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  1. miscalculating
  2. Return column header from first cell from consecutive cells below a threshold
  3. Looking for formula that matches certain condition
  4. MODE Formula based off an array using a lookup
  5. how to determine element of matrix when sum of rows and columns are given
  6. Is it possible to exclude 0.00 values in the MODE function
  7. Waiting List Removal Formula
  8. help with formula with multiple criterias
  9. Extract unique data based on criteria
  10. Cell Value based off another cell
  11. Linking summery page with special requirement
  12. excel formula
  13. Naming Cells Based on Data
  14. single list of unique values from multiple columns
  15. Automatic Time Update as per Timezone
  16. problem with iferror
  17. Date Range Conditional format outside the Cells without data
  18. Index Formula with multiple criteria
  19. Sum(If formula problem when=<+> issue help needed
  20. Nested function?
  21. pull down menu
  22. Alternate for Indirect and Sumproduct formula
  23. Look Up Help - Multiple Worksheets
  24. How to delete unsubscribers from excel files
  25. Building a custom summary sheet without VBA
  26. Index Match #N/A Error
  27. Using "Named range" in "Indirect Function"
  28. Auto-Sort with multiple Dynamic Ranges
  29. Return a hyperlink with hlookup
  30. determine Y value on graph from intersection of x value with series value on graph
  31. determine Y value on graph from intersection of x value with a series value
  32. Grafik
  33. Excel Query Question
  34. Determining a monthly trend from yearly data
  35. $$$$ Help w/ an Addition Formula! $$$$
  36. Dynamic rotating work schedule help please!
  37. Need Help with Dragging a Formula
  38. Locate duplicate sku and extract all rows with duplicate sku
  39. Auto sum data across multiple sheets based on 2 criteria
  40. Nested formula question
  41. Display common values in column A & B of sheet 1 & sheet 2 in excel
  42. Link to a dynamic file reference in closed workbook
  43. Set of rounded numbers to sum to a certain total
  44. Identify highest point total and return name
  45. Help with formulas
  46. *HELP* Consistent Updating Fields
  47. What forumula does Excel 2016 use to extend data series?
  48. What formula should i use for matching table?
  49. Horizontal rows into multiple colums
  50. Automatic reflection of data from another workbook
  51. Object Assignments based on coordinates
  52. If condition
  53. nested IF and Workday function
  54. Excel Paste
  55. How to Rearrange OR sort Number of columns based on one column
  56. Forms
  57. Retrieve list of values from array which has duplicates
  58. match cells and then calculate values based on a dat
  59. VLOOKUP formula not returning a value
  60. Count no of name and id in single formula
  61. FIND with RIGHT formula
  62. adding values against Duplicate rows
  63. Unable to calculate average of a column
  64. Help please
  65. Cell Reference Between Two Worksheets
  66. Formula to count unique value in a sheet based on multiple criteria
  67. Averaging Cyclical Data
  68. Index Match w/Offset - Riddle me this!
  69. Summing area of data across multiple tabs with multiple criteria-array and indirect?
  70. Find top 2 values that may include a negative value
  71. Index Match w/single criteria, multiple results,
  72. Annual payments based on varying monthly payments
  73. Time Sheet With SLA
  74. Select one option, flash tab
  75. Excel Formula
  76. Making presence list
  77. Formula to Extract Certain Text
  78. Time Function - Show Specific Text Based on 4 Fixed Time Scenarios
  79. Concurrent Calls in Excel
  80. Formula that returns the date that a criteria is met
  81. Newbie Needs Help
  82. Newbie needing help with weighted division
  83. How to solve for multiple numbers that add up to X from a list??
  84. Font colour associated with cell value
  85. Need macro to populate supplier template
  86. Listing all Unique Values from Multiple Tabs in One Tab
  87. NEWBIE needs help aligning cells with matching values
  88. Help adding to an IF statement
  89. Calculator Based on Differing Variables
  90. Formula for Capturing Non Negative amount on FIFO Basis
  91. Merge different cells into one cell by lookup value
  92. Lowest average of student and return student name
  93. check box responses
  94. Compare 2 sheets and remove the rows that dont have match
  95. Lookup a value then generate Hyperlink to the cell containing the value
  96. formula to measure win and loss streaks for both teams to score
  97. SUMPRODUCT Help!
  98. Tricky formula needed! Screenshot attached.
  99. Solver to get the maximum summary is not working
  100. help with time sheet calculations
  101. Calculate Cumulative Total - UPTO THE MONTH
  102. if function selecting from a range
  103. A tricky (for me!) end-of-year inventory report formula
  104. Help comparing columns in separate tabs
  105. Conditional Formatting based on 3 condition
  106. How to take a set of dates and have them match up to column headings?
  107. Creating a serious of dates, where the dates never fall on the weekend
  108. Multiple lookups and match
  109. Extract right part of the cell with multiple space
  110. Solver to find best matching Situation
  111. Help for Noob
  112. Help Separating Duplicate Cells
  113. Lock in today date, how to?
  114. Picking the data if criteria is qualified
  115. Listing of numbers within different postcode ranges given in one column
  116. SUMPRODUCT function =MIN?
  117. finding and extracting data from Table X into Table Y
  118. Lookup with conditions
  119. Multi-tab referencing
  120. Formula or function for rank, but not necessarily using the RANK function itself...
  121. Combining 2 working formulas into 1 large one
  122. Conditional Formatting two cells
  123. cell match
  124. What formula i should be use for this condition?
  125. Formula has me stumped
  126. Formula for a 3argument logic problem
  127. SUMIF with Index Match with multiple criteria
  128. Alphabetical Data Search
  129. Excel advanced search / cross-matching names
  130. Index and Match based on condition from other sheet...
  131. Excel Data
  132. noobie toleranceing question
  133. Weighted Average Summary Table
  134. Which function to use please
  135. Search a data set and return adjacent cell values and sum them within one cell
  136. A probabilty calculation
  137. Sumifs/Index/Match/Indirect Combo Formula
  138. Help with comparing and bringing over information from another workbook
  139. Count column in Filtered Table
  140. have an apostrophe before all the times format
  141. Extracting data by date (today-function) but don't want data to change over time
  142. Help to calculate working hours in financial hours
  143. Running percentage
  144. Extracting single numbers from a string
  145. Identify coloum after using VLOOKUP to find row
  146. Update number based on existing date (anniversary)
  147. Formula to Calculate Payment Date based on Multiple Conditions
  148. Dynamic Calendar
  149. Match 2excel and display the output
  150. Help with Network Days Formula
  151. Product price sheet
  152. IF statement with HLOOKUP (mulitple criteria) or INDEX/MATCH?
  153. Dynamic cell references in formula
  154. Total hours worked per day and market - formula
  155. Counting values in a column according to criteria in a second column
  156. Conditional Format Based on Numerous Columns
  157. Nested IF statement returns statement and not a value
  158. combination searching rows with equivalent date + transfer of this to 2nd spreadsheet
  159. sum values based off matches from two ranges
  160. Problems with downloaded .csv - matrix sum problems
  161. Array to Aggregate (or VBA?)
  162. Short date in A show as weekday in B
  163. Simple bank chech spreadsheet help
  164. Simple bank check spreadsheet help
  165. Import data into excel from crystal reports
  166. Extracting String between two types of characters
  167. Addition to an "IF" formula help
  168. Transpose / Rearrange Dates - Formula
  169. Conditional Formatting based on tick boxes
  170. Search string query
  171. Excel 2016 lookup (find in column & go to the correct row)
  172. Sumifs not working...
  173. Conditional Formatting - Highlighting dates within range specified in other tab
  174. Look at range of cells and calculate price
  175. finding 7th day working attendance
  176. INDEX & MATCH Doesn't Work Though Formula, Look-Up and MATCH Value Are The Same
  177. Strange effect using "IF" statement
  178. Formula to determine size curve based off current inventory and Purchase quantities.
  179. Selecting array that equals or is less than value
  180. limiting a formula to never return a negative number
  181. Formula to compare names in pairs of columns
  182. fibonacci formula
  183. Formula for variable transformation
  184. Help with counting the number of times any value repeats greater than a certain numb
  185. How to add third parameter - isblank to this formula
  186. Formula to manage inventory of raw materials
  187. Change default cell format for new tab
  188. Return an specific value tied to a column
  189. A (non Volatile) way to do this without using INDIRECT?
  190. conditional formatting
  191. Creating Nested Forumla (?)
  192. Index Array Of Names But Omit Zero Values
  193. Incentive Calculation - 2019
  194. Formula to get exact part number
  195. Formula Problem
  196. Sort Employee Logs In and Out
  197. Conditionnal Formating
  198. VLOOKUP Formula help!
  199. Formula that add a number if a value is greater or equal ...
  200. Is this possible ? Variable Date Entry ?
  201. Setting a cell value based on duplicates in two other rows
  202. Concatenate with an If Statement?
  203. break scheduling within a single cell
  204. Vlookup for comment with image
  205. Having problem with an index match formula
  206. Percentages help
  207. Vlookup
  208. A Simple Problem and a Simple Answer?
  209. match forumla problem
  210. Forumula for Betting - a Staking Plan formula
  211. Validation with Dropdown list dependent on validated selection in another cell
  212. need help on formula
  213. Index Results Help
  214. split text by specific criteria
  215. VLOOKUP or INDEX formula for a database search
  216. Count Total Values in a Column with Including Duplicates or Blank Cells
  217. Active sales promotions per week
  218. VBA Sort Data using Macro
  219. Creating Connecting Network Units (airports)
  220. If & lookup
  221. Multi column lookup using Index and Match combo.
  222. need with help with data validation
  223. Duplicate counting
  224. 3D formulas
  225. Multiple if with TEXT as cell content
  226. Running total in single cell
  227. Ranking Top n Values, With Duplicates, Using Multiple Criteria
  228. Need to add timings (10 minutes and 30 minutes seperately to the same formula using =
  229. Data Consolidation
  230. Search a number in multiple tabs and show up the tab name
  231. Excel - If Formula Query
  232. Excel - Copying formula down selected cells
  233. CountiF Filtered Cells Only
  234. Formula to determine selling price
  235. How to show a list of top 10 pairing names from far left column and top row
  236. How to show a list of top 10 pairing names
  237. Best 10 out off last 20
  238. vlookup solution
  239. IF, AND Formula with multiple criteris
  240. Automate Commission Accelerator calculations based on quota attainment range.
  241. Dividing by Zero Formula Solution
  242. VBA: Cut and Paste Not Working
  243. SUM of Total Positive Changes in a Column
  244. Change the value of one cell in a group
  245. VLOOKUP solution please
  246. Lookup two dates in a 3 dimensional table
  247. How to unify two lists in one?
  248. Auto Match and Numbering in Excel - Thank you
  249. How to Tally and Rank Frequency of Occurrences of a Year in a Column
  250. Summarize multiple rows into one