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  1. Automatic calendar
  2. NFL Football Spreadsheet Help Needed!
  3. Vlookup for text
  4. Linest and chart trendline show different results
  5. Sort column data separated by blanks into other column
  6. Cell Formatting In A Table Based Upon Another Cell In The Same Row
  7. nested if and help
  8. Drop Down Menus to Return Multiple Results
  9. INDEX and return what is to the right of "/"
  10. Losing Sleep Over This Formula!
  11. Meaning of a few formulae
  12. Error with Excel count function
  13. Problem with scientific notation.
  14. excel formula
  15. Time sheet head scratcher
  16. Whats wrong with this simple formula?
  17. How to find a character of a number within a certain date range
  18. if function for date not working
  19. Finding a certain month in a range of dates
  20. Stuck with MEDIAN IF array formula
  21. Convert Data from Code/Amount Set to Proper Record
  22. IF Function
  23. Cppy and paste is stopped working in the excel spreadsheet
  24. Extract two sets of different numbers from a cell
  25. Excel formula help
  26. Dealer Incentive Calculatiion
  27. Hide select serials from drop down list
  28. Combining INDEX formulas
  29. Multi formula within a cell
  30. Data integrity issues with vlookup errors
  31. Need help with logical formula
  32. Formula for maintaining a Share Portfolio
  33. Filtering data based on the value of a cell
  34. List of Variables to Determine a Result
  35. Sum columns based on mutiple criteria
  36. formatting the same cell for 31 days of the month
  37. Formula - If/Then issues
  38. Conditional Formatting
  39. Multiple formulas
  40. Need help on Formula
  41. Using a list of codes to return specific values in a spreadsheet
  42. Help require to Randomize
  43. I need a help by any Expert for Excel functions
  44. Conditional categories
  45. Check a list of dates to see if any fall between two dates, return index within list
  46. averageif help
  47. Need Help to create a method to Calculate data in Timesheet
  48. Help with (what should be) a simple IF THEN formula
  49. Help with muti-variable If/Then formula
  50. Circular Reference
  51. Conditional Formatting w"ith multiple conditions
  52. Simple Nested If, or possible If then function.
  53. Formula working wrong, I can't identify why.
  54. Help with VLOOKUP HLOOKUP Combination Formula
  55. Check if date is within an interval of
  56. Sum if with a twist
  57. Formulas..Formulas..Formulas!
  58. Generate collour coding in gant schedule in excel
  59. return multiple results from a lookup
  60. combined formulas
  61. Multiple lookups
  62. week num
  63. Question: How to SUM a variable number of VLOOKUP calls
  64. Nested IF formula with variable outputs?
  65. modify complex find formula
  66. Need help with dynamic range forumla
  67. Convert nr of days to months and days
  69. Multiple cell criteria
  70. Highlighting Cells based on Date
  71. Employee Roster Hierarchy
  72. Problem for Puzzle Solvers
  73. Help with Calculating Percentiles using Arrays
  74. bank reconciliation report formulas
  75. Attendance Tracker four month running total.
  76. Help with dropdown calculating get from list.
  77. Help: Minimum entry time given a referenced date
  78. Averaging data from other sheet without zeroes.
  79. Ranking formula with a subset with a column
  80. Drop down list with automatic computation for the input
  81. Simple feedback survey
  82. Coditional Formatting to Grey out Friday and Saturdays as Holiday
  83. To find range of dates overlapping for maximum input date ranges
  84. Multiple Statement Generation from Outside Source Spreadsheet
  85. Array formula
  86. Need Help Creating Formula to find lowest cost with inventory
  87. Splitting a thread with multiple delimiters without using text to columns or VBA
  88. Strange behavior by MATCH() in array form -- possible Excel bug?
  89. Creating Dependent Dynamic List
  90. Issue using formula to count time instances
  91. Dragging multiple formulas
  92. Index with Multiple Match
  93. Compiling a list based on criteria
  94. Regular deposit FV with annual compounding
  95. Calculate time machine run time in minute
  96. Alternative solution to COUNTIFS required for multiple ranges of different sizes
  97. Looking up value with 2 name match + row or column number.
  98. Hide/show rows in multiple sheets
  99. sumifs with weeknum function
  100. Sorting duplicates into groupings
  101. Matching duplicate decords in separate sheets and transposing text
  102. Sports Player Stats
  103. formula help
  104. Exclude One Name From List
  105. Cells Automatically update with the value of another Cell
  106. Sum of one column if other column meets certain criteria.
  107. Formula Question
  108. Need Help Creating A Formula
  109. Inventory Formula
  110. Formula Help Please
  111. Need Help with Year over Year YTD revenue growth, similar for Qtr
  112. Variable Data Validation used with LIST
  113. Please help with cell reference
  114. Add extra days when there are weekend & holidays
  115. Making a California work schedule that calculates over time
  116. Can Someone please help with a formula
  117. vlookup index match difficulties
  118. New Help Creating A Formula
  119. Conditional Formatting "or" and "but"?
  120. Combining HLOOKUP, INDIRECT and ROW Functions
  121. Please, please file (dwg) listing, date of creation and title
  122. Insert multiple images at once from a folder
  123. Help Please
  124. would like help vlookup
  125. Calculating combinations
  126. looking up data in a table from another table based on 3 criteria
  127. Distribution of Number based on reference column
  128. staffing rotation in excel
  129. Formula to return multiple matches from multiple columns
  130. Lookup a role in one column to create a Validation List from a corresponding column
  131. Conditional formatting dates
  132. a little bit of help
  133. Vlookup Help for Ranking Top 5
  134. Check a table & get the Start & end dates with values
  135. How To Find an Average within a particular date range
  136. Help creating a specific formula
  137. Can I use Countif and Sumif togethe in one cell?
  138. Create a formula that multiplies on a column based on a word on another column
  139. min max critiia from multiple sheets
  140. simple inventory sheet "i think"
  141. Formula to populate text lists with multiple criteria
  142. find and insert
  143. Complicated Sum Formula
  144. Formula to get names corresponding to rank/position
  145. Validation Formula Help
  146. Formula capping percentage @ 100%
  147. conditional formatting if all cells in a range are filled, highlight row.
  148. VLOOKUP Issues - Between Two Sheets
  149. Facing issue in picking/copying data from two columns to two different columns
  150. IF date is met PASS if not does it still have time?
  151. Breaking cell rows into additional rows with content data
  152. How can i return the first positive value from a column?
  153. Return value base on two columns
  154. help in if function
  155. Help With Formula Please
  156. Help in If Function
  157. Confused on what I think is a simple issue
  158. IF/Then statement for worksheet.
  159. COUNTIF/COUNTA Formula
  160. Excel Spreadsheet Formula-Timing of A Random Event
  161. Help with formula please
  162. Find a value in a matrix using multiple criteria and greater than/less than
  163. Sort and Move
  164. Sum based on weeks
  165. EXCEL - IF(AND function
  166. The old circular reference problem with an IF function
  167. Displaying dynamic photo and graph with slider
  168. Sumifs
  169. Comparing tables, columns and finding a difference
  170. Vlookup or serarch or index
  171. Countif visible cells only
  172. Numbers present or not present in different ranges (with a twist)
  173. Extra hard challenge, please help
  174. VLOOKUP using name ranges
  175. WEEK Commencing
  176. Conditional Formatting, formula or rule
  177. Formate rule
  178. COUNTIF word AND additional text
  179. If statements
  180. 2010 index match
  181. Last value If statement?!
  182. adding data based on matched cells from different sheets
  183. stuck again - if/match/index/vlookup
  184. Excel formula Issue - Please help
  185. Increment Sheet Count when dragging formula
  186. Reference changes when filtering table
  187. Help! Excel Dummy
  188. What Formula to Use?
  189. SUMPRODUCT ignoring blank cells
  190. Formula to add, based on number variables
  191. Auto fill a cell with text based on the number value of another cell
  192. Conditional Formatting, formula or rule
  193. INDIRECT Function will not resolve inside MATCH
  194. Call and Send?
  195. Auto lettering
  196. Numbers update automatically when certain values are selected
  197. HELP with Dependant Drop Down list for multiple selections
  198. Stumped trying to calculate annular volume with multiple diameters
  199. How to delete records in attendance sheet after certain date
  200. Calculating prices based on a single Master Sheet
  201. formula not working
  202. help with time formula
  203. Add up cell according to text value add 100$ to a total Cell
  204. calculation problem within one column
  205. Formula for calculating an offset cell sum if cell match text in table
  206. If a Cell Contains a Certain Text (From Another Table)
  207. Lookup Records Based on 2 Values
  208. Solver Add-in to find max performance
  209. How to filter out an excel file with earliest time according to every hours
  210. Substitute values in a col of 1 sheet using values from another sheet
  211. Excel formula
  212. Lookup formula returns #na
  213. Using Index, Match, Max & Sumifs to locate top sales person
  214. How to count unique distinct values from column where values in other column exists ?
  215. Default Extracting value from another sheet based on nested conditions
  216. If Contains, Extract string except certain words
  217. Elapsed time Changes Condition
  218. Need help pulling data from one sheet to another using index/match formulas
  220. Calculating hours between two times
  221. Please help me with output name from code list
  222. Cell Value based on If statement with Time Range
  223. Help with formula -- sumifs?
  224. Percent of How Many within a Range, have a Sum Greater than 10
  225. Sumproduct: Dates by year matched against certain terms, ignore blanks/text
  226. Formula to create new rows when a cell has specific text beyond a comma
  227. Why does the Sum of Percents, not account for the Fractions within them??
  228. Using correct formula
  229. Select a Cell on 1 sheet, from data input onto another sheet, then populate that cell
  230. Count ifs + unique value?
  231. I thought this would be simple
  232. Multiple Matching and returning logic value
  233. Automated Break Schedule & Meeting
  234. Help with formula to fetch data in Columns in Series
  235. Get row# if containing designated character
  236. Check Multiple conditions and arrive at result from another cell based on result
  237. Conditionned sum on a virtual matrix
  238. Dates
  239. VLOOKUP Head Scratcher
  240. Sorting cells depending on cell value
  241. Please help
  242. If Is Blank with a lookup
  243. Specifying an output
  244. Sumproduct with Elapsed Time Compared to Other Column
  245. Drop Down List with Formula
  246. Excel Spreadsheet - Help
  247. help my find the right function
  248. Match Data in Two Excel Sheets
  249. Help with multiple formulas in cell
  250. Excel form query populating another document with only certain fields