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    I am quite grateful for all the great feedback I've received from my many years in the community working on projects and training. Below are a few excerpts/quotes from some of my particular favourites.

    NASA - International Space Station Power Systems

    • The team has created a tool that takes their analysis info and puts it all into excel. This has allowed them to chart their information, making it much more readable when reported to the entire team of flight controllers. The tool is essentially a one touch button that completely automates the process from start to finish. One stumbling block for them, however, was that they had no way to easily put it into a static report, so the PROs had been exporting the excel charts to GIF files. Needless to say, these didnít scale well and could become difficult to read.They are now using a modified version of my Printing Worksheets To A PDF File to automate the process of printing all of their chart sheets to PDF files, getting their reports out in better detail, and little hassle.
    • To read a more complete description, see my blog post on this feedback.

    Quote Originally Posted by J. Yimin, ISS Power Systems, Power Resource Office
    There was definitely no way that I would have been able to do this without your code, so thanks a million, we appreciate it. The guy who usually writes our macros is going to integrate this into our existing tools so that you can input your own path for file saving and this routine should become an integral part of our groupís (Electrical Power Systems for the International Space Station) existing tools. So, youíre a part of NASA now!!! Again, thanks a million for the code.

    3 Point Motors, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    • Built a custom utility for the Controller of the Nanaimo Mercedes Benz dealership, to delete duplicate records in a file exported from their customer database.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doreen Gatt, CMA, Controller, Three Point Motors Nanaimo Ltd.
    WOW! WOW! WOW!!!! I just used that tool you built for me, and am I impressed or what!!! That worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch Ken, that saved us a bunch of time for sure.
    My Experts Online
    • The projects here are varied, and have encompassed automation within Excel alone to those which tie Word and Powerpoint together as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anne Troy, Project Manager, My Experts Online
    Ken Puls has provided my clients and I with some incredible applications in Excel, Word and Powerpoint. It seems that nothing I put before him is beyond him; he gets me what I need without fail. Ken has been gracious in the face of numerous change requests and his prices are great, whether you're the end user or the seller of his services. Whether a quickie macro or an extensive application, I can count on Ken to give me a fast turnaround on any project. Not only does Ken contract for me, but in getting to know him, I find him a great guy, too, which makes it very easy to work with him.
    CGA Canada
    • Provided Excel video webcasts for CGA Canada to provide to their membership

    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Norris (via LinkedIn)
    Ken is a true Excel guru, an excellent speaker, and an all-around great guy. In my collaborations with Ken, all three of these attributes have been tested repeatedly, and he's shown himself to be a true professional in every sense of the word. I appreciate Ken's extraordinary mastery of the Excel software as well as his ability to come up with creative and powerful applications for real-world problems. I'm always revved up by Ken's passion and enthusiasm for Excel, which makes learning from him exceptionally easy (the feedback he receives as a presenter is overwhelmingly positive). And I'm deeply grateful for the patience, integrity, and commitment to quality he demonstrates in every project, no matter the challenges that appear. If you're looking for Excel training or consulting in any area that Ken happens to be working in -- hire him. You won't go wrong.
    Metia Corp
    • Provided a webcast to Metia employees to help them get started with PowerPivot in Excel 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandi LiSanti (via LinkedIn)
    Ken provided virtual training for employees at Metia which was on point and customized to their needs and skill level. His knowledge is remarkable and impressed those in attendance.

    I have attended sessions where Ken entertained participants, answered a barrage of random questions, filled the allotted time with relevant examples, and provided lists of other relevant resources. When Ken presented at an annual conference, his session was completely full and well attended. Ken is an excellent Microsoft Excel Resource. He has deep knowledge of his subject matter and can customize the content of a session to a variety of levels of understanding. Ken is passionate about Excel and he passes on that enthusiasm to others. He is adept at answering questions and is a earnest, dynamic presenter
    Other References
    I also maintain a LinkedIn profile, where I have more endorsements of my work. (Although you'll need to become part of my network to see those.)

    I am always looking to build up my list of references, so if you'd like to add your own feedback to this list, please leave a comment below!


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