My full website, located at www.excelguru.ca, is very much a technical site devoted mostly to Excel developers. I take great pride in publishing well thought out and well tested articles there. I'm fairly happy with the results so far, but wanted another avenue to post things in. While I love the site, I have personal standards which prevent me:

  • Posting a quick article without extensive testing
  • Posting my personal opinions on non-technical issue
  • Allowing comments on existing articles (I appreciate comments, and reply to all that are emailed to me. I just prefer not to have them on the static pages.)

This blog is going to let me solve some of those issues. I plan on posting here more frequently than I can possibly do so while generating good technical articles. While some of my blog posts may be technical, some will not. I plan on posting some of the funny things I see in life, some of the activities I'm involved in, some of the serious issues I see, and maybe even vent a little.  In short, you get to see what make me... me.
In all cases, I welcome people to comment on what I say, for good or for ill. Just don't be rude, and we'll all get along fine. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. A while ago I purchased Office 2007. However I disliked the way the menu/toolbar customizations of the former version were converted into the Add-ins tab. So I very soon decided to rethink them and write the whole thing over from scratch.

    Your blog was a very big help to do that. As I progressed with my work I realized that there was very little documentation on the Internet on this subject. So I decided to write a little tutorial myself and published it on my website today.

    Of course I put a link to your blog in my 'Some usesful links' section (http://wv-be.com/Ribbon.asp). I would appreciate it if you could do the same for my page.


    Willy Vanhaelen
    Waversebaan 145/4
    3001 Leuven, Belgium
    Tel: +

  2. Hi Willy,

    Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad the blog was useful. Interestingly, I actually have a blog post in progress on the shared namespace aspect for multiple workbooks.

    I'll add your site to my RibbonX TOC page. 🙂

  3. Hi Ken. I am trying to copy two different operations into a "This workbook". One is the "disable cut copy paste" function that I found and the other is the "force user to enable macros" so that the disable cut copy paste function will automatically run. However, I get an error message when I put in both of these functions. How can I run two different functions simultaneously in the "This workbook" area? I hope I have explained this sufficiently. Thanks!

  4. Hi Ken, hope you are well
    I've noticed something strange after downloading the latest version of PowerQuery (2.22.4007.242)
    Previously, I had a workbook query set up to pull data from a specific worksheet in an external Excel workbook in a .xlsb format which has code in it
    Before my query would pull in my data with little fuss. Now it appears to be checking every single worksheet in the workbook as part of the refresh, slowing things down no end
    If I save my external workbook as .xlsx (no code) it works fine as before
    I don't particularly want to go and have to change the file formats of my external workbooks each time
    Any ideas / have you seen this phenomenon?

  5. Hi Ken,
    Really digging into excel is something I've always wanted to do, but I had never really had a project worth of spending the time to do so.

    However, recently we wanted to create a excel spreadsheet that would take a QuickBooks report, clean up the data, then create a professional looking analysis. We wanted to be able to easily use this for any client running QB.

    In researching this project I stumbled across Power Query. What an amazing tool!

    I was slightly lost at first, but I spent hours pouring over your blog posts solving each roadblock as they came up. We now have a pretty slick spreadsheet that should really help us going forward at our accounting firm

    I wanted to say Thank You for all the time you spent creating these amazing blogs! There's NO WAY I would have been able to figure this all out on my own.

  6. Hi Ken:

    I purchased a Kindle copy of M for Data Monkey. How can I get access to the files
    for the book?



  7. Hi Ken,

    I just bought your RibbonX book, and I'm not sure how you managed it but it is a very enjoyable read.
    One question: Are there any significant changes to how ribbon customisation works that I should be aware of, other than new tabs / groups being added?
    I'm feeling my way through a new topic and want to get started right.

    Thanks for your output in this and many other areas.


  8. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the compliment (and sorry for the late reply). The only significant change has really been the addition of the Backstage area. You should be able to find any needed info on that at Ron deBruin's site though.

  9. Ken,

    Thank you for all of the sharing you do to help others learn Power Query. Perhaps you have done a blog or have a link to someone else who can explain the process on how to pass a list of values to a/or as a parameter in Power Query to limit my query to just those list of values I have from a list. I know how to do a single parameter or multiple (2) (thank you excelisfun), but I have a list of 185 upc's that I need to pass to Power Query and I don't want to have to check all 185 in my query editor. Thank you Ken if you can help.

  10. Hi Greg,

    When you declare the function, you should just be able to declare your input as a list. I.e. (myList as list)=>

    Assuming you want to pass a table column as a list into the function, you just need to refer to it the correct way. I.e. =fxProcessList(Table[Column])

    Hopefully that makes sense!

  11. Hi Ken,
    First off - thank you for your book on Power Query. It's been a huge help to me in learning M.

    I have a power query file, with c. 7000 rows of numbers (I'm modelling invoices paid over a number of years). The power query file is made up of a number of other files that are merged, and the data sliced and diced to get the numbers that I want. Bizarrely 3 of numbers are not loading. There is nothing unusual about the numbers (i.e. they are all positive to 2 decimal places), so I cannot understand what is causing these numbers to not load.

    Any help or tips you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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  13. Hi Ken,

    Wanted to thank you for your book "M for (Data) Monkey". I have never thought that a book about Excel technologies can be that exciting and life-changing. I even stopped reading Facebook on my commute - didn't want to waste a second of my life while I could read your book.
    I've been doing Excel financial modelling for most of my professional career and never seen any other technologies that made me that excited, except for Power Pivot but that is kind of one family, I guess. Honestly, it's mind-breaking for me (Power Query). I know Excel pretty well, I know VBA quite deeply as well and use it a lot, but those new (for me) things - it's just like going from biplane to jet fighter.
    And your book is so well written - it's just amazing. I can not describe how glad I am that I started to read it. I was reading Rob Collie's book about Power Pivot and BI and they mentioned your book there.
    Started to read your book the second time and implement what I have learnt, . I actually didn't realize I am subscribed to your blog.
    So thanks a lot, please keep up the good work.
    All the best

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