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  1. Using a modified vlookup/index to return multiple values
  2. Using The ROUNDUP Function
  3. Totals must be same
  4. help with formulae, sumif index match 3 way match
  5. Calculating a total percent contribution for each product-location
  6. Text to Number
  7. Sorting data using formula?
  8. Scheduling production orders
  9. Sorting data by lowest date
  10. Match Index Function or VBA ?
  11. Match Index Function or VBA ?
  12. Right find
  13. Display a range in one cell
  14. Please help
  15. FFT 6400line
  16. AR Aging based on a specific date
  17. SUMIF Multiple Conditions
  18. COUNTIF inside IF statement , Excel
  19. Time minute manipulation
  20. Must be missing something
  21. How to add up values down a column when there are multiple rows per data owner?
  22. Missing Values/ Dates of a particular Month
  23. first post - hoping for some help in changing values in formulas
  24. formula for dynamic range
  25. Count instances
  26. Odd Workday.intl Error
  27. Excel
  28. Trying to collect Data in one place.
  29. First Post - Appending content of cells together if two other cells match. **HELP!!*
  30. blank if blank, 1 if greater than a set value
  31. Vlookup Help
  32. Blank or drop down list
  33. Combining the contents of 1 colum into 1 cell
  34. help trying to get this to work
  35. Forecasting - dynamic date with array formula
  36. Vlookup
  37. data extracted from calendar
  38. Help Dissecting a Formula
  39. Count number of instances at least one item occurs in each row of an array
  40. Building Match Formula for 2 Different Outputs
  41. Require IF statement assistance within Match formula
  42. search for text in a string of texts within a cell and ouput corresponding value
  43. Should be simple but I'm pulling hair out
  44. sums over two columns
  45. relative reference external spreadsheets
  46. Counting distinct values in a range
  47. Circular Reference Problem
  48. I need to see if two pumps run time overlap
  49. Vlook up
  50. Return cell address formula
  51. Using hyperlink
  52. Extracting Values from list
  53. Count number of filtered unique values that have corresponding cells
  54. Splitting coloums
  55. counting empty cells (right to left) until the first non-empty cell is reached
  56. Dynamic redistribution of % target
  57. Finding Index based on Cell Reference (not Value)
  58. Extract Data from Complicated Table (Tables within tables...)
  59. Need help searching a sheet for data based on date and adding it to a different sheet
  60. don't get accurate sum total
  61. Complicated calculation
  62. Matching data from two different sheets
  63. Can someone check my converion formulas
  64. Sumproduct in non-sequential array
  65. IF formula with multiple conditions
  66. Query Assistance Needed
  67. Data between 2 blank rows
  68. Alternative to nested functions in a formula?
  69. Sorting through and rounding data
  70. Excel IF and MATCH formula?
  71. Help needed--Formulas Not Working When I fill Them Down
  72. Help cleaning up text download
  73. Help Needed -- Forecasting Model Formulas (IF,AND)
  74. Cell Reference and sorting
  75. Help Urgent
  76. How to Protect the formula in a column
  77. If Formula Question
  78. trying to input data on sheet 3 from data on sheet 1
  79. How to extend formula with merged cells?
  80. Trying to Sum using varying criteria
  81. Referencing cell in sumif function
  82. Range lookup in Text format cell(NEW)
  83. Date Function Quirk (one month off)
  84. Looking for a formula on averages and I am stumped
  85. Automatically restart formula given that parameter is met?
  86. VLOOKUP and omitting last initial.
  87. Average function
  88. Multiple IF command in single columns
  89. Formula help cannot make it work
  90. Determination of formula for a 3 independent variable problem
  91. call data from another worksheet
  92. Give the other numbers
  93. Very complicated calculation of total hours worked (PLEASE HELP)
  94. thought this was easy, copy any rows with a duplicate name to another sheet?
  95. if formula for 1st occurance
  96. Formula help
  97. Consolidating Sub Totals
  98. Help with Product Control Please
  99. If and help
  100. Need Help To Construct Formula
  101. Issue with datavalidation
  102. 1 row to many being selected
  103. Question about field data
  104. Count blanks, in a range defined by criteria outside range
  105. VBA Macro to sum a variable range
  106. Calculate average for specified numbers from a column
  107. formula for show customer address in columns
  108. Calculate average for max value of three columns
  109. Having trouble with averages
  110. Counting Partial Text
  111. Help with creating a formula
  112. Conditional format table on 2 conditions, lock andhide data whilst allowing new entry
  113. MIRR Function
  114. When insert a new row, the existing formulated is appearing instead of new
  115. Formula to count dates for a certain month and year based on criteria in diff. column
  116. How to Consolidate large Qty of unique numbers w/ matching criteria into fewer number
  117. Is it possible at all?
  118. Formula Help?
  119. Values lookup in two different tables
  120. Multi Variables to Determine a Total
  121. Conditional Format with multi values
  122. Formula for Inserting numbers Ramdomly
  123. Insert N number of rows between two rows
  124. referencing a sheet with a cell
  125. Best way to search for one string of text, then search along the same line for moto.
  126. Easier said then done
  127. Conditional Formatting a grade book
  128. Payroll File
  129. Complex Splitting Data Numbers and Text into Different Cells
  130. advanced code needed; too hard for me to figure out... =/
  131. Excel amortization formula
  132. Help needed with INDEX, MATCH & IF.ERROR
  133. formula assistance please
  134. Nested If/And-not formula
  135. SumIF same Value in another column
  136. Automatically copy data (from a specific month) from one sheet to another?
  137. Speed check of indiviual
  138. Need advice on what approach to take
  139. Sumproduct Help
  140. Help with % Variance conditional formatting formula - negative values
  141. Consolidation
  142. Eliminating spaces & decimals
  143. Removing numbers in bulk
  144. Referencing Data from Another Sheet in a Formula
  145. formula to isolate..................
  146. Percentage Formula
  147. Need advice
  148. Comparing two collumns with range of difference
  149. Help with formula
  150. Formula for football predictions
  151. How to List down the Values from the Formula Result like Pivot
  152. Help with mode average formula?
  153. Putting in Costs to a formula HELP NEEDED
  154. Multiple if contains text
  155. Help with formula
  156. Using Index and Counta, but ignore 0 values
  157. Nearest column data required
  158. Index, vlookup, If need help all around
  159. IF Formula problem on multiple IF conditions
  160. Formulae for cellls
  161. Real Estate Rent Roll Help
  162. VLOOKUP with N/A
  163. Creating a gas milage/ vehicle maintenance spreadsheet
  164. need help in formula string
  165. Aligning two tables
  166. Comparing two periods and if columns match adding results
  167. Need to extract a range of values from 1 cell ie. cell value is A011-A055
  168. Formula query
  169. Simple formula question
  170. Is there an equation to determine partial matches?
  171. Counting dates between a range only if specific text appears in same row
  172. How to reference a column to a drop down into another column? HELP
  173. How to change data variables by changing one parameeter
  174. Cell protection HELP
  175. need help with my table
  176. data validation question (dynamic/dependent list choices)
  177. Max, SumIFs, Offset
  178. Help Spreadsheet formula required
  179. fill the table
  180. Fetching the values in an excel based on a matching column in the another document
  181. VLookup/Index Array
  182. vlookup or Match if 50% name match than shows
  183. Negative numbers
  184. Help with If or Vlookup.....interest rates
  185. Repeat Function
  186. Look at range of cells and calculate price
  187. Formula Translation
  188. Help with SUMIF from a dropdown.
  189. Conditional Formatting
  190. Another Sorting Question
  191. Help with Formulas
  192. How to copy and paste data from different Sheet
  193. How does one gets the total sorted job time?
  194. Is possible to have comment based on cell value?
  195. auto populate
  196. data migration
  197. Copy background color from one cell to cell in separate sheet using ms-excel?
  198. HELP WITH FORMULA .DIFFERENT WEIGHTS UNIT and or Different Price Units for gem stones
  199. Max function using multiple criteria
  200. Conditional Format Chart
  201. Multi Criteria record count. Ranges and Values. This one stumps everyone including me
  202. Selecting Data from First Cell with Text Every 719 Cells
  203. Spreading cost over multiple days based on key variables
  204. Forecast formula
  205. Counting Dates and if adjacent cell condition met
  206. Andif
  207. Look for a sheet name by referring to a cell value
  208. I need a formula written
  209. Conditional formatting
  210. Pivot Table
  211. Scanning a column in spreadsheet 1 and then IF a condition is met adding that entire
  212. if statment with Time
  213. I can't connect many IF, AND, OR
  214. Vlook up with if statment
  215. Partial lookup
  216. Pivot table report filters
  217. Drill down
  218. Extracting dada from pivot table
  219. Vlook up help again
  220. Challenge - Targets have been set, how to make the inputs conform to these targets?
  221. Time Value Request
  222. Forumulae help
  223. Multible formula
  224. Vlookup/Index/match formula
  225. Capital dispersion according to days, weeks, years left
  226. Consolidation
  227. Numerical Inputs Generated from Drop Down
  228. Dynamic forumla
  229. value_if_false with nested IF
  230. Computing Elapsed Time based on Condition
  231. Creating unique identifiers in a table, based on the value in a column
  232. Index/Match Formula with Multiple Criteria using Arrays
  233. Formula in Conditional Formatting
  234. exact match for numbers listed
  235. Sheet not recalculating
  236. Linking tables
  237. Copy data from one sheet to another based on a certain criteria
  238. Formula For Displaying Exact Days of the Month
  239. SLA report
  240. Vlookup (but with images)
  241. Is it arrays? pivot? both? Arrgh!
  242. Returns data - can anyone help?
  243. Help with Index Match Formula
  244. Name Error with Masked Cell "IF" statements
  245. Index Macth conditional formatting
  246. Formula for calculating paycheck frequency on a changing yearly calendar
  247. COUNTIF Delema
  248. Challenging assignment
  249. IF, SUM & COUNTIF in the same formula?
  250. IF cell contains a word then enter this value