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I've got to admit that I'm proud of my little brother here. He recently graduated with a Computer Game Programming & Design diploma, and got a job working on a game with a startup company. It looks like his first game just went live today.

Personally, I haven't played it as I'm waiting for Bri to send me an iPhone, but I figured I could give it a plug anyway. Here's the official write-up:

Gravity Well is an innovative, addictive mix of pinball and mini golf. The unique use of gravity pulls your orb around 36 deadly environments. Survive the perils of lasers, zappers, crushers and spikes! See if you can beat them all!

GROUNDBREAKING CONTROLS: Crafted for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, you manipulate gravity to move the ball through challenging, interactive environments.

AMAZING SOUNDTRACK: 17 tracks from the award winning Humble Brothers created exclusively for Gravity Well. The soundtrack is available for purchase on iTunes.

"TRUE BUBBLE WRAP" GAMEPLAY: Takes only a few moments to learn, yet offers hours of gameplay. Addictive & satisfying!

A portion of proceeds go directly to support these worthy organizations: BCSPCA, Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

It's all of $3.99, so if you want to give it a go and help support a startup game company (or see screen shots), click here.

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