Working with Styles

If you've followed my twitter feed over the past few months you've seen that I've been working on a couple of pretty large financial models. These models give us the ability to change a large variety of inputs in order to predict our real estate development over the next 25 years (through the build-out of our remaining lands), as forecast the effect of the real estate sales on our operating divisions (golf course, marina and fitness centre.) To give you an idea of their scope, they consume over 170 pages of 11x17 paper when printed.

This project was actually pretty neat in that I was able to sit down with people, scope it out in full, and apply every best practice to it as I was building. I'm really proud of these, and even based my recent course for CGA off the techniques that I used in these works.

In the end, I built two parts of the finished model, and inherited a third piece that had been built by someone else.

One of techniques I used was to apply Styles to the model. (If you're not familiar with Styles, then have a quick read of this article on my site.) As it turns out, that was a very smart move. Earlier this week I got the call that my headers needed to be changed, and I was provided an RGB colour scheme. In the model components that I built it took less than five minutes to update the Styles to the new colour scheme and the whole model was updated.

In the other model, the one I inherited, well… I'm still working on updating all the pieces. This time, however, I'm actually updating it with styles so that I'm not caught again if there is another change.

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