• XLG File Tools Add-in

    XLG File Tools is a FREE add-in which was created to increase the functionality of Excel and address the plethora of extra clicks that were introduced begining in Excel 2007. It's current feature set is designed to make the job of opening existing files and creating new files more efficient.

    XLG File Tools is easy to use, and is guaranteed to make you more efficient. In addition, it's a snap to install and requires no administrative priviledges to do so.

    The XLG File Tools add-in contains all of the following features:

    Easily browse for a file from:

    • The last used folder
    • Your "Favourite" folders (you define these)
    • Your recent folders

    Immediate access to specific files:

    • Your "Favourite" files (you define these)
    • Your most recent files
    • Works for non-Excel files too!

    Quickly create new files:

    • Create new workbook
    • Create new file from the built in templates menu
    • Create new file from personal templates
    • Create new file from network templates

    Efficient access to add the current file to:

    • Your "Favourite" files
    • The "Most Recent" list

    Toggle for template editing mode:
    This mode allows you to quickly toggle between creating a new file from a template, or editing an exisitng template.

    Easy To Use Management Panels:
    The management panels have been designed to be easy to use for managing files, favourites and databases:

    Other features:

    • The "File Tools" Tab will automatically activate upon closing all workbooks, allowing you to open another file or create a new one with only one click
    • The ability to switch to US English, which immediately changes all Favourites to Favorites
    • Configure up to 3 Favourites databases, allowing users to have separate databases for work/home/clients, etc...

    System Requirements:
    XLG File Tools requires Excel 2007 or higher, and is supported in both 32bit and 64bit versions of Office.

    If you are looking for similar features in Excel 2003 or earlier, check out the XLGFavourites and UseTemplate add-ins.

    Installation Procedure:
    The installation procedure for XLG File Tools is as follows:
    • Download the file from the link below
    • Unzip the add-in
    • Install the add-in:
      • Excel 2007: Office Button-->Addins-->Go-->Browse
      • Excel 2010: File Tab-->Addins-->Go-->Browse
      • Excel 2013: File Tab-->Addins-->Go-->Browse

    • Locate the file
    • Click OK until you are back at the Excel interface

    It's just that easy!

    Download Now!
    Click on the button below to download the most current version of the XLG File Tools add-in:
    Bug Tracking:
    If you find a bug, please post it here.

    The "Favourites" concept and File/Folder management panels are based very closely on the original "Favorites Add-in" created and published by Daniel Klann. It was his idea to create a menu to hold a list of favorite items. There were two main reasons that I put my own spin on this add-in:
    • To convert the add-in to use a database to store the favourites. This allowed for the installation of a single add-in file for multiple users in a network environment. (As discussed in my article here.)
    • To add the ability to add non-Excel files to the favourites menu.

    While many parts of this add-in have been expanded or re-designed now, the file/folder management panels were so practical that I rebuilt it in the exact same image, adding only the ability to add some minor formatting to the menus. Without Daniel's fine work, this add-in would most likely not have existed.


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