• Financial Model Design

    Course Description

    How many times have you begun building a spreadsheet, only to have it evolve on you based on requests from users and managers? While this is a great compliment to your work and skills, these changes can cause our spreadsheets to grow and change to the point where we introduce errors and instability very easily.

    This course has been developed to teach users how to build solid, dynamic and stable financial modeling spreadsheets, all modeled on best practice rules.

    We値l begin by looking at the key decisions that should be discussed and made before a single formula is entered. You値l learn how to design models to invite valid data the first time, how to structure links, and how to make your models more auditable in the long term.

    Strategies covered in this course include:
    • Determining model scope
    • Structuring a financial model
    • Documentation strategies
    • Model friendliness
    • Protecting the model structure

    A variety of techniques will be employed to build a cash flow model for a fictional business. During this process, we値l focus on how we can implement the techniques and strategies learned to give our models a better chance of standing the test of time.

    Target Audience:

    This course is intended for people who build Excel spreadsheets and feel comfortable in Excel. Basic PivotTable experience is required.

    Course Requirements

    This is a hands on course. All attendees are required to bring a laptop running Excel 2007 or higher.

    Course at a Glance:

    • Financial modeling theory
    • Building a basic cash flow model
      • Using IF to drive dynamic scenarios
      • Using GETPIVOTDATA functions to draw data from PivotTables
      • Data validation (proactive and reactive)
      • Conditional Formatting
      • Protecting the model

    Registration Includes

    • A full day of hands on, in class instruction (9:00AM - 4:30 PM)
    • Coffee breaks
    • Lunch
    • A certificate of attendance (for claiming Professional Development credits)
    • A wealth of information that will change the way you build Excel models forever

    Registration Details

    This course is currently being offered on the following dates/locations:

    Early Bird Price*
    Registration Link
    Don稚 see a date/location that works for you? Request the course be run in your area. If we can make it work, we will!

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