• Formula To Average Letters

    Formula Purpose:
    • This function takes a series of letters and returns the average of them, i.e., the average of A, B, C is B.

    Examples of where this function shines:
    • The only application that I can see for this formula is for averaging grades. If you know another, please click here and send me an email to let me know!

    Formula Weakness(es):
    • It only works on a single contiguous range on a worksheet, not multiple ranges.
    • Must remember to enter as an array formula.
    • Only operates on the first character in each cell.

    Versions Tested:
    This formula has been tested with Excel 2003, but will work with Excel 97 or higher.

    The Formula (array entered):

    • In order to use this formula, copy it to your worksheet, without the curly braces, change the two references to the range (A1:B1) to your range, and confirm the formula with CTRL+SHFT+Enter to array-enter it.

    How it works (from the inside out):
    • The IF() function contains three parts:
    • The ISTEXT() function ensures that only text characters are passed to the function. If the item is blank or numeric, it is ignored (replaced with a "").
    • The CODE() function converts the submitted text character into its ANSI equivalent number.
    • The UPPER() function is used to convert all submitted characters to upper case. Since upper- and lower-case characters are, in fact, different ("a" and "A" have different ANSI values), they cannot be compared to each other properly unless they are all of a consistent case.
    • The AVERAGE() function computes the average of the results passed to it by the aforementioned IF function.
    • The ROUND() function rounds the result of the AVERAGE function to no decimal places.
    • The CHAR() function converts the rounded number into a letter.

    See For Yourself!
    • Try changing the letters in the Office WebApp below. You'll see that the formulas update to show you the new averages.


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    1. wcruz's Avatar
      wcruz -
      I can't get this to work over multiple sheets. Any ideas?