• Consulting & Mentoring Services

    Whether you are looking to build a brand new solution, or need to fine-tune or update an existing one, the team of experts here at Excelguru has got your back! We offer both consulting and mentoring services to help you with your Excel, VBA, Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power BI needs. For smaller Excel jobs (those that will take four hours or less), we partner with Excel Rescue.

    Not sure if why you would want to hire an Excel expert, or can justify the cost? The real question to ask yourself is, "How much do you spend on repetitive tasks?" Read Ken's article on making the case for hiring a consultant.

    Consulting Services
    Excelguru offers full consulting services with our team of experienced Excel and BI Ninjas. As part of these services, we first scope the project with you to learn about your needs and goals are. We then build and deliver a completed project to you, ready for your use.

    Mentoring Services
    Unlike a formal consulting engagement where Excelguru would take on the bulk of the work, a mentoring service is quite different. We provide you with advice on how to approach or change your project, give you guidance about which direction to pursue, and/or help you troubleshoot current issues with your project.

    Rates & Availability
    If you would like more information about our consulting and mentoring services, please contact us through our online form.

    Excel Rescue
    For Small Excel Projects
    If you think your Excel project will take an expert less than four hours, our partners at Excel Rescue solve small tasks for a flat fee. Excel Rescue is fast, secure and offers a money-back guarantee.

    What qualifies as a small task?
    Examples include:

    • Data visualization: creating or updating graphs, charts, etc.
    • Creating a dashboard, scorecard or executive summary
    • Checking a document for duplicate records
    • Recovering a corrupt file
    • Writing a function or formula
    • Auditing documents for mistakes
    • Formatting or reorganizing a spreadsheet
    • Writing a simple macro

    Visit the Excel Rescue site for more information.


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