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    The sad reality is that not all data we need for our reports is stored in nicely curated databases. While some of the data may be, the reality is that we also need to piece together data provided in text files, Excel files, web pages and even the body of emails in order to build the complete business intelligence solutions we need. Until now this has been a ...
    by Published on 2016-12-01 12:00 PM

    Course Description

    For years, Excel has been the business intelligence tool of choice for accountants and business analysts around the world. In July 2015, however, Microsoft released a free software package that has become the hottest software commodity in the business intelligence landscape: Power BI Desktop.

    Join us for an intensive three-day, hands-on boot camp that will allow you to hit the ground running with Power BI. Geared specifically towards Excel users who have never used Power BI, this course takes you from opening the Power BI Desktop for the first time to publishing live, ...

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    In this hands-on course we are going to look at the most important Excel features that will turn you into a quick and efficient data master in Excel.

    Most users missed the implementation of the Excel Tables feature that happened in Excel 2007. It stealthily slid its way into the product with very little fanfare, yet it is one of the most important architectural features that you can implement to enforce data integrity in your solutions. Its with that feature well start, showing you how and why this little feature should form the foundation of every solution you build.


    Course Description

    How many times have you begun building a spreadsheet, only to have it evolve on you based on requests from users and managers? While this is a great compliment to your work and skills, these changes can cause our spreadsheets to grow and change to the point where we introduce errors and instability very easily. ...
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    The tools within Microsoft Office are extremely powerful, and already exist on your systems... but do your staff know how to use them?

    The biggest issue facing corporate efficiency today is not the inability to afford powerful systems, but rather the lack of recognition of what you already have and how to leverage it. Does a knowledge gap exist in your staff's Office skill-set? Would you like to fix it?

    Personalized Instructor-Led Training
    As a business professional and employer I understand that the value of a training session is in making sure the participants learn skills that they can apply in their daily jobs. For this reason, I customize each and every one of my courses to tailor to your specific needs.

    My goal with every course is to ensure that all of my students learn real skills that can be applied in the real world. To maximize learning, I prefer to lead on-site, hands on courses where each person has a laptop and can follow along with the examples files I provide (each of which is built from real life scenarios that I've experienced.)

    Image produced by Jay Shaw Photography, copyright CMABC
    Ken Puls, CPA, CMA, MS MVP (Excel) presenting at the 2013 CMABC Strategic Leadership Conference.

    Every course I teach ends with a section on how to get help and find answers as well, as you won't always have an Excel Guru standing next to you. In addition, if requested, I can also provide documentation on all the topics covered so that the participants can review the techniques I've taught at a later date.

    Just some of the courses I've taught in the past include:
    • Spreadsheets That Last (a course focused on designing spreadsheets that will last over time)
    • Introduction to Excel
    • Intermediate Excel
    • Intro-Mediate Excel (introductory review in the morning followed by intermediate topics in the afternoon)
    • Data Cleanup, Analysis and Display (from importing text files and cleaning up the data, to working with Pivot Tables)
    • Charting and Dashboarding (a course focused on creating effective charts and data visualizations that help make your data tell a story)
    • Introduction to PowerPivot (the best new feature to be added to Excel since PivotTables, this course will blow your mind and take you into a business intelligence realm that was never before possible in Excel!)
    • Introduction to VBA (from recording to editing macros. All the things I wish I was told when I started my VBA journey!)
    To date I've led training at many independant companies, as well as led multiple sessions for all three of Canada's major accounting societies. The feedback I have received has been resoundingly positive due to my knowledge, passion for the product and engaging presentation style.

    Image produced by Jay Shaw Photography, copyright CMABC
    Ken Puls, CPA, CMA, MS MVP (Excel) presenting at the 2013 CMABC Strategic Leadership Conference.

    Whether you are interested in a presenter for a conference, professional development session or corporate training, you need look no further. From basic Windows and Excel training, to designing efficient spreadsheets to Visual Basic for Applications, (the macro language within Microsoft Office,) I can build a course for you.

    If you'd like more information, please contact me.

    Personalized Webcasts
    One of the issues with live training sessions is, of course, travel costs. The great news here is that I can also provide live webcasts tailored to your organizations needs.

    Every webcast I host is led using professional web conferencing software to ensure the best experience for attendees. While it's not as interactive as a hands-on session, this can be a great compromise for cost-conscious businesses that still want to get high-end training to their staff.

    Again, if you'd like more information, please contact me.