Very tired of snow…

It's snowing here… again. We've had more snow this year than I can ever remember in Nanaimo, and it's getting really old. I don't anticipate that this snow will stick, but it's still irritating. So far it has snowed at the beginning of Jan, Feb, Mar and now April, with our first big snowfall of the winter being in mid December. Honestly, there is still a little bit of snow by the stop sign on my street from the FIRST snowfall. Ridiculous.

The bigger part of irritation for me is that it is coming during every month end reporting period, causing us grief on getting to work. Yesterday, as we're busy preparing for our quarter end (which has an EXTREMELY tight deadline), high winds knocked the power out… and now it's snowing.


Oh well, we'll get through it. We always do, but I think it's time for spring to come along now!

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