Fireside Chat With a Data Monkey

Tomorrow, at 2:00PM Pacific time, I'll be hosting "Fireside Chat with a Data Monkey".  This event will be a social chat, where I'll be answering any and all of your questions about our new book Master Your Data with Excel and Power BI (the newly updated second edition of M is for Data Monkey).

Cover of Master Your Data

Maybe you're interested in knowing:

  • Why this book isn't just called 'M is for Data Monkey v2"?
  • Where the title 'M is for Data Monkey' came from?
  • How Miguel and I determined what was going to be included?
  • Why it took so darned long to get finished?
  • When hard copies will be available?
  • How you can get started writing your own book?
  • Something else entirely!

Overall, Fireside Chat with a Data Monkey is intended to be a relaxed and social discussion around writing and publishing a technical book on an ever changing technology.  It's a place for me to connect with you, and just chat.

In preparation for the chat, I'd like to invite you to ask the questions you'd like me to answer, which you can do via the Fireside Chat survey. This session is intended to answer YOUR questions, so please feel free to submit any (and all) questions your have, including items from the list above (if they are of interest to you.)

In addition, if you'd like to join the webcast, why not add it to your calendar now so that you don't miss it!

We put a great deal of thought and work into writing Master Your Data with Excel and Power BI. I'm very much looking forward to chatting with you all, and sharing some of the experiences that went into making writing it.  So grab a beer and/or a coffee, and I hope to see you there!