOOKUP or Index Match for me?
  94. noob wanting help with formulas
  95. Index multiple sheets
  96. If Function with data validation
  97. VLOOKUP when Lookup Data is not in the left column
  98. Input data then clear cell but save to another cell..Is there a formula for this?!
  99. IF formula evaluates to wrong value
  100. Add Values only if Matches with criteria
  101. Help with a complex formula or lookup table
  102. Vlookup data from a Tables to a single column
  103. Work out an average that converts a number with a letter to a numeric value
  104. I'm Getting different results using the same formula
  105. Need a multiple formula which can bring result in single cell
  106. Formula to return median values if true
  107. Dependant Data Validation and Relative Referrence in Macros
  108. how to draw to scale
  109. Problems with MROUND
  110. How to determine if a cell contains a comma
  111. Daily Log
  112. IF and AND Formula for a Call Back Reminder with Conditional Formatting
  113. Want to copy time in dot format from one cell to another
  114. SUM number values according to days of week and highlight red If exceeds ?
  115. Need to merge data from two sheets with different structure according to 4 criteria
  116. SUM Weekday formula ?
  117. VLOOKUP & IF(ISBLANK to merge sheet and not overwrite existing data
  118. Auto update every cell in a worksheet
  119. worksheet_change event error
  120. A (seems) simple "vlookup" complicating my life
  121. Hyperlink-IF formula
  122. Lock certain Cells with click of a button
  123. Project.
  124. If function to show the expected result
  125. Copy Conditional formatting in Excel 2007
  126. plz help.. which formula
  127. Request : Pl help me Send mail merged mail in Lotus notes using XL VBA
  128. FALSE error in formula
  129. Auto update cell each time a number is used
  130. Deleted Data Source in Pivot Table
  131. Calculating total run time of a device...
  132. Ignore Duplicate Entries on Dynamic Validation List
  133. Average of several columns grouped... and a conditional concantenate
  134. Modelling and Formatting
  135. much numbers
  136. Dynamic Data Validation
  137. Data Validation with Multiple References
  138. Prevent Copying and Pasting
  139. TAN Help
  140. Trying to work out the Best Formula
  141. x,y,z=100% - if x = 77, what value y and z...
  142. in how much classes are the children together? Excel formula
  143. Search and replace/insert HTML code into Master File using tags
  144. New Excel User
  145. need excel help please
  146. Help Condensing Data
  147. BeforeSave Event SaveCopyAs
  148. How to give values from two reference from different sheet of excel---help
  149. Vlook up & concatenate
  150. Reference Table in seperate Workbooks
  151. Sum last 10 entries in a row
  152. Formula returns Error value - fix?
  153. Filtering Error
  154. Formula for creating summary of vast data
  155. Newbie question
  156. automatically sort
  157. Hyperlink in formula
  158. Painting cells whose sum is zero
  159. Formula
  160. Automatically check for last date and insert row below the last date
  161. Autocalculate average formula on inserting a new row
  162. Freeze time in a cell
  163. sort letters
  164. Sumproduct help
  165. Insert Value according to month and date value
  166. Find & Match Number, and return the Cell
  167. Help to Reduce Formula
  168. Need a help with a forumula
  169. Need Help With AVERAGE Function!
  170. Help with VLOOKUP if a date is between two dates
  171. the empty condition not working properly
  173. Distilling data using drop boxes
  174. Special Currency Format
  175. When I enter a dot in the formula it displays the formula
  176. Once I drag it down if gives me #######
  177. Present Value Calculation Dependent on a Drop Down option.
  178. Match or index???
  179. Sorting months and data from large set of data
  180. Can someone help me Im tearing my hair out here.
  181. Delete Duplicates based on Earliest or Latest Time
  182. Finding closest match to values in a range
  183. countifs
  184. offset to start from a cell containing 3 specific letters
  185. My VLOOKUP is showing a lot of #N/A entries when no match. Cant it just return blank?
  186. last few formulas needed, but unsure where to start
  187. using another funtions with dividing numbers
  188. new to formulas so this should be an easy one for you experts!
  189. Checking data and copying to cell
  190. sorting HELP!!
  191. Conditional Formatting to letters
  192. Formula not giving correct output
  193. DEX / MATCH Table Values
  194. Formatting Excel Texts and Values
  195. A method to add the same cell in a worksheet across several workbooks
  196. Condensing Formulas
  197. Excel formula
  198. How can multiple different hyperlinks be given to corresponding cells quickly?????
  199. Senior requires baseball help
  200. Wildcard VLookup or Index(Match) Problem
  201. Need to average Multiple worksheets into one
  202. If and roundup formula together
  203. I need a formula for managment in excel
  204. Formula HELP
  205. Excel 2010:Applying a value to a room in a rooming list that changes when re-ordered
  206. two values to find on the same cell
  207. FALSE statement
  208. average for each day
  209. results at the top of each day, not at each cell
  210. Combining a formula with a cell search from a different spreadsheet
  211. Function if ex: a1=2 then b1=text1 b2=text2
  212. Find text and return cellreference in a chart
  213. Excel formula for retrieving Initials from Full Name
  214. extract info from raw data based on alot of criteria
  215. Difficulty copying cell refs across two spreadsheets with same worksheet name
  216. Formula to compare pairs of cells in a row
  217. adding statement to give the values that do not appear
  218. array formula to nest several optional values from same cell
  219. counting cell containing only numbers
  220. I want to add card numbers?
  221. Making a Budget Report with IF & And Functions
  222. Do sum of cells having specific code in front be done
  223. Need hep to automate task using formula
  224. Help with some time.
  225. Help! Withexcel conditional formula
  226. Excel formula to copy from random colums
  227. SUMPRODUCT function
  228. Finding the number of times a max value is seen per location
  229. Need help with Excel equation to determine sales volume needed to reach company cap
  230. Dependancy Formula
  231. Partial Lookup
  232. Finding ranges of values that satisfy a condition that stops and starts
  233. IF statement added is not working
  234. Selecting non zero dates and repeating 24 times( for hours) without macro
  235. (1) "If" Auto Entry ....and...(2) Auto Open Worksheet or Second Spreadsheet
  236. If a cell has a Y or N, another cell needs to make a varying calculation
  237. Problem with Iterative calculation invExcel
  238. Excel formula for converting First letter to CAPS
  239. Long multiplication with fixed cell
  240. Putting together a logical check with combined conditions
  241. Find the Average of a sum of numbers in a single cell
  242. Small formula needed
  243. Formula that returns only value from a cell that is not N/A
  244. formula
  245. Help needed with lists and Data validation
  246. to compare between two workbooks and retrieve data..if match is found
  247. Urgent Help
  248. If (city1 or city2 or city 3.....) result = state1
  249. selecting multiple criteria returning headers
  250. modelling cycles