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  1. Need a formula to calculate tax
  2. Conditional formatting code does not work
  3. Return value based on Multiple Conditions
  4. Need Formula to get value from sqlite table
  5. help with selecting data chronologically and creating averages
  6. INDEX MATCH then go to next cell etc
  7. Copying data from a fixed cell location
  8. Need a search formulas in excel
  9. Help with a Personal Finance Spreadsheet Please! (Formula Building)
  10. Calculating Bitcoin Purchase Rate
  11. Help needed to make a file
  12. Duplicate Issue. Data was merged from 5 lists, not all exactly the same.
  13. Formula that affects only visible data in a table
  14. Increase the cell row references of a SUM function by constant number (OFFSET?)
  15. Grater then less then formula
  16. Countif wont report 0 if data = 0
  17. SUMPRODUCT Code ?
  18. Need to Calculate Average Letter Grade for Students in a class.
  19. Yearly repeated and new clients
  20. How to concatenate without repeating - Please help!
  21. Index and Match Formula Help
  22. How to extract most freq text from database on spec date only and display on other ws
  23. Advanced attendance tracker setup
  24. Multiple If conditions
  25. Create Table from multiple criteria using VLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX
  26. Pricelists
  27. Help with INDEX, MATCH FORMULA
  28. Help!!!!
  29. Need vlookup to search from bottom to top
  30. I assume this will be an IF formula - should be an easy one for you guru's on here
  31. Networkdays Calculation Array
  32. Formula for maximum deviation in nearest 15 values from 240 values
  33. Aggregating data from one worksheet to another
  34. Time Value of Money with Increasing Contributions
  35. Help with Formula / Array
  36. Return with space rather than 0
  37. Match and List Values from another Table - Help please!
  38. joining multiple time values with single date in one column
  39. Changing multiple Excel Formulas at once.
  40. Custom formula in excel office 365
  41. Wildcard Element in Indirect Worksheet Name Reference
  42. Equation Help
  43. Checking duplicated entries in excel
  44. macro help to match a alue in date column and copy all data from workbook to another
  45. Data Counts In Excel
  46. Trouble with IF function
  47. Sum two cells from two different tables
  48. pivot - using data count in fornulae
  49. Finding the eligible minimum value
  50. Help to calculate the NPV of two projects
  51. Need to pull data from another file whose name changes
  52. Can a cell have multiple values? e.g text and number.. and then perform calculations
  53. Help with INDEX formula
  54. InfoSec: Need help with Scorecard measurable objective formulas
  55. Dynamic Sub-tables from Master - COUNTIF, IF, SMALL, INDEX, ROW, ROWS
  56. YTD Calculation & Conditional Fomatting
  57. Help with a complex formula
  58. Value Within a Certain Range
  59. Splitting one column into Three Columns
  60. Finding the last true value in an array
  61. Multiple Matches
  62. Excel Formula to avoid date range
  63. Obtain average month data in variable length table
  64. How to distribute word to letter in one cell?
  65. Select multiple and variable text cells and concatenate them in another cell
  66. Request for suitable formula
  67. Nested IF result colors with Conditional formatting
  68. How do i extract date info from varying length text string?
  69. Distribute material per week
  70. Average formula help please
  71. If Formula with Conditional formatting to color and text
  72. Count or SUMIF question
  73. Color Select Cells When Value Detected
  74. Mark cells according to multiple search strings in different tabs
  75. NETWORKDAYS With Blank Cells
  76. Need help in formula
  77. Attendance in percentage
  78. Need help on calculating time difference from Entry and Exit attendance log
  79. Need Help for Summary
  80. Vlookup Formula Help
  81. Trouble With Conditional Formatting, Rows, and In-Betweens
  82. Count two criteria within a date range (countifs?)
  83. Macros?
  84. Conditional Formatting Names
  85. AVG calculation formula without including the 0s
  86. Depended Excel Workbook
  87. +1 IF there is a cell= something
  88. Excel Function Help Within Code Breaker Document
  89. If then basic formula help requested!!
  90. cell formula or VBA? to get storage and fee amounts based on certain dates
  91. Excel Custom Function Creation with Existing Functions
  92. Exporting Dates into excel
  93. Multivariable index match to closest value
  94. Calculating from an existing formula in another cell
  95. Time sheet help
  96. Monthly phasing of annual data
  97. Help with multiple criteria 'sumproduct' function
  98. Changing the format of date display.
  99. Extracting and Consolidate Raw data from one sheet to another
  100. Formula required to calculate age
  101. calculating time duration between two times based upon the date(s)
  102. Importing Data from Different Sheets
  103. Extracting texts from various places within a string
  104. Formula to calculate weights
  105. Help formula for getting perfect output
  106. Calculate The No of Days Base On The Criteria
  107. Prefill From Different Worksheet
  108. Conditional formating with two conditions
  109. Average first 30 numbers in a row that contains blanks
  110. PRICE GRADING ( lowest to highest )
  111. XL formula required to calculate months GAP
  112. delete duplicate entries
  113. School Teacher Needs Help!!
  114. Extracting Text/Month
  115. COUNTIF question? Trying to total all values within a block of cells
  116. #N/A error
  117. Sumproduct and Vlookup
  118. Conditional Formatting: Icons with "Values In Between"
  119. Sequence of numbered rows based on the value of one cell
  120. special date and time request
  121. Conditionally format cells containing resuls of formula, not formula
  122. Labour Analysis
  123. Building an advanced subtotal formula
  124. Find first available blank in a row
  125. compare prices between products from different suppliers
  126. Need Help Applying Index And Match With Sum
  127. Want help to complete these remaining Excel Formulas questions.
  128. Problem With Sum
  129. If & VLOOKUP Functions
  130. VLOOKUP AND INDEX/MATCH miss a value that should be returned (please help)
  131. IF functions
  132. Countif Data On Another Sheet
  133. If and or formula
  134. A formula to create a sliding scale for calculating markup percentages against produc
  135. How to keep existing values when updating source data
  136. conditional formatting column using value from other column full of values?
  137. Automate IDs Based on Tiers
  138. Percentage Formula for Annual Report
  139. Hyper link to a object for a hidden sheets
  140. import text from one excel sheet to another
  141. GST TAX - Percentage needs to auto populate depending on the price.
  142. Reflect select rows from different tabs in a summary sheet
  143. Help With Formula
  144. Delete Specific Text from Column of Cells
  145. If,Iferror & Search with mulitple Conditions
  146. Change Data in Columns According to Time Stamp Using Multiple Formulas or Conditions
  147. Cell Reference Problem
  148. Help with Sorting Data Please
  149. check if a number is between a range of numbers
  150. Exact Match from Multiple Sheets and Cells to Return Complete/Incomplete Value
  151. Record Last Modify Date
  152. Sum of numbers of same cell and the result will be 0 to 9 or 11, 22, 33 or 44
  153. VLookup problem
  154. PLEASE HELP: Formula to Pull Information in Order (Example Attached)
  155. Lookup to find first non-blank cell
  156. Customs option in the formating works ramdomly
  158. Using Multiple Tables to Match a Date Between Two Other Dates
  159. Retrieve cell value in another sheet using only cell Address : format is row,Column
  160. if cell blank, a number
  161. Total hours messed up
  162. Problem when deleting excel cells
  163. Sum countifs
  164. How to merge 2 nested IF Statements
  165. Counting occurences of text in several sheet and columns
  166. Using VLOOKUP to Search for Multiple Occurrences with same Lookup Value
  167. Maximum Yearly Contribution Tax
  168. need help in getting right formula
  169. Need Help ASAP!!
  170. Print a worksheet if value in the cell
  171. Look at range of cells and calculate price
  172. Excel Formula using DATE
  173. Help with IF Function in Excel 2010
  174. Get additional table information
  175. Need help with an If statement
  176. Cumulative Average across multiple worksheets in same workbook
  177. Multiple LookUp
  178. recruitment target & percentage of goal in excel
  179. Help with a research sheet
  180. Formula or macro to change cell color
  181. While lookup formula copies to multiple cells - error
  182. multiple references Duplicates with multiple Fails results then Pass result
  183. Lookup Question
  184. Help! Rank and Quintile Formula Help Off of Complicated Lookups
  185. Complicated ranking off of multiple variables formula
  186. Sum numbers that have the same texts and only sum once for each unique text.
  187. Getting Value with Two Decimal at different places
  188. Need Formula for Time To Resolve with Different Countries
  189. Excel sheet problem
  190. Referencing worksheets in formulas
  191. Ongoing Total Formula
  192. What is the best formula to use
  193. Counting values based on dates across two datasets
  194. In Slab Days Deduction Calculation
  195. 2nd pull down from a pull down
  196. calculate amount to be charged based on a cumulative weight break rate structure
  197. Duplicating data rows and vlookup with multiple values
  198. Excel and msword
  199. Help required for getting vlookup result in another sheet
  200. Help required with COUNTIFS
  201. Assigning numbers
  202. Excel formula to calculate utilization properly
  203. assign data to users based on totals and countif results
  204. Max value but excluding previously used values
  205. Helping with matching one value against others
  206. Need Help with Drag and Fill
  207. Formula to Count Working Days
  208. Help tables sorting
  209. Convert a word to a number
  210. choice of 2 menus
  211. to sort 10 lowest figures out of 20 using excel 2007
  212. which code from column I is represented in column A.
  213. Need help for a formaula If two conditions are met
  214. If statement
  215. lookup function need assistance
  216. IF AND OR excel statement
  217. Scaling Data from 1-100 to 20-80 Scale
  218. Getting data into a chart?
  219. Help with If with Fomula Multiple Conditions
  220. If statement to Return the previous non zero value in a column
  221. Higher brain power needed!
  222. Creating data validation on the fly without vba using horizontal data?
  223. countif?
  224. Best formula to solve this problem...
  225. Help with Formulas on Conditional Values
  226. Simple spreadsheet - OT hours
  227. Row changes
  228. First day of each week in a year excluding holidays
  229. Add two cells but one is zero.
  230. Index match match
  231. MAX and Count IF
  232. Return more than one match function
  233. How to format cells based on values given other cell values?
  234. Excel and Telephone Number Check
  235. auto fill column in excel based numerological value ?
  236. Fill column automatically based on cell value? ( vba macro help)
  237. Filling one table with rows from another if one field is true
  238. Problem identifying formula
  239. How to link todays date against numerous dates mentioned in single column
  240. Multiple Choices IF/THEN
  241. Duplicates, MIN Value, MAX Date
  242. calculating psychomatrix in excel ??
  243. Nested IF that ignores blank cells
  244. adding countifs to index
  245. Combining INDEX, SMALL and ROW functions... incorrectly?
  246. Count of Pivot Column Data determined from a HLOOKUP?
  247. How to return and sum columns based on criteria/s
  248. Categorizing based on multiple conditions & criteria containing text
  249. Count Unique items in one column if values in other column is greater than zero