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  1. Data Validation issue with Dynamic Table and INDIRECT formula
  2. Help with excel calculation
  3. case sensitive search
  4. Sum IF Date match formula
  5. Logical Calculation Help
  6. sum up values from one (first) criteria till (last) criteria for different options
  7. Generating a List from a Smaller One
  8. Copying & stopping at 85%
  9. Conditional Formatting a Dynamic Drop-Down List
  10. specified age range
  11. Mobile Numbers in Different combination
  12. Count if
  13. Formula Query
  14. How to Control Users to edit
  15. High & Low Values
  16. Auto populate sheet name in formula =LOOKUP(9.9999999999E+307,'Lisa'!K:K)
  17. Different values in new table
  18. Getting blank result from LOOKUP formula with INDIRECT reference
  19. Pay back period
  20. Hide foumula in protected sheet
  21. Calculating Time & Days
  22. Stop countif with ciruclar reference
  23. Help - Tracking sheet with sum/difference formula - reset value
  24. Vlookup & Sum based on a Criteria
  25. Mortgage payoff formula
  26. I am unable to do a condition within a calendar
  27. Confused and Need Help w/Vlookup
  28. How to calculate percentage in excel (open office)
  29. Help! How to sum cells in one column if date in another is greater than today
  30. Calculate on text statement
  31. Find hours for Emp_id with excel formula
  32. How to merge rows with same values or export save in another sheet?
  33. Copy file from sheet 1 to other sheet
  34. blank cell & conditional formatting
  35. Extract and Sort Duplicates by Number of Occurance
  36. Use cell from sheet1 to grab interesting cells on sheet 2
  37. Sorting cells with strings and numeric values
  38. Formulas
  39. copy Rep data from raw data to different sheet
  40. Compare lottery results - Euromillions
  41. Duty time spreadsheet
  43. Calculate overtime
  45. formulas
  46. Rotating Schedule
  47. Plot dates from given date from give number of times in a vertical date range.
  48. If's and lookups
  49. calculate Inverse of Involute function
  50. Rol over duty time formula
  51. formulas hellp
  52. Stop formula
  53. Adding new data to worksheet
  54. Automatically add to work sheet
  55. Display Dates Based on the Same Person's Name Used in Multiple Columns
  56. Help Programming
  57. How to State Column Header if Value Occurs on Multiple Dates
  58. Generate customised list from master
  59. Help With Formula Excel 2010
  60. Search substring for alpha character and return true
  61. Return a min value greater than previous min value
  62. Help for excel formula 2010
  63. Data blending - Retreving data from rows in seperate pages, based on IDs and names
  64. Multiple Matches on VLOOKUP
  65. IF Formula help
  66. Lookup formula for sheet names having spaces
  67. Summing instances of 2 fields in a filterd sheet
  68. Please help!
  69. If or sumif
  70. What formula? How to do this?
  71. Exercise - Input automatically of the date in "Last Follow Up Date" column
  72. Special Fill Rows and Columns Based on Dynamic Named Ranges
  73. Count including blankcells
  74. Excel Formula to auto update week
  75. Help with converting this formula to Excel
  76. Exercice: Bring the updated comment to column F from information in different dates
  77. Multiple Conditional Count If
  78. conditional formatting
  79. Conditional formatting for Holidays
  80. How to sort the names of defined name by alphabetical order in drop down list
  81. logical formula help
  82. Assign Numbers Based on Alphabet
  83. How can I use a formula to get a value from finding a match in another sheet?
  84. Dosn't work if I use range of address (AVERAGE, IF, WEEKDAY)
  85. Logical help
  86. Every 3rd Month
  87. Count with Month and few character
  88. Moving dimensions
  89. If cell B2 is not blank, "length" + information of cell B2 should be shown
  90. Require Help on formula to search text and get their matching value.
  91. Sum of 3 grids...
  92. averageifs usage with filtering
  93. Formula help
  94. Find & highlight multiple values from a different sheet?
  95. Vlookup from cells with data separated by commas
  96. Complicated formula assistance needed
  97. Golly, need help with a formula to keep me sane and prove that it can be done
  98. I am lost!
  99. Dupliactes
  100. Weighted Average Excluding Zeros and Using every Other cell in a row.
  101. Too hard for casual user - can you help me with a formula?
  102. Novice here - how to automatically get vlookup values to a different sheet?
  103. Count "Yes" in row cells
  104. Pulling a list from multiple sources
  105. What formula to use to customise outcome depending on text within cell
  106. Help the new Guy Please
  107. How to set a 'Or' formula
  108. I want help by functions not code
  109. Please help with formula
  110. Help a US Air Force serviceman! Stuck on conditional formatting formula now 4hrs
  111. Repeating List With Blank/Zero Values
  112. Date Formula - Counting Months with Several Criteria
  113. Transpose
  114. Remove duplicate values from one column with several values per cell
  115. Subscriptions Calculator based on calendar and attendance.
  116. want function distributing letters
  117. Broken Columns?...not referrring to charts but actual columns in Excel
  118. *Need Assistance* for Complicated IF Formula
  119. Need Business Day Formula Help!
  120. Sum multiple entries in a range following a specified occurrence
  121. Date Formula
  122. Is it possible a nested array formula within another array formula?
  123. Accrual formula in excel help!?
  124. Sorting details
  125. Filters
  126. How to sum particular cells given repeating sets of rows and columns?
  127. Need help with setting up a template with formula
  128. Assigning Territory by Postcode
  129. Match multiple column for specified data and return total sum
  130. IF Date formula match a month then divide two cells
  131. Data gathering help pleasee
  132. Inconsistent column formula
  133. Conditional SUM formula
  134. Exporting Match data to other sheet
  135. Vlookup or indirect,Help
  136. Table tracking
  137. Formula to populate the rows
  138. auto populate names in another sheet in excel 2010
  139. Count Months in a Range, before, after and between set dates
  140. Max Date using recursive function
  141. Excel formula
  142. IF Formula... Urgent Help Required.
  143. if else with three conditions
  144. Calculate the Growth
  145. Count # of appearances
  146. Excel formula to color rows based on text
  147. Please help _table update
  148. Preform a Macro to lock from editing & change row color
  149. Formula to add info if name is present
  150. Timesheet calculation
  151. Omitting rows from a calculated column
  152. Update date in separate cell each time new data is entered.
  153. Formula Help
  154. Using data validation list to determine either to add or subtract
  155. Conditional formatting to RAG rate based on dates
  156. Status and percentage of production
  157. Excel/word working & linking together??
  158. Rubric Calculations
  159. Batch size
  160. Can you nest MID and DATE functions together?
  161. Calculating Response Time (with some conditions)
  162. Duplicate value removal across sheets and rows and columns
  163. Calendar array to return unique results based on date and PO number
  164. Populating Cells from reocurring list
  165. Counting unique numbers in a column based on data in another column
  166. week commencing formula and today's date formula
  167. stuck with a Linear programing exercice using solver!
  168. Excel countif function
  169. Display column data based on dropdown value selected
  170. Date formula
  171. Help questionnaire
  172. Highlight cells based on checkbox triggers
  173. Check if a some cells (4) appear in a range of columns
  174. Adding a filter to a self-sorting excel index array
  175. Converting Text to Datetime Format and Then Converting From GMT to Local Time
  176. Help - Increasing spreadsheet efficiency - intelligent formulas - Client follow up
  177. Converting Time from General Format HH:MM:SSam/pm to HH:MMA/P
  178. Summing data adjacent to blank cells
  179. Creating multiple workbooks where specific data can be pulled and edited across all
  180. Excel 2013, Adding up a group of employee over time hours for 1 week
  181. Scheduling employee resources with multiple criteria.
  182. How to Ignore a cell with no data
  183. Auto populate information in Workbook
  184. Help with Conditional formatting!
  185. Find the 2nd 3rd, 4th value over zero in a range
  186. What is the formula?
  187. Formulas not always working - Date Dependant
  188. Daily Picture changing spreadsheet
  189. Trying to create a formula for descriptions to be added if a code is entered
  190. Newbe with formula problem
  191. Exchange Rate formula
  192. Compare Dates
  193. Novice Help Please
  194. SUMIFS between date ranges only returning 0 value
  195. duplicate expense
  196. microsoft excel 2010 document
  197. Which formula will look at multiple columns and return a result
  198. Need help, COUNTIF
  199. Nesting HLOOKUP and MATCH issue
  200. Using COUNTIFS Function
  201. Count problem / logic
  202. Find Duplicates within a "cell"
  203. Return totals in a cell is blank, empty
  204. FORMULA ERROR: Someone please help?
  205. Formula Protection
  206. Calculate days and cost
  207. Populate calendar with excel data
  208. Need help with multiple IF formulas
  209. Calculating Net Percentage Formula not correct
  210. How to check multiple condition in excel
  211. Differentiate betwen Ordinary, Night, SAT, SUN shifts
  212. Help with countif...
  213. Iterative formula for shift scheduling
  214. Need a program/ formula using if else condition to check the required column/cell
  215. sumif when interecting two date ranges
  216. How to use the master data from the sheet 1 in the other sheets.
  217. new field in excel dynamic table not showing when doing mailmerge
  218. Match the value in the sheet 1 and publish in sheet 2 (2)
  219. Generate Random Numbers for Triangular Distribution
  220. Sum values from table based on list returned from array
  221. Index / Match - match 3 input values and return the results from the index
  222. advanced filter three conditions does not contain, between and contain
  223. Permanent Cells of Formulas on my Screen
  224. Permanent Cells of Formulas on my Screen
  225. conditional formatting to highlight two months before a 17th birthday
  226. Format alternating cell background based on change of ID (multiple rows per ID)
  227. Help With Indirect and/or Offset
  228. AVERAGE(INDIRECT) Function
  229. multi-step formula
  230. #N/A Filtering
  231. Moving Standard Deviation
  232. Retrieving multiple records for each unique ID
  233. Index Formula/Search Box Help
  234. question about lookup function displaying value from table not only list
  235. Extract sheet name => 5 different function tried, none worked..
  236. Need Help with i am assuming an if statement
  237. Index Match Function To Pull Multiple Rows Informations without Duplicates
  238. Need help In formulas
  239. Change text colour depending on the value in cell
  240. Need help with Time slot based duration segmentation
  241. Drop Down - Change values in list
  242. Countifs battle
  243. Sumifs multiselection question - File attached
  244. If both A1 and B1 exist within any single cell within Column C (array) *help*
  245. Categorize Contestants into Groups Based on Scores
  246. macro to save a worksheet by the tab name as a pdf then open in outlook
  247. Offset (Sequence) Formula Help
  248. Dependent Drop-Down List Refer to Dynamic Ranges
  249. First and last names combined in 1 cell
  250. Only add values if right value is not "X"