• Creating a Spacer Column in a PowerPivot PivotTable

    Mike Alexander has a great blog post on how to Add Column Spacing In A PivotTable. We can also accomplish the same thing through a PowerPivot solution, but using DAX. And in this case, DAX is even easier to use that the old method, taking one less step!

    To start, go to the PowerPivot tab and choose:
    • 2010: New Measure
    • 2013+: Calculated Field --> New Calculated Field

    The 2013 user interface is shown below:

    As you can see, I called it "Spacer", and the formula is simply =BLANK()

    From there it gets added to the PivotTable and already shows up as blank values.

    At that point, I just went to one of the fields on the worksheet that said "Spacer", and entered 5 spaces into the cell. (Unfortunately, you can't name the measure/calculated field with a only spaces in the setup, or we wouldn't even have to do that!) Why 5? Well, it controls the width of the column when it's refreshed!

    End result (with the blank column selected so you can see it):
    This article was originally published in blog: Creating a Spacer Column in a PowerPivot PivotTable started by Ken Puls


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