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Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on a supplemental workbook that will be available to readers of a magazine article that I've written. The article is based on my Five Very Useful Functions For Working With Text web page. Since the space for the article is limited though, I had to cut a bunch out of it.

Since the text functions I've referred to are a bit more robust than what I had time to cover, I decided to add a "teaching workbook" to my web site, and link to this in the article for further information. The (Excel 2007/2010) workbook is available at the above link (near the bottom), and I'm curious as to what people think of it.

The intention of the workbook is to provide complete instructions for a beginner/intermediate user to teach them how Excel's text functions can be used. There is a sheet per function which explores the various ways the functions can be used, as well as a test at the end that pulls the functions together to create more complex solutions.

If anyone has any feedback that they'd like to share, please feel free to post it here.


7 thoughts on “Text functions teaching workbook

  1. Ken, nice file setup and examples.
    One suggestion - It would be easier to create references in the formulas if you allowed users to select locked cells when you protect the sheets.

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  3. Hi Ken,

    I like your workbook, just wanted to know how do you make hide & unhide the contents based on your YES/NO option.

  4. Hi Vin,

    Thank you! The dynamic hiding/unhiding of content is done using conditional formatting. If you'd like to get some help implementing conditional formatting in any of your own solutions, please feel free to post a question in my forum (http://www.excelguru.ca/forums) and we can help you with it. 🙂

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