• Error Checking for Excel BI Solutions

    Error Checking for Excel BI Solutions
    Say GOODBYE to Excel ERRORS for GOOD. Finally, your guide to creating clean & error free workbooks.

    How much could one spreadsheet error cost? Well, it cost one bank almost $1b. Research suggests over 90 percent of spreadsheets contain one or more errors. This course will show you how to deal with errors and how to fix them.

    So many courses focus on how to do new things in Excel. This course will show you how to improve your current models and pivot tables. If you're the person in the office who creates clean spreadsheets--and can handle errors on the spreadsheets of others--you'll become indispensable. Learn how to build right the first time and quickly apply your knowledge to future work.

    So, if you work with spreadsheets, you (and your company) need this course. Error Checking for Excel BI Solutions is the quickest way to start building error free work. Learn QUICKLY from 10 comprehensive lessons with over 1.5 hours of video content.

    This course is produced in conjunction with ExcelTV. Visit the ExcelTV site for full details and registration.


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