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    What is Power Query?
    Only the BEST tool for business users since PivotTables!

    Power Query, also known as “Get & Transform”, is an amazing piece of ETL technology built into Excel 2016 and Power BI Desktop, and is available as a free add-in for Excel 2013 and 2010. It allows you to Extract data from a vast array of sources, Transform it more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible, and then Load it directly into a table or your data model.

    Until now, building BI solutions has been a painful, repetitive process requiring a great deal of manual effort to clean, filter, and format data before it can even be used. And updates have been tedious and error prone.

    Power Query will save you hours of time gathering and preparing your data before loading it into your data model. Better yet, it comes FREE with the Excel and Power BI software that you already own!

    If you need to learn one new tool today, Power Query is it.

    Power Query will change the way you "Get & Transform" data forever, and the skills you learn here are transferable between both Excel and Power BI.

    Introducing Power Query Academy

    Developed by Ken Puls, Miguel Escobar, and Matt Allington (three of the world's leading experts),Power Query Academy will introduce you to the magic of Power Query and transform the way you work with data forever. You’ll learn how to clean, reshape, and combine your data with ease, no matter where it comes from. Converting ASCII files into tables, combining multiple text files in one shot, and even unpivoting data is not only simple, but an investment in the future.

    You will save yourself hours of time gathering and preparing your data, and instead refresh your dashboard or report with a single click the next time you need it! With the time you save, you'll be able to explore your data, gain powerful insights, and make better decisions.

    The Power Query Academy courses are built from a practical point of view, showcasing real-world examples and techniques that you can use right away. Your annual subscription comes with:

    • 12 months of access top-quality content
    • 12 months of support on the course materials from our world-class trainers
    • Downloadable example files for each module, hands-on practice labs, and access to our sample database for trying out your own scenarios
    • A digital copy of our top-selling book, M is for Data Monkey (plus the new 2nd Edition when it is published)*
    • Our collection of handy Power Query Recipes, including any new or updated cards for as long as you are a member*
    • Module quizzes to help reinforce the information covered in the videos
    • Certificate of Completion to show off and brag about your new skills

    * Please note that the Data Monkey book and Recipe cards are not included in the free Power Query Fundamentals course, only with the paid courses.


    View the full course details and register online at the Skillwave Training website.


    You can try our FREE Power Query Fundamentals course with no obligation at all. It contains about 2.5 hours of video content, and will give you a great feel for our style and the material at hand. In this course, you’ll learn how Power Query works, how to pull in data, and refresh and edit queries!


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