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Last night I decided to install Windows7 RC on a spare laptop hard drive. So I pulled my Vista drive out of the laptop, slipped in the other drive and away I went.

For reference, I found the install very slow compared to XP or Vista. It seemed to take forever and a day to install it. Oh, and just as a note, you need to license code before it will boot into Windows (duh!). I had to run to my wife's computer to grab a code from MSDN as I kind of forgot that little part.

I'd already installed this on a desktop PC, and found some interesting new features that look nice:

  • Screen Magnifier tool (no more need for the magnifier that comes with my mouse software?)
  • Sticky Notes (stick right on the desktop)
  • Live Preview of application pages/windows from the task bar
  • Clipping tools (competes with SnagIt/GrabIt)

Interestingly enough the screen magnifier and live preview did NOT work well on my laptop, where they did work on the desktop.

I'll also say that the version of IE8 included with Win7 sucks. On both the desktop and laptop it crashed repeatedly. I ended up restarting IE8, clearing 2 error messages and going straight to to download a useable web browser.

Windows Live Mesh will not install on Windows7 at this time. That's a bit of a problem for me as I keep some pretty critical documents there to make sure I have a backup of them.

Upon shutting the laptop down last night I also ended up triggering the blue screen of death… I haven't actually seen one of those in a long time.

Of course, I had to work today, so I pulled the Windows 7 drive out and put my old Vista one back in… and just about had a heart attack! The BitLocker drive encryption screen came up. I've never actually seen that before, as it doesn't actually appear to do anything when you turn it on. The momentary panic passed though when I verified that the key I had tucked away was the right one, and I'm up and running again.

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 install

  1. Are you sure you're using the RC? I had the same problem with IE in beta 2, but never in RC1.

    I'm running 7 on three PC:s. One old laptop, one new laptop and one desktop. The install has never taken more than 15 minutes.

    You dont have to enter the serial at setup. Just click next.

    I'm very pleased with Windows 7. Never really had any problems with Vista, but I do Windows 7 is a really really good over all.

  2. I installed the "Windows 7 Ultimate RC", build 7100. Same disk used to install both versions.

    I'm curious if you're on Ultimate or some other flavour? I'd estimate that the install on the laptop (Core 2 duo @ 2.2GHz each + 4GB RAM) took almost 45 minutes. On mine Vista was TONS faster.

    Re the IE8, on both the desktop and laptop it constantly crashes things. Lots of messages about dll's not working.

    I also find it quite slow. I'm wondering if I picked up a debugging version or something... it was an MSDN download though, and it didn't say it was.

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