• The Magic Of PivotTables

    The Magic of PivotTables

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    Excel PivotTables: It’s a polarizing term. People who use PivotTables absolutely love them. For those who don’t, the term is mysterious and encourages the fear of powerful features that are the domain of geeks and Excel junkies, and out of reach to the common man. But nothing could be further from the truth.

    Why You Should Take This Course:

    If you’ve never created, or don’t regularly use PivotTables in your work, let me show you that you are missing out on one of the most useful, impressive and easy-to-use tools in Microsoft Excel.

    Excel PivotTables are an amazingly powerful feature that can be used to very quickly summarize and slice and dice data with ease. And contrary to many users’ fears, they are actually VERY easy to use once you’ve been shown how.

    So why don’t you let me do just that? In this one hour video training course, I will teach you how to build your first PivotTables. You’ll see first hand just how easy they are to create, how fast they work, and how easy it is to change them to display your data the way you want to see it.
    Stop struggling! Learn from the Excel Guru!

    The Magic Of PivotTables

    “The Magic of PivotTables” training package comes with:

    • A one hour training video
      • Demonstrated in Excel 2010
      • Recorded and distributed in 1024*768 resolution

    • Copies of all sample files used in the creation of the video
      • Distributed in .xlsx file format
      • Saved at key points in the process

    • A comprehensive eBook
      • 38 fully illustrated and searchable pages in PDF format
      • Lists all steps required to replicate the course content

    • A list of resources to get more advanced material and help once you’re through the basics
    • A 30-day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
    • IMMEDIATE delivery via download link

    Course Content

    By the end of the one hour “Magic of PivotTables (2010)” video course, you will learn the basics of PivotTables, including:

    • What makes a good PivotTable data source,
    • The method to turn a list into an Excel table,
    • The steps required to create PivotTables from Excel tables,
    • How to add, move and remove data from the PivotTable,
    • Methods for grouping dates,
    • The way to change number formats,
    • How to perform calculations in the PivotTable,
    • Ways to use report filters and Slicers to slice and dice your data, and
    • The ease of using the PivotTable Drill-Down feature.

    Packed with insights, this video course is guaranteed to give you the basics that you need to be up and running with PivotTables in your daily work, and will also guarantee that you never look at your data in quite the same way again.

    Note that the material for Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 is identical, as the steps to get up to speed with PivotTables is the same in both versions.

    The ExcelGuru Philosophy

    I’ve been to Excel courses, and I understand just how little they often convey… and I find it maddening. I have a huge passion for sharing my knowledge, as you can see from my personal profile page.

    Every course I’ve ever taught is geared to give the participants real knowledge that they can take away and use in their daily work, and this course is no different. From this very info page through the video through the written documentation, it was developed to make certain that you get the very best learning experience possible for the way YOU learn. Whether by reading, listening, watching or doing, I have provided the material for your preferred learning style. I do not consider my products a success unless they have been effective for you!


    I am offering a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. This allows you to try my products risk free and find out for yourself. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the training package, email me for a full refund.

    Quick And Painless Purchase Process

    Upon approval of your payment, you will be directed to a web page with 3 download links. (The video, example files and e-Book.) You will also receive an email from Excelguru Learning Services (webstore@excelguru.ca) with a link to the download page.

    If you do not receive this email
    , check that it has not been filtered out as spam, then contact me.

    To account for possible connection problems, the download link remains valid for a period of 5 days (120 hours) or for up to 5 downloads, whichever comes first. If you need to download the material after this, contact me to obtain a new link.

    Note that the five allowed download attempts do not entitle you to five copies of the material. The pricing below is based on one user only. For multi user installations, please contact me for pricing.

    So What Are You Waiting For?

    “The Magic of PivotTables” video training course package is only $69 USD!

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    This course was originally taught as a one hour webcast for the Certified Management Accountants of BC Upper Island Chapter. It was only after the overwhelming positive feedback I received that I decided to re-record the material and release it on my site. Here are just a couple of the comments I received:

    Quote Originally Posted by J McGarvey
    Thanks Ken. Great webinar. I am a keen pivot table user and still learnt a lot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve John - Operations Accountant, K2 Stone
    I attended an excel workshop you hosted at Vancouver Island University on charting and it opened my eyes to the world of excel. I have been increasing my skills since then, and have begun coding VBA and designing custom databases and user forms for my company.

    Your webinar on Pivot Tables was just as informative and beneficial as I have come to expect from you. It was simple, concise, and got me thinking about ways to apply those basic skills.

    I have attended more expensive excel courses and have no reservations in saying that I personally found your tutorials more informative.

    As a young professional you have given me tools that will provide me value throughout the rest of my career. Thanks for your commitment to sharing your knowledge!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Jelen - MrExcel.com
    The Magic of Pivot Tables webcast invites everyone to enter the powerful world of pivot tables. Ken includes great tips for making your data pivot table compliant, shows you how to build a pivot table, then deals with those annoying problems that cause headaches and confusion. Using this course, you will be up to speed and turning ugly data into beautiful summary reports in no time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doreen Gatt, CMA
    I found having the example files open while I watched the webinar very helpful. I paused the movie at each step and sometimes even went back and watched short portions over again so I could follow exactly what you were doing and then do the same steps on the example worksheet. The basics of pivot tables are much clearer now and I am sure that I will find use for these new skills at work. Thank you for putting this together.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jose Gonzalez
    Just went through your webcast on pivot tables. Really interesting material and the potential is huge...

    With regards to the course, I listened with my laptop speakers and your video has crystal clear sound. In addition, the video quality is awesome, making it easy to follow through... way better than you-tubing a tutorial!

    The content was progressive, taking us from the basics to the advanced stuff, and I never got lost. One of the good things about this format is that I can pause and practice, where a live session is more difficult to follow. I really liked the way you started with a very simple example like the one of the football team, just to get an easy overview, and afterwards go to the applications of what accountants do!

    Overall, it was a great class !!!


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    1. Christine Mathers's Avatar
      Christine Mathers -
      This course was fantastic. I was sceptical about clarity of illustration as far as detailing the individual clicks and steps to accomplish objectives - but it was seamless. The followup materials and practice files are great for those of us who 'get it' all quickly but suffer brain freeze a month later. Way better-than-average value. Highly recommended