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  1. unique Invoice Count based on hospital name
  2. Inventory Allocation based on Warehouses near expiry and less Qty location
  3. Formula to count the number of times a number appears in a row within in a text cell
  4. If Nesting Question
  5. Finding missing data from one sheet to another using vlookup.
  6. Find a multi string match in Column A
  7. Multiply values from different cells in a single cell
  8. Help with ranking
  9. Compare cell to a range or table
  10. Populate Column with Answers
  11. Help with creating a 'cheat sheet' tool
  12. Totally data depending on colour of boxes
  13. Divide cell values over specified # of quarters starting a specified quarter
  14. How to sum between 2 rows by using find value in different column
  15. Multiple Criteria to pull multiple values in Excel Summary Table
  16. Colour Text based on "Greater than" Value
  17. Cell conditional on outcome of another cell
  18. how to formating automatic display of expired, open or closed
  19. Setting a minimum area charge
  20. 3 consecutive
  21. Excel - Set up due date having the frecuency data
  22. Vlookup
  23. Count cell by colour
  24. Time sheet
  25. Reference Cell in External Spreadsheet Reference String
  26. drop down list returning list
  27. Find 1st and last specific text between 2 dates and subtract thie adjacent value
  28. help creating working schedules
  29. newbie looking for help
  30. Return MAX result for specific criteria for multiple values
  31. Custom and Dynamic Printing Area
  32. Displaying cumulative values in pivot table
  33. Need help for almost working custom calculator
  34. Looking for Help
  35. Automatically removing rows using a formula?
  36. Sum of last 5 values higher than zero
  37. Create formula that will merge data in multiple columns (A, B, C and D) in that order
  38. A1 change into C1 only if E1 is True.
  39. SUMIFS formula with the use of "*" in the criteria and separate use of ISNUMBER
  40. Nested If Statement Help
  41. Seconds to days, hours, minutes
  42. Copy Value of Cell from other Rows based on Multiple Criterias
  43. Generating Semi Unique ID's based off Multiple Criteria
  44. credit reader data in userform text box
  45. how to create a next column in excel 2016
  46. formula problem
  47. Adding using LEFT and other criteria
  48. Least of Criteria based on Tenure & Age
  49. Create list of random items based on weighted average without duplicates
  50. Help with Excel 2007 formula - Divide SUM of Cells
  51. Formula to Counting Customer Sums
  52. Sumproduct help!
  53. Inventory Optimization using Lot Size and other Conditions
  54. Formular Challenge
  55. Syntax problem with CUBEMEMBER and date ranges
  56. Splitting commission
  57. Conditional Formatting Issue with a FORMULA
  58. Conditional Formatting Issue with a FORMULA
  59. need a formula to predict soccer scores
  60. Multiple IF Statements
  61. Table. Time Students
  62. if and function problem
  63. Find the Clash of duty time in excel
  64. Extracting the date
  65. Isformula Excel 2010
  66. Total hours from multiple site schedules to employee roster.
  67. Compare text in 2 cells and return text in another cell
  68. FIFO Inventory Calculator
  69. If formulas
  70. LOOKUP logic assistance needed to return value
  71. Highest value if using text
  72. Copy paste non consecutive cells into a different sheet
  73. Vlookup problem
  74. Duration Between 2 Times (Mixed Format)
  75. Help with Lookup formula
  76. text to formula help needed: risk colors
  77. Vlookup - Look for a value in a filtered list
  78. Proportionate to the maximum number
  79. How to automatically pull data from master list to state required form
  80. Dynamic Array Formulas now available?
  81. Compare text within entire rand of column and return desired value
  82. Excel Formula Help - Cummulative Book of Business Flag
  83. Measuring Wait Time
  84. Payroll formula helped needed to pay differential on Sat and Sunday
  85. Mah Jong score keeping - help with working out differences between scores
  86. Formula for football (Premier League) Predictions
  87. Formula for amount of days within a date range that fall within a fiscal year
  88. Timesheet issue
  89. unexpected formula error
  90. Distribute the Number 1 between two Dates
  91. Creating an ID number based on date and time
  92. Tracking schedule confllicts
  93. Cannot Edit Formula
  94. How to find out the formula?
  95. Weekly Schedule Appointments
  96. Adding Formula
  97. List of all Matches for Invoice
  98. Unique List
  99. Combining workbooks
  100. Need to Aggregate my Data
  101. How to remove duplicates within a "single cell"
  102. Remove External References in Named Ranges
  103. Adding Cell Value to First Row Only
  104. Hours Between the Days
  105. Using ROUNDUP with an existing formula
  106. Formula for data sorting
  107. Lookup with dynamic Row and Column
  108. IF AND statement
  109. Changing lower case to upper case letters
  110. Valookup funcion with best match
  111. Formula getting confused
  112. Help with Pulling in List to copy Dates
  113. Audit Listing
  114. How to extract input values used in a formula?
  115. Capturing Last Save Date
  116. Nesting Index formula to dynamically create new range in a
  117. Freight cost calculation based on weight and distance
  118. Calculating lates (time)
  119. Progress Bar based on text value
  120. formula to change font color of numbers, Please.
  121. Need help with Sumproduct formulas to exclude specific text/values in count and total
  122. Source not recalculated
  123. Inconsistent Formula Error
  124. Formulas Not Copying Down in Table after Starting a New Row
  125. Help with model of tomorrows price
  126. INDEX MATCH formula help - mulitple queries with multiple responses
  127. Help with index match iferror formula
  128. How to get a negative time value?
  129. how to dynamically change the quantity?
  130. vlookuo, index, what do I nedd I have tried thse and I cant get them to work
  131. Index Match for Dropdown
  132. Date Diff based on criteria
  133. If function not working properly
  134. If a date falls on a uk holiday date
  135. SumIF within date range over multiple months/years
  136. Need value of column A based on the kth largest value in column B with potential dups
  137. Range Name in Data Validation not working
  138. COUNTA cell reference question
  139. Match with two conditions & lookups
  140. Cell color change based on date.
  141. Match index function
  142. How to link multiple sheets of an Excel file
  143. IF statement not working - I'm using .xlsx file
  144. Excel:data validation drop-down list- Populate the matching hyperlink from another co
  145. Simple SUMIF function with INDEX/MATCH
  146. Formula to compare 2 Ranges + List reference from a different sheet
  147. How do you hide formula results until all correct fields are filled?
  148. cell contains text where text is in table for look up
  149. Create a Lookup over multiple worksheets
  150. Counting
  151. Timesheet
  152. changing populated cells
  153. Refrence Row and Column to insert data
  154. Help Required on If Formula for Multiple Criteria...
  155. Can someone help me with a formula?
  156. Finding a word within a text cell
  157. A little help with a formula....?
  158. extracting words
  159. Lotto database of 5005 rows needs sorting
  160. Help with Array with multiple ranges and criteria
  161. please can someone help with a formula I'm stuck on
  162. Help me make a budget in Excel
  163. When Subtracting Dates to get number of days it comes out as "4382"
  165. =Index formula not working correctly
  166. Request 'Sum-by-week-number' on simple spreadsheet.
  167. Dynamic Drop Down Lists using formula
  168. Help with day of year
  169. Formulae / LOOKUP help
  170. Lookup and If (Need help find the best way to do this)
  171. Looking for Excel formula
  172. Creating an invoice number based on todays date IN EXCEL
  173. How to calculate combinations
  174. Finding values in a range of from/to arrays
  175. Consolidating rows in one column
  176. looking up a row based on a criteria
  177. Corrupt Excel Sheet
  178. How do I average multiple columns (ignoring zeros and blank cells)?
  179. AVERAGE Function: How Do I Exclude A Specific Range of Values?
  180. Help needed with Advanced search in Dropdown Menus and Data Validation
  181. find the average of a cell containing digits and excluding characters and blanks
  182. Find numbers and replace it with letter "P"
  183. Need help with #VALUE! Error
  184. Nested if help
  185. Need a formula that calculates how many days in a given month between two given dates
  186. Cell with drop down list
  187. Excel - Data Validation syntax
  188. Excel Count Unique cells with given criteria