Nottingham to Edinburgh

Today we left my Uncle and Aunt in Nottingham and made our way up to Edinburgh.

I stole the TomTom back from my mother today and gave her a map book instead. She traced our actual route on the map while I guided Dad through all the little zigs and zags of our route. Dad even had me turn the camera warnings back on as my uncle had told him that they're pretty fierce.

We had a morning tea break today at the George hotel in Piercebridge, apparently the inspiration for the song "My Grandfather's Clock" and the eventual naming of Long Clock's as such.

From there we continued on to "The North", stopping for lunch at a nice restaurant called Shoulder of Mutton in Longhorsely, which was pretty good.

From there we continued on to our B&B outside Edinburgh; Peggyslea Farm B&B. This place is fantastic. Really super hospitable and a beautiful property as well. Here's a couple of pictures we took around the property:

We're here all day tomorrow, and we've got tickets to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

1 thought on “Nottingham to Edinburgh

  1. I am SO jealous !! Thanx for the pics.

    We did Scotland last summer and it was just as beautiful as your pictures. We were up around Aberdeen and inland in the Grampian Mountains. Hope you check out the gardens at some of the castles and taste a bit of Single Malt - just great! What a wonderful place.


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