• Add-ins & Tools

    I try all of the add-ins I recommend, and won't recommend them unless I believe they are worthwhile (particularly if there is a charge!) Each of those listed below are helpful tools that I have no problem recommending.

    In the interests of full disclosure here, any images below contains an affiliate link, so I do make a (small) amount of money if you click through and purchase. If you find that offensive, you can always go directly to the site in question and purchase direct.

    Chandoo's Excel Templates
    Chandoo is a fellow Excel MVP with a passion for dashboarding and Excel. He has Excel Templates for sale, as well as runs an online Excel School which includes Dashboard Training.

    Peltier Tech Charting Utilities for Excel
    Jon Peltier has a wide variety of tools for easily building complicated Excel charts. I'd highly recommend checking them out.

    Contextures Excel Products
    To supplement the free Excel tutorials on her website and blog, Debra Dalgleish has a variety of products for purchase to help with your Excel tasks.

    Power Query Patterns (Free)
    As part of our Power Query Training project (produced in conjunction with Power Solutions), we have a collection of ready-to-use Power Query solutions and M scripts. Download the free workbooks from the Power Query Training website and work through the solutions.

    VBA Add-ins and Tools (Free)

    • MZ Tools
      • If you do any VBA developing, you need this addin. It is loaded with useful tools such as a code reviewer and much more to speed up your development process.

    • PDF Creator
      • A free PDF writer utility that supports VBA.

    General Purpose Add-ins (Free)

    • ASAP Utilities
      • ASAP utilities is a standard install procedure for many advanced Excel users. Another addin full of great stuff!

    • Name Manager
      • Jan Karel's name Manager is an essential add-in for working with names.


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