Do you block Twitter followers?

So today I got yet another follower on Twitter. Whenever I see one that is following a few hundred people and who has tweeted less than 5 times, I go take a look. I usually find that they're an attractive young lady who uses their favourite bikini beach shot for their profile picture, and that their only tweet is something like:

Need strong man to keep me satisfied all night every night.

Of course, that's paraphrased a bit, but you get the idea. They're young, attractive, and horny for Excel knowledge.

While I'm flattered that these people think I'm a "strong man", they obviously haven't done much research. I'm a bony armed accountant for crying out loud! All my muscle mass comes from moving around packages of paper, pushing a pencil, and typing. Not exactly a body builder… unless you consider developing a belly is "building".

The second thing that amuses me about this is that, while I do talk a lot, I think I might run out of things to say about Excel after a couple of all nighters. Yeah, it's my favourite app… and I do like to think I know a lot about it, but still… I have limits.

Now I'd hate to not be able to perform, and I'm worried it would damage my confidence. So with thoughts of protecting my self esteem from being ruined, I block them from following me.

But now I'm stopping to think about it… am I hurting my chances at getting that Best Buy job? Should I leave them on my list? Or maybe I should just tweet them a link to Mike Alexander's blog?

So question to you… when you get one of those do you block them, or no?

9 thoughts on “Do you block Twitter followers?

  1. Funny, but if you really think those are half-naked girls friending you, don't be deluded. Those accounts are auto-generated using fake pictures. It's definitely a guy on the other end.

  2. Is that the same lady that followed me ... oh man, are you stealing my twitter followers? 😛

    I once saw a follower notification which reach something like "following 1232 people, followed by 32 and tweeted 1 times" out of curiosity I went to find this half naked chick profile with one tweet that had an affiliate link...

  3. Don't feel bad.

    All my blog subscribers have jobs selling Xenical and Paxil.

    Which is a wierd combination. I imagine the slogan for these people is:

    "I have diarrhea, but I'm pretty happy about it."

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