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  1. Cross Sheet References within cells
  2. IF AND Statement with ISBLANK and conditional
  3. Create if formula based on selection in drop down list
  4. Not sure what Formula will work
  5. Need assitance with a complicated lookup tool.
  6. Formula to count entries as per month, year and submission wise from different sheets
  7. Please help with VBA code for searching between dates
  8. Cumulative sum, based on previous data
  9. Issue with Filtering Datewise.
  10. Cumualtive Totals
  11. countif
  12. Calculating margin % and adjusting pricing
  13. Index funcion help need..............
  14. changing some random numbers to letters
  15. How do I get Vlookup to return multiple matches?
  16. Find highest rev number in one column of item number in another column and add total
  17. Calculate Subtotal for Repeat Number Only
  18. LOOK UP Problem
  19. Extracting words from a string up to a character count
  20. need to extract email addresses from excel files
  21. Sum text and numbers
  22. Create a template for importing changing Quickbooks reports
  23. Need help with
  24. Using a person's birth date to detect the originality of work performed on a sheet
  25. Lookup a text value based on multiple conditions
  26. Delete first rows and keep later ones
  27. Convert tenths of millimeters to decimal inches
  28. Help required for League Table data entry
  29. Creating formulas & Macros
  30. Changing cell value produces "#DIV/0!" error message in columns
  31. Formula to count by a set criteria
  32. Issue with text in a cell
  33. Protected sheet in the body of an email?
  34. VBA Error 1004, Glitch or Coding Error
  35. Help with an IF formula
  36. Help to write out a vlookup then If formula
  37. help with nested if than statement
  38. Help needed for a weekend rota - not quite so straightforward.
  39. Help to find numbers that equal a predetermined sum
  40. Splitting an AlphaNumeric string
  41. Conditional formatting - if one cell is this, another cell does that?
  42. Offset Function based on drop down validation menu
  43. Excel Sheet Setup (Advance)
  44. Dropdown list based on previous dropdown selection
  45. Reference worksheet name as a cell value in another worksheet
  46. drag formula for data that skips one cell in other sheet
  47. Merge multiple tables in one table
  48. Need consistent formatting / font between two specific ranges on two separate tabs
  49. Nested if condition
  50. Pulling dates from one sheet into another sheets formula - end calculations wrong.
  51. Get number of rows where month equals X AND where other criteria match
  52. Help! Beginner here
  53. PLEASE HELP!! COUNTIF function for counting specific value show zero
  54. Help with large data update (Excel)
  55. Setting a date and time based on other cell contents
  56. Year of Mfg to Age help...
  57. Finding the lowest value from repeated data
  58. Table array pull between dates
  59. Conditional Formatting question
  60. 70 hr 8 days
  61. Help for fledgling ebay start-up hugely appreciated
  62. Schedule on-call MDs random rotation based on availability
  63. incorrect formula result
  64. Ignore empty cells in an IF formula
  65. Help with a search function
  66. Incremental Average
  67. Time sum issue with formula
  68. IF Function with multiple true values
  69. Index and match functions on merged cells
  70. Nesting If with And Functions Help Please
  71. Auto Fill, Excel 2010
  72. Return cell reference of another cell thats highlighted
  73. Populating cells based on matching information
  74. Budget - Input multiple events within date range: 7 Days, 14 Days, 1 Month
  75. linking holiday to a planner
  76. I want to creat a list of 2nd and 4th Saturday between two dates in excel
  77. Adapting current formula
  78. Highlighted rows in "Format as Table" and cannot undo/delete!! Help.
  79. Some great formula challenges at http://chandoo.org/forums/forum/excel-challenges
  80. Working with Dates and "Active Wells".... HELP! very confusing!
  81. Landlord spreadsheet
  82. Adding Multiple scenarios using a base scenario
  83. Formula for if two numbers match
  84. Add multiple cells(cells are in incremental of 9)
  85. Creating a Metrics Count within Ranges of Dates
  86. represent date in text
  87. calculating average based on a summary
  88. Using Excel to Solve for a Goal Rate on new Units Sold
  89. Weekend date by ISO standards
  90. Cumulative Totals Sheet Referencing Eight Other Sheets
  91. Drop down menu choice decides other cell values
  92. Linking problem
  93. how to Replace a list of data to a string but in different sheets
  94. Nesting SUMPRODUCT in to an IF statement
  95. Using a Formula in Excel to create an "x" if date entered is between two dates
  96. Formulas loosing cell reference
  97. SumIf(S) formula with special criteria across two spreadsheets
  98. need help with #N/A removal
  99. Alphanumeric-Fully AutoFill & change new set of Alphanumeric when reach it max.target
  100. Overtime Formula Gives Negative Answers
  101. mailing address pasted from the internet to Excel and then Mail Merge with Word
  102. Paste address list from website to Excel
  103. Lookup problem
  104. vlookup picks wrong values from another sheet
  105. help with complicated formulas
  106. Adapting current formula to reflect a time period (otherwise = 0)
  107. Trying to get a yearly total using monthly subtracted values.
  108. cell ranges based on Month
  109. Help with Excelguru spreadsheet I downloaded that worked but now it doesn't
  110. Having trouble making a third dependent list with illegal characters
  111. Help on conditional formating
  112. Calculating data from other Worksheets
  113. help on loan amortization
  114. Picking a row from a range
  115. Index Match GetPivotData formula
  116. How to sum a variable part of a range
  117. Removing chracters from cell
  118. Need a formula to count Neg values, by colm header.
  119. AND function for an array
  120. Excel 2013 formula not responding
  121. Auto complete from different Workbook
  122. stuck with create formula include multiple Data Validation values
  123. Need help with my calculation on 95th and 50th percentiles.
  124. SUMPRODUCT not working
  125. vlookup multiple values
  126. Formula needed
  127. Sum dynamic range in closed workbook using address/match
  128. What Formula should i use?
  129. Extracting certain text/number from distinct patterns of alphanumeric strings
  130. Urgent!! Advanced formula filling
  131. Count unique values in columns based on 2 criteria
  132. logging in spreadsheet help
  133. Using the "IF" formula to return a defined list
  134. Need help with COUNT/COUNTIF/ COUNTIFS
  135. Need to combine contents of cells to create a formula
  136. Finding values for specific date
  137. Regarding calculation of C.D.
  138. Which formula should i use to display duplicates in another row?
  139. Urgent, can someone help for this formula
  140. Lookup formula/ macro
  141. CountIF + different conditions + do not take hidden rows into account
  142. Combining cells but keeping original font colour
  143. Macro Help
  144. Need help with lookup/count formula
  145. Count amount of desired numbers in a single cell and return that value in another cel
  146. Excel Formulas - add certain fields only
  147. Using the Values of a Formula for another formula
  148. Excel Formula Needed
  149. Food list - Formula to calculate nutritional macros
  150. Alternative to If statements
  151. Compare date in a range and return sum of 2nd row data array
  152. Help! Multi-year projections for time change parts
  153. Wierd issue with excel
  154. Fomula for Percentage Calculation
  155. Duplicating a formula for other categories
  156. Select and Copy a Set of Data in a Column based on starting and Ending Values
  157. Number format in formula with text
  158. excel formulas, add up certain cells
  159. macro problem posting not correctly
  160. Manpower Assigning formula
  161. Export 2 coloums data from 1 to 30 sheet to one new excel or in a different new shee
  162. Another Macro Problem
  163. Finding MAX based on MATCH
  164. search with multiple criteria
  165. Sum Product formulae to ignore zeros and #DIV0! error
  166. If condition Multiple selection
  167. if statement to get year from 2 digits...
  168. Need help flagging accounts to be paid
  169. Help Organising Data
  170. Categories problem
  171. IF more than a certain value then True if not then false
  172. if an answer is correct copy question to different sheet
  173. Autopopulating a formula with incrementing cell values/Formula's outputting values.
  174. shapes with formulas
  175. How to count even exact date 90 days
  176. How to insert Multiple Filters or Write VBA or Excel way to filter
  177. Column Comparison
  178. If Statement with loop/repeat
  179. Matching Date Values and exporting data to identified row/column
  180. How to do a vlookup with multiple results and provide them with no duplicates
  181. Formula to use?? Index/match/col
  182. Need week ending date formula
  183. Multiple IF Statement to calculate commission
  184. Help with averaging problem
  185. Complex Formula, Error 504 Help!
  186. Hours worked issue
  187. Nested formula help please
  188. Converting Date field in Cell from DD-MMM-YY to YYYYMMDD
  189. a plus b times c equals d ?
  190. Index-Match Closest Value
  191. Phone Numbers
  192. Hours Worked (again)
  193. Rota Formulas
  194. Please kindly help me out on how to link Excel 2013 file to another Excel 2013 file
  195. Please kindly help me out on how to link Excel 2013 file to another Excel 2013 file
  196. help to amend a sumproduct formula to minus 'Yes' from another column
  197. HELP! Trying to move data from one worksheet to another with no success
  198. Index + Match/Multi-Vlookup for Items with shared names
  199. Updating calculations as data expands
  200. Help wuth transpose (perhaps ?)
  201. Limitations of AutoFilter on Long Text Strings?
  202. Trying to automate a workbook via formulas
  203. Conditional formatting not working
  204. Fetching Data from Multiple Name Changing Sheets with VlookUp
  205. Trying to create a Timesheet with sums based on dropdown value
  206. Is a VLOOKUP the right thing to use to get a drop down list to bring in a %
  207. If and Vlookup question
  208. Trying to get a blank result of formula if no data is captured
  209. Hiding apreadsheet area on press of radio button
  210. How to enter data conditionally ?
  211. Generate unique it to same amount
  212. help with IF or IFERROR formula - want a blank cell if no data has been entered
  213. Conditional Frequency formula?
  214. Which functions to use?????***
  215. formula help
  216. Need formula to validate if a word is used on another line within a time frame
  217. Percentage Formulas for Spreadsheet
  218. Need help with median formula based on a set criteria
  219. VLOOKUP - if column A contains text string then return new value to column B
  220. SUM Different Combinations?
  221. Moving selected column data to a new column whilst keeping the data in the same row
  222. please I need help with a time sheet
  223. How to protect excel sheet and formulas
  224. Match Multiple Criteria & Find Oldest Date
  225. Automated forecasting trough formulas
  226. Format Date with Condition
  227. Conditional Format with formula for each row
  228. Vlookup item from middle area of a table
  229. find data based on depth ranges
  230. Help needed for a newbie
  231. Return Average Based on an Input Constant to Define Range Length
  232. Out of my depth - yet the water's still only shallow
  233. I need to smooth out my production curve over time while still respectiing inventory
  234. How can I sort thete numbers?
  235. Dividing the number and setting the maximum in cells
  236. arguments in functions
  237. Need Help Writing a Formula with Multiple IF/ OR Statements.
  238. Lookup and Return Names With Non- Consecutive Rows
  239. Look up cell value in one sheet, if found post other cell value to another sheet
  240. Automatic copying of data from one sheet to two sheets
  241. League Table Formula Problem
  242. Recurring date formula
  243. Min - Max functions????
  244. Linking Spreadsheets and Cell Reference for Worksheet Name
  245. Percentages with 3 columns
  246. Multiply IF
  247. counting time between change in status
  248. How to convert individual cell values to percentage change values over time
  249. New Excel Formula Help Tool
  250. IF statement not working because of dropdown