Twitter Experience Required for a Job?

I found this kind of interesting…

This is an excerpt from a BestBuy job posting… specifically for the Sr. Manager for Emerging Media Marketing:

  • Basic Qualifications:
    • Bachelors degree Liberal Arts, Marketing, Interactive Marketing, New Media, Business Administration or related
    • 2 plus years of mobile or social media marketing experience at an Agency director level, strategist level, or brand interactive director level
    • 4 plus years People or resource leadership experience
    • 1 plus years of active blogging experience
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Graduate degree
    • 250 plus followers on Twitter

Both blogging experience and twitter followers required…

I suppose with a title like that, it makes sense in a way. To me though, this is weird… I'm not a marketing guy, I'm an accountant.

The full job posting is here. Credit to Steve French for posting this on his Twitter Feed.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Experience Required for a Job?

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