• Charting & Dashboarding Resources

    This page lists resources specific to charting & dashboarding, including books and tools.

    In the interests of full disclosure here, each of these images contains an affiliate link, so I do make a (small) amount of money if you click through and purchase. If you find that offensive, you can always go directly to the site in question and purchase direct.

    Charting Books
    Excel 2000-2003
    (John Walkenbach)
    Excel 2007
    (John Walkenbach)
    Excel 2010
    (John Walkenbach)

    Data Visualization Theory Books
    Now you see it
    (Stephen Few)
    Information Dashboard Design
    (Stephen Few)
    Show Me the Numbers
    (Stephen Few)
    Visual Display of Quantitative Information
    (Edward Tufte)
    Envisioning Information
    (Edward Tufte)

    Training Courses
    Chandoo is a fellow Excel MVP with a passion for dashboarding and Excel. He has Excel Templates for sale, as well as runs on online Excel School which includes Dashboard Training.
    Chandoo's Excel School
    Project Management Templates

    Peltier Tech Charting Utilities for Excel
    Jon Peltier has a wide variety of tools for easily building complicated Excel charts. I'd highly recommend checking them out.

    ExcelUser's Excel Dashboard Kits
    Charley Kyd of ExcelUser focuses heavily on dashboarding and data visulation tools. He's got some great stuff including plug'n'play dashboard kits, traffic light add-ins and more.


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