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  1. Inserting new rows in Power Query report
  2. Power Query_Refresh data_Not populating
  3. Power Query - Transpose Matrix
  4. Power Query - importing Dynamic Named Ranges ("=Excel.CurrentWorkbook()")
  5. Conditional Power Query formulas
  6. Power Query: Associate Each Customer Sale With A Supplier Order ID
  7. Split Power Queries
  8. DataFormat.Error in Power Query
  9. CSV without Carriage Return Importing as Single Column
  10. Master Power Query with our book - M is for Data Monkey
  11. Installing Power Query
  12. Power Query New Versions - How Do I Know?
  13. adding a column to PQ table
  14. ISO Date
  15. Power Query slow and unstable after February update
  16. Power Query M Question - Time in Pod/training
  17. M Formula for 'Text' Months from Week Values
  18. Power Query will not load all rows
  19. Filtering Salesforce data before loading it to the model
  20. Applying Cashflow Categories to transactions
  21. Working days
  22. Pass parameter from worsheet cell to Oracle
  23. Power Query updates for Excel 2016 Professional Plus
  24. Dynamic Filter in Power Query
  25. how to do nested ifs?...
  26. Permissions Error on Data Refresh
  27. Table.Addcolumn
  28. BASE_DATA_1 - QUERY_1A - QUERY_1B refresh
  29. How to import specific cells from several Excel files
  30. Power Query workbook save
  31. Splitting a text column with multiple entries from 1 to Many
  32. Custom Column with yesterday's date
  33. IF on a date field
  34. Power Query + Dynamic SQL WHERE IN
  35. Power Query - Users unable to download workbook due to data source error
  36. "IsNot" or "IsNotNull" Formulas
  37. Power Query Update Available (April 26, 2016)
  38. Help needed: Transforming this data into useful tabular format for analysis
  39. Update Source By Refresh Instead of Editing Query Detail
  40. Text.ToList - how to reverse this step
  41. How to replace a data source
  42. Keeping the file path whatever the current workbook file path is
  43. Rept function in Power Query?
  44. Referencing two queries
  45. Refreshing Pivot Tables after a PQ refresh
  46. Slow loading times
  47. Dates getting converted from European dd/mm/yyyy to US mm/dd/yyyy Format
  48. Appending queries without refreshing all of them...
  49. Projected Ending On Hand calculation
  50. Selecting a field
  51. 'Prompting' for parameter
  52. Create a new column with the number of occurences of a delimiter in another column
  53. Many to Many nightmare
  54. Power Query Update Available (as of Monday, May 23, 2016)
  55. Need help eliminating certain rows
  56. Extract the Month formatted as "MMM" from a date field (column)
  57. Dates in CSV Files
  58. Content of some lines in one line including "line break"
  59. SharePoint connection within PowerQuery/PowerPivot
  60. Multiple table in PowerPivot with PowerQuery
  61. Business Objects files and consistency
  62. VLOOKUP (as per Ken P)
  63. Total row on query
  64. Power Query Update Available (as of Tuesday, June 21 2016)
  65. Defer Updating of Pivot Tables until ALL Power Queries Refreshes have been completed
  66. Date data wont change to date format
  67. Excel 2016 June Update Get & Tranform issues
  68. Power Query: find which column contains my value and return column name
  69. Using a parameter table to filter dates column
  70. Subtotal of duplicate rows (one subtotal per duplicate, keeping all duplicate rows)
  71. Unstacking Columns in Power Query
  72. Reading files from a OneDrive for Business folder
  73. Heads Up: another silent release of the Power Query Add-In last week.
  74. How to add the file name (month name) to the contents file for monthly credit card..
  75. Remove rows below text
  76. Unpivoting Date Columns
  77. Power query - exchange server - possible to connect directly to one folder in mail
  78. Power Query Date.EndOfMonth Function Issue
  79. Add new row for multiple delimited values in a cell
  80. Power Query Update Available (as of Monday, July 25 2016)
  81. Calculate Multiple Columns by Another
  82. Problem Transitioning from Excel to Power BI ... Using Parameters
  83. Problem Transitioning from Excel to Power BI ... Using Parameters
  84. IF and AND - multiple conditions
  85. Merge with previous step
  86. Open External Workbooks
  87. Two tables, identical columns and rows, some blanks in cells, need to combine data
  88. FIFO Allocation with a fixed amount
  89. Questionnaire output
  90. Combine totals for two rows without grouping and losing columns.
  91. CSV file - number of columns import limited by parameter...any way around this?
  92. Querytable FillAdjacentFormulas
  93. Daily utilizaiton (occupancy) calculation
  94. Transform a Column
  95. Automate billing spread with P/Q
  96. Unpivoting Column and Format.Data error handling
  97. Recursion problem
  98. Power Query Update Available (as of Thursday, August 25, 2016)
  99. Ribbon info for Power Query to disable visibility using VBA
  100. Merge dynamic columns' name
  101. Selecting delimited data in multiple columns
  102. Dealing with bad data in columns - automating the removing duplicates
  103. Replace all NULLs with 0 in a table with multiple columns except in 1st column
  104. Substitute for Excel Function: TEXT(A2,"000000")
  105. Questionable application of PQ; transpose column headers into columns and append sets
  106. Multiple lines in IF statement
  107. Excel file in SharePoint folder as the data source for Power Query
  108. PowerQuery - Query SSAS Cube using List of Parameters
  109. Creating a "fulfilment table
  110. Use data from Table in Power Query
  111. Managing connections
  112. Parallel connections to DB
  113. Group after Appendig to tables
  114. Pick up MAX version number for each item
  115. Excel 365 Power Query - Moving columns/fields not working
  116. Row action missing in Query From Folder
  117. Use Power Query to Feed a Web Form
  118. Extracting first two rows from each of several folder files
  119. Splitting Columns by Numbers or Characters
  120. Power Query Update Available (as of Thursday, October 6, 2016)
  121. Data type when adding column
  122. Parameter to switch a query 'on' or 'off' without creating errors
  123. Powerquery will sometimes stop in middle of an API call
  124. Error Message When Grouping Data - "DataFormat.Error we couldn't convert to number"
  125. PowerQuery only brings in 1 column of data
  126. Apply a function to all columns in a query
  127. Formula: Is one of several Codes in one of several Fields?
  128. Converting B/M to number & % to decimal
  129. Date/Time import issue
  130. Logical test if first character of a string is a number
  131. Referring to columns by position rather than name
  132. Reading dbf files - error "Invalid SQL statement"
  133. Group By question
  134. Calculate Tenure in Power Query Customer Column
  135. Dynamic Group by (referencing cell value)
  136. Power Query Update Available (as of Thursday, October 27, 2016)
  137. Out of Memory error consistently happening with Power Query
  138. pivot/transpose/fill
  139. Parse for numbers only
  140. Expand number of columns after each merged workbook?
  141. Nested if's or creating a fnSWITCH function
  142. Power Query to extract data from a password protected website
  143. Combine Multiple Workbooks in Power Query - When File Structures are Different
  144. Need help in Power Query Date Requirement
  145. How to get the Last Refreshed date from a Workbook Query?
  146. Median
  147. Splitting a field and using part of the split result
  148. Run Power Query Routines in Sequence
  149. Power Query - Fill up -- conditional?
  150. Matching Text Columns
  151. Find Leading Spaces in Powerquery
  152. Update Excel 2016 PQ ('Get and Transform') to Latest Version
  153. Powerquery transform text to date conversion error
  154. Transpose Columns with a twist
  155. Extract Cell Color with M
  156. Label in same column as data
  157. Power query - add time to date
  158. Expanding table scraped from web with more than 9 columns - cols are out of sync
  159. Out of stack space
  160. Refreshing Power Query / Power Pivot
  161. SAP BusinessObjects Universe with Optional Prompts
  162. Carriage Return Character in Power Query
  163. Expanding expanding data...!
  164. Text File into Table
  165. Using Power query to transform a profit & loss report into pivot table readable data
  166. Merging two CSV on job profitability where like jobs need to be added together...
  167. Power Query to only update records that have changed
  168. Power Query to combine file path with file name and add cell reference to extract inf
  169. Replacing null values in a column
  170. Urgent - Splitting text from numbers in a column, please help
  171. Merge Cell issue and Unpivot first row only
  172. Problem with "Remove Duplicates" in "Get & Transform" (Excel 2016)
  173. Error with refreshing query from shared file via Dropbox
  174. Expand column with a table in it containing variable numbers of columns
  175. sql select in (), with arguments from xls sheet
  176. Duplicate data in columns
  177. Change the 4 digit year in date to 2 digit
  178. Power Query specifications and limits while working with Text files
  179. Keep order of columns when expanding
  180. Power Query conditional join between 2 tables
  181. Datedif Date to Words Possible in Power Query
  182. Making Column Count dynamic (not the names but the number of columns)
  183. Query parameter always using current value instead of query result?
  184. Import Excel - force all columns as text
  185. Match parts of strings in a lookup table and return another column
  186. Removing text from column referenced on list
  187. Power Query Running Total with Multiple Criteria
  188. Three sets of columns to 1 set...
  189. Group by solution
  190. PowerQuery IsDate function
  191. Date Parameters
  192. Cartesian Joins by rows with the same ID
  193. Number of tables in Navigator limited to 10,000. Edit Query does not pass values back
  194. Receive error when attempting to update
  195. Filter and transpose data from rows to column
  196. Power Query Help
  197. Power Query with dependent queries
  198. Table Equations adjacent to Power Query result
  199. Query Editor - Taking a LONG time to refresh as I work on query steps
  200. Change Data Type on all but 1st column
  201. Import from several CSVs to separate sheets in a workbook
  202. How to save a sorted query to the data model (for performance reasons in Power Pivot)
  203. Flattening tree records
  204. How to convert function parameter from text to Table Column reference
  205. Refresh Queries at different times
  206. Query Refresh problem
  207. Power Query Header Format Change on Refresh
  208. Pivot Not Refreshing Until Slicer is Changed
  209. Please rebuild this data combination
  210. How many workbooks can Power Query handle?
  211. Convert Data from "top to bottom" to "left to right" including some adding values
  212. Data Extraction & Creating relationships in excel file
  213. Change value based on value of another field
  214. Keep the most recent assigned salesperson
  215. Power Query - Add Columns Conditional
  216. Append Tables or use Multiple Tables
  217. merge non-contiguous and contiguous range periods with the same attribute
  218. Parameterizing a column name
  219. Create Daily Periodic Interest Rate Index from Monthly Summary
  220. Power Query refresh and Solver add_in
  221. Rearranging overhead costs in financial statement using power query - possible?
  222. Help. Ranges date filter with PQ
  223. Split Column by Delimiter but Retain Text Format
  224. How to exclude certain sub-folders when using Get Data From Folder option
  225. Remove Null Rows
  226. Excel 2010 crashing since installing Mar 17 power query update
  227. Tables not showing up in Query-Editor
  228. Refreshing a query from another query
  229. Dynamic Cols select
  230. Transpose Duplicate Rows into Repeated Columns during Query Merge
  231. How to edit source data after you've created your data model and measures in pwrpivot
  232. LEFT + SEARCH Function Help
  233. Time problem
  234. Not Able to Unpivot Nested Headers and Multiple Spreadsheets
  235. First column missing in query results
  236. How to handle #n/a
  237. Non existent error in Append query
  238. Search (Text Contain) multiple values
  239. Overwrite columns
  240. Working with Column Headers in Power Query
  241. Using PowerQuery as a self-help interface to database applications
  242. Pivoting data by month column and summing the resulting months by row...problems
  243. Import file from folder; file & data is duplicating
  244. Pivot multiple columns +
  245. Refresh power query while workbook protected
  246. Table.TransformColumns with reference to another column?
  247. Power Query and Amazon Sales Data
  248. fill-up intermittent date
  249. PQ - Append only values NOT IN first dataset
  250. PQ Date error issues